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The Best Vertical Planters for Small-Space Gardening

three different tiered, vertical planters filled with plants by homes outside
Watex/Outland Living/Richoose

When you love plants but don’t have much space, going vertical can give you a lush, beautiful garden in even the most minimal of areas. While not limited to small spaces, these recommended vertical gardening containers are what you need to plant an herb garden, a living wall, a vegetable patch, or a flower garden, indoors or out, using very little space.

Buying a Vertical Planter

Look for vertical garden options that address these basic issues:

  • Watering: Make sure that the planter is waterproof in places where it will touch surfaces. Also, check to see how water flows through the planter and how the planter drains to avoid water damage to floors.
  • Durability: Soil and water weigh a lot, even in small amounts, so make sure the planter is made of durable material that holds up over time. Also check that any mounts or hangers for the planters are sturdy enough to hold them when filled.

Try one of these vertical gardening solutions to bring the joy of gardening into your small spaces!

Best Stackable Planter: Mr. Stacky Vertical Garden

a tall green plastic planter with five tiers for plants
Mr. Stacky

This quick and easy-to-assemble tower garden holds 20 plants in five tiers of stacker planters that measure 12 inches in diameter and have a total height of 28 inches. With water reservoirs on each layer, all you have to do is water your plants at the top, and water flows to each layer until the excess collects in the bottom drip tray. Grow herbs, lettuces, flowers, and succulents in minimal space, indoors or out! Planters come in three colors: hunter green, stone, and terracotta.

Best Stackable Planter

Best Hanging Planter: Richoose Vertical Garden

seven-pocket hanging planter made from black felt

Add charm to your outdoor space, create living indoor art, or maximize your garden with this sturdy seven-pocket wall-hanging planter. Made from felt with a waterproof Oxford cloth backing, you can grow plants without the risk of damaging walls or fences. It’s easy to store and reuse year after year with end-of-season cleaning. Planter dimensions are 44.5 inches in length by 11.8 inches in width.

Best Ladder Planter: Outland Living Vertical Garden

a ladder-like five-tiered planter on a white background and in a home by a big window
Outland Living

Assembling this ladder planter is a breeze—with one screwdriver and a few minutes, you’ll have a sturdy, solid planter that fits in a space that’s 29 inches wide by 25 inches deep and 48 inches high. The planter binds, measuring 22 inches wide by 9 inches deep by 6 inches high, are made from food-safe polypropylene that’s BPA-, lead-, and mercury-free. The metal frame is black, and the planter bins come in espresso brown, granite gray, or forest green.

Best Mobile Planter: Watex Mobile Vertical Planter

black planter frame with wheels and four tiers of green planting pots

This mobile wall of green can be moved anywhere you like and made into a vegetable, herb, or flower garden in minutes with its easy-to-assemble parts. Ideal for apartments with small patios, Watex mobile planters give you four tiers of planting space with three sizes of planters: three small pots (5 inches by 6.5 inches by 5 inches), six medium pots (7 inches by 7.5 inches by 8 inches), and one large planting bin (15.74 inches by 7.67 inches by 8 inches). The single black frame is 17 inches wide by 16.5 inches deep by 47 inches high; a double frame that holds twice as many pots is also available. The planter bins come in black, cool gray, living coral, Mediterranean blue, spring bouquet (light green), terracotta, and violet.

Best Mobile Planter

Watex Mobile Green Wall (Single Frame, Terra Cotta),BPA-Free

A mobile green wall that can be moved anywhere.

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