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The Best Video Game Storage Organizers

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🕚 Updated January 2023

If you're a gamer, you're probably no stranger to large stacks of video game cases adorning your gaming room. Looking to tidy up? Check out these top-rated video game storage organizers.

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  Best Storage Bins Best Large Capacity Best Freestanding Shelves Most Portable Best Wall-Mounted Shelves
Plastic Video Game Organizer
Atlantic Oskar
Media Storage Cabinet
Mitsu 5-Tier Portable Media Storage Rack
6-Pack Premium Quality Home DVD Storage Bags
Floating Entertainment Center Shelves
Our SummaryThese simple storage organizers stand out for their sturdy design and impressive capacity.This storage cabinet features a large capacity and adjustable shelves, making it perfect for video game collectors.A sleek set of shelves that can easily be moved into your room with plenty of storage for DVDs and video games.The easiest way to transfer your entertainment collection when you're moving without the need for a bulky box.A great space-saving solution that controls the clutter around your television.
Pros✓ Sturdy design
✓ Simple and effective storage
✓ Highly-rated product
✓ Three style options
✓ Adjustable shelves
✓ Large capacity
✓ Sturdy and stable once assembled
✓ Great for collectors
✓ Five tiers
✓ Slim design fits in most spaces
✓ Compatible with DVDs, CDs, and video games
✓ Great for transport or storage
✓ Six-pack of bags
✓ Protection from dust
✓ Tempered glass shelves
✓ Holds up to 17.6 pounds per shelf
✓ Great for storing gaming consoles
Cons✗ Some DVD cases won't fit✗ Tricky assembly✗ Can be difficult to assemble✗ Not realistic for stationary, daily use✗ May not be enough storage for serious gamers.
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The Best Video Game Storage Organizers

An entertainment center with shelves full of video games near the TV.
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Nowadays, most video games are purchased digitally and stored on your game console or external hard drive. However, most gamers also have a sizable library of physical copies of their video games at home. Nobody likes a mess, so investing in a video game storage organizer to keep your gaming area tidy just makes sense. We made this guide to help you find the best video game storage option for your space.

Buying Guide for Video Game Storage Organizers

Black floating video game shelves surrounding HDTV
You Have Space

Why buy a video game storage organizer?

Many gamers like to keep physical copies of their favorite games. However, when your video game collection reaches a certain size, there are few entertainment systems capable of storing them. Thankfully, there are plenty of video game storage organizers on the market that will help you organize your video game collection while keeping your games out of harm’s way. Some storage organizers can even add a touch of style to your space, while other utilitarian designs are made to be as durable and low-profile as possible.

What should you look for in a video game storage organizer?

  • Capacity: Before shopping for a video game storage organizer, take a rough count of how many video games you need to store. Keep in mind that products that tout a higher storage capacity often come with a heftier price tag. However, a large video game collection will certainly look better when neatly organized than stacked haphazardly on the ground.
  • Style: Collectors and enthusiasts alike may benefit from storing their video games in a visually appealing way. Floating shelves and other modern storage solutions excel in this regard. However, those seeking a classic look can opt for a large video game storage organizer resembling a bookshelf or a simple crate-style storage solution. Whatever you choose, take into account the current decor of your gaming room so that you can choose a storage organizer that complements its unique style.
  • Ease of Use: While some video game storage organizers are ready to use right out of the box, others will require assembly and installation. If the organizer you’ve got your eye on requires any extra steps before it can be used, be sure to read some reviews to see how much time and effort it might take to get your storage organizer installed.

How do you know that your video games will fit in a video game storage organizer?

To keep things simple, most video games come in cases that are no bulkier than a DVD case. Thus, if you invest in a storage organizer that is designed to store DVDs, you should be able to fit plenty of games, including ones for Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles. However, if you will be storing retro games or special edition games that come in odd-sized boxes, it’s worth taking the time to measure your game boxes and compare them to the dimensions of the storage organizer you are looking at.

Our Picks for the Best Video Game Storage Organizers

Best Storage Bins

mDesign Plastic Video Game Organizer

These simple storage organizers stand out for their sturdy design and impressive capacity.

Pros: Seeking a simple storage solution? The mDesign Plastic Video Game Organizers can store roughly 26 games per organizer and are suitable for most Blu-ray disks and DVDs. These sturdy storage organizers are made of shatter-resistant plastic that can take quite a bit of use and abuse. They’re an excellent option for keeping things organized inside your entertainment center.

Cons: While this storage organizer is compatible with most DVD cases, not every DVD will be a good fit for this product. Some reviewers noted that multi-disk DVD cases are slightly wider than average, so you will likely need to store them elsewhere.

Bottom Line: While these storage organizers might not be cost-effective for people with hundreds of video games, they are great for keeping smaller video game collections organized. They are also sized perfectly for fitting into various entrainment centers, but be sure to measure yours if you’re unsure that you have adequate clearance to work with.


Best Large Capacity

Atlantic Oskar Media Storage Cabinet

This storage cabinet features a large capacity and adjustable shelves, making it perfect for video game collectors.

Pros: Featuring a massive storage capacity and adjustable shelving that can be set up in a myriad of ways, the Atlantic Oskar Media Storage Cabinet is an amazing product for those with large video game collections. While this isn’t an old-school, solid wood cabinet, it’s quite sturdy once fully assembled and anchored to the wall. It also sports an extra-wide base for added stability, and its adjustable cabinets are perfect for creating space to display the larger gaming items in your collection.

Cons: Simply put, this is not a product that is wise to assemble when skipping or skimming the assembly instructions. While it can be accomplished by yourself, an extra set of hands may be incredibly helpful since the cabinet lacks stability when it has only been partially assembled.

Bottom Line: Although this storage cabinet won’t be quite as sturdy as the solid wood cabinet in your grandpa’s living room, it’s more than rugged enough to house large video game and movie collections. That being said, it’s not the simplest product to assemble, so be sure to take your time and thoroughly read the assembly instructions if you purchase this product.


Pros: For those seeking a general media storage center, this tall five-tier storage rack is a good choice. It features plenty of space for not just video games but DVDs and music too. The compact design measures just 10 inches deep and 11.375 inches wide, making it perfect for sliding into corners. Choose from a smoke and a clear finish.

Cons: The biggest complaint we found with this storage solution was that it was difficult to put together. In particular, you only have two pictures to work from, which can make the process tricky.

Bottom Line: If you have a decent-sized media collection but are trying to store it without spending too much money, this five-tier stand is the ideal solution.


Most Portable

Besti Premium Quality 6-Pack Home DVD Storage Bags

The easiest way to transfer your entertainment collection when you're moving without the need for a bulky box.

Pros: Whether you have a massive collection of movie titles or you simply want an easy transport solution, this six-pack of see-through DVD storage bags is a great way to keep items protected and in one central location. In total, these bags can hold up to 250 cases.

Cons: While convenient if you’re in transit or you plan on storing DVDs in your basement or attic, this isn’t practical for daily use.

Bottom Line: Move your DVDs and other entertainment content with ease thanks to these six storage bags.


Best Wall-Mounted Shelves

WALI Floating Entertainment Center Shelves

A great space-saving solution that controls the clutter around your television.

Pros: Whether you have limited space in your entertainment center or you’re just tired of seeing gaming accessories all over the place, this wall-mounted floating shelf set is a perfect way to maximize space in your home. Each shelf is made from tempered glass that can support up to 17.6 pounds per shelf.

Cons: While it does free up counter or shelf space in your entertainment center, this may not be enough space for people that have more than three consoles or a larger game collection.

Bottom Line: Upgrade your entertainment center with this sleek gaming console shelf set.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect place to store your video games isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. Whether you’re looking for a large media shelf or a compact storage organizer, check out our suggestions.

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