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The Best VGA Cables

🕚 Updated February 2022

When shopping for older tech, finding a quality product can be tricky. If you use devices that utilize a VGA standard, only the best VGA cables will do. Check out these awesome VGA cables today for flawless video.

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  Best Male to Male Best HDMI to VGA Best DisplayPort to VGA Best Male to Female Most Size Options
VGA to VGA Cable
Gold-Plated HDMI to VGA Cable
DisplayPort to VGA Adapter
VGA Extension Cable
VGA Cable
Our SummaryThis VGA cable is a durable, high-quality option that you can rely on.This HMDI to VGA cable is a great way to pair your old monitor with a new laptop.This DisplayPort to VGA cable scores high marks in terms of its impressive durability and reliable connection.This cable is ideal if you're looking to give your existing VGA cable extra length. It's also great for using with a KVM switch.These VGA cables come in a wide variety of sizes, making them perfect for those seeking a cable that is extra-short or extra-long.
ProsThree size options, easy to plug/unplug, durable build quality, excellent display quality.Supports high resolution displays, long cables available, great flexibility, stable connection.Reliable signal, durable option, comes in a variety of sizes, supports 1080p resolution.High signal strength, sturdy design, two size options, minimizes image noise for great picture.Next-level size variety, great for a wide range of applications, fairly flexible, great signal quality.
ConsFasteners can get loose.Questionable durability.Slightly tricky installation.Lacks flexibility.Measure workspace carefully. 
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The Best VGA Cables

Fingers plug a VGA cable into a computer.

While most people these days use HDMI cables to transmit video (and audio) between devices, this standard is not suitable for every device. Many older monitors, televisions, and projectors require a VGA (Video Graphics Array) cable to transmit images or videos to a larger display. If you’re not ready to upgrade all of your tech, finding a cost-effective VGA cable for your device is the way to go.

Buying Guide for VGA Cables

VGA to HDMI cable connecting laptop to a large display

Why buy a VGA cable?

Although they’re not the modern standard for video connectors anymore, VGA cables are still widely compatible with many monitors and devices that continue to support analog video signals. They also tend to be a less expensive alternative to HDMI cables. If you use vintage electronics, having a couple of VGA cables on hand is a great way to enjoy their reliable video output without the need to upgrade your TV, monitor, or other tech.

What should you look for in a VGA cable?

  • Connector Genders: Like many cables and tech accessories, VGA cables are gendered to help prevent confusion. Male VGA connections sport pins and a plug to connect to a female connection’s holes and socket. Be sure to closely study the device you intend to use your new VGA cable with so that you can purchase the correct VGA cable for the job.
  • Length: When shopping for VGA cables, remember to make sure that the cable you’re purchasing is long enough for its intended application. For instance, a VGA cable used for a mounted projector will likely need to be much longer than one used to hook your computer up to a nearby monitor.
  • Durability: One historical knock on VGA cables is that their multi-pinned design is fairly easy to break. While this is true to an extent, investing in a durable VGA cable gives you the best chance of being able to use your new VGA cable for years to come.

Are there different types of VGA cables?

VGA cables come in two primary varieties, standard VGA and Super VGA (SVGA). Standard VGA cables are designed for video resolutions up to 640 x 480, while SVGA cables can accommodate resolutions up to 800 x 600. Before choosing a product, it may be worthwhile to double-check your display’s resolution in order to determine which VGA standard is right for you.

Our Picks for the Best VGA Cables

Best Male to Male

Rankie VGA to VGA Cable

This VGA cable is a durable, high-quality option that you can rely on.

Pros: Featuring three size options, the Rankie VGA to VGA Cable is an excellent choice for those seeking a VGA cable to connect their computer to a monitor. This VGA cable stands out thanks to its excellent display quality and durable build. It’s also a bit easier to plug and unplug when compared to other products, especially VGA cables of yesteryear.

Cons: While it’s easy to achieve a secure connection with this VGA cable, some have noted that its fasteners can get a bit loose over time. Thankfully, this is an incredibly easy fix, but it might cause issues for those who struggle with troubleshooting their device.

Bottom Line: Given this VGA cable’s durable design and excellent image reproduction, it’s easy to see why it’s so highly rated. While its dual screw rods can be a little finicky, there’s no denying that this is a great VGA cable to have at your workspace.


Best HDMI to VGA

BENFEI Gold-Plated HDMI to VGA Cable

This HMDI to VGA cable is a great way to pair your old monitor with a new laptop.

Pros: Connecting your new laptop to an older monitor can be tricky, but the BENFEI Gold-Plated HDMI to VGA Cable offers a reliable solution. This cable offers great flexibility as well as plenty of size options for those seeking a long, reliable VGA cable. They also support high-resolution displays for those with HD monitors that accept VGA connections.

Cons: Some questions have been raised about the overall durability of this cable, so it’s probably not an ideal choice for those who will be consistently plugging and unplugging the cable into a variety of devices. That being said, those who are buying it for a single application should not have too many concerns.

Bottom Line: Given its nice variety of size offerings and ability to bridge the gap between VGA and HDMI devices, this HDMI to VGA cable should be a versatile option for many. That being said, it’s a uni-directional cable, so those seeking to transmit a VGA display to an HDMI device will need to find a reliable VGA to HDMI cable instead of investing in this product.


Best DisplayPort to VGA

BENFEI DisplayPort to VGA Adapter

This DisplayPort to VGA cable scores high marks in terms of its impressive durability and reliable connection.

Pros: DisplayPort connections are a staple of many gaming PCs, and the BENFEI DisplayPort to VGA Adapter is an excellent means of connecting your PC to a VGA monitor. This cable scores points for its durable build quality and sports gold-plated connectors for a clean, reliable signal. It also provides resolutions of up to 1080p Full HD for monitors that support it, ensuring your gaming sessions aren’t hampered by a drop in picture quality.

Cons: This cable’s VGA connection is slightly larger than some other models, so installation can be a bit tricky for some applications. Some have also noted that the VGA connection’s screw rods can be difficult to screw in for those with large hands.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a reliable, well-made DisplayPort to VGA cable, this one provides the best performance at the lowest price. While it’s not ideal for every machine, most applications won’t cause any issues, especially if there is room to work around your monitor’s VGA connection.


Best Male to Female

UGREEN VGA Extension Cable

This cable is ideal if you're looking to give your existing VGA cable extra length. It's also great for using with a KVM switch.

Pros: If you’re looking to give your existing VGA cable an extension without sacrificing signal strength, this cable from UGREEN is a great buy. It’s incredibly sturdy and minimizes image noise for optimal image reproduction. Also, it comes in both 6- and 10-foot options, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Cons: Although this is a very sturdy and robust cable, its lack of flexibility may leave something to be desired for those whose installation will require a cable that can freely bend around tight corners. That being said, those who prefer durability over flexibility will likely be pleased with this product.

Bottom Line: Whether you’d simply like to extend your VGA cable’s reach or are seeking the perfect male to female VGA cable for your KVM switch, the UGREEN VGA Extension Cable is a great buy. Extending VGA signals can often lead to image noise and a loss of picture quality, but this cable does well to keep your picture clear and stable.


Most Size Options

SHD VGA to VGA Cable

These VGA cables come in a wide variety of sizes, making them perfect for those seeking a cable that is extra-short or extra-long.

Pros: If you’re looking for a great male-to-male VGA cable, this reliable offering from SHD offers a variety of sizes that can accommodate just about any application you can imagine. These cables are also fairly flexible while maintaining excellent signal quality, making installation a breeze regardless of your size requirements.

Cons: Ironically, the biggest issue most people seem to have with this VGA cable is that the size they purchase is inadequate for a given application. While you may be able to save a few bucks by selecting a shorter cable, it’s a good idea to measure your workspace in order to determine what size is right for the job.

Bottom Line: If your VGA application requires a hard-to-find length, either long or short, these high-quality cables probably have you covered. Thankfully, they’re also incredibly easy to work with, even if your installation requires added flexibility. That being said, it’s wise to choose a cable that is a foot longer than you need as opposed to a few inches too short.

Final Thoughts

While VGA cables are no longer the gold standard when it comes to modern displays, they still have plenty to offer in terms of cost-effectiveness and compatibility. That being said, it’s important to do your research before picking a VGA cable so that you can be sure that you’re getting the right cable for the job.

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