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The Best Vlogging Cameras

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🕚 Updated October 2021

We all have something worthwhile to say. Whether it's about an upcoming vacation or which pizza toppings reign supreme, you have an opinion, and a great way to let the world know about it is with a little video.

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Vlogging Camera
ZV-1 Digital Camera
Action Camera
Kids Camera
Our SummaryThe ideal camera for amateur vloggers, given its easy point-and-shoot setup and brilliant video quality.An easy-to-use camcorder that shoots in full HD and can accommodate up to 128 GB of expandable storage.A small but mighty camera that zeroes in on users with supreme focus, highlighting natural movements and skin tones.As its name suggests, this mini camera is great for the most intense filming days in the water or on the slopes.Compact, colorful, and no less powerful than options for adult vloggers, here's a kid's camera that packs a wallop of a shooting performance.
Pros4K video resolution, capable of filtering excess light out of shots, features handheld stabilizer.1080p video quality, side-screen allows you to see work in progress, immense expandable storage.Designed to track every movement, steady image stabilization, easily portable.Highly durable, 4K video resolution, waterproof, captures 170 degrees of imagery.Built to take a beating, waterproof up to 33 feet, 1.5-hour recording time.
ConsMinimal 17-minute recording time, certain functions drain battery quickly, awkward zoom-in.For amateur content creators, no autofocus, must maintain 4-foot distance for best presentation quality.Large price tag, no charger included, difficult to swap batteries while filming.Must be using correct memory card to shoot in 4K, not applicable with all types of camera mounts.Amateur use, lacks zoom-in function, camera roll can be difficult to access.
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The Best Vlogging Cameras

A woman records herself with a camera set up on a tripod.
Jacob Lund/Shutterstock.com

Video blogging, or vlogging, has been popular for decades, no matter how many companies repackage it in a shiny new mobile app. Vlogging is a form of enduring self-expression, and it all begins with the click of a power button. What kind of equipment you’re working with when vlogging makes the difference between a video that’s shot from the comfort of a bedroom or out in the water. Moreover, it’s the difference between a video that looks great and one that will have you asking, “Is it normal to see this many pixels?” So, if you’re looking to do it the right way, here are a few cameras that will make your video blogging sessions a breeze.

Buying Guide for Vlogging Cameras

A woman films herself on a camera in a kitchen area.

Why should you buy a vlogging camera?

You might already have a camera stuffed into your back pocket 24 hours a day, but the average smartphone isn’t equipped with nearly enough reliability or convenience for your needs. A proper vlogging camera is specifically designed to cater to the video blogging experience. From ideal auto-focus functions to high-definition shooting performance, the right vlogging camera will capture you, the scenery, and your words with the least amount of fuss.

What should you look for in a vlogging camera/?

When you’re ready to start filming, let these factors guide your way:

  • Picture Quality: First and foremost, you should seek a vlogging camera that captures you in your brightest moments and plays them back in a crisp and gorgeous view. Most standard cameras feature a picture resolution of anywhere between 720 to 1080p. However, top-quality choices will start at 1080p and achieve a presentation as high as 4K resolution. Naturally, the better the picture quality, the greater the price, so it’s a matter of determining how vital picture clarity is to your vlogging experience.
  • Vlogging Convenience: In addition to presentation quality, how you can start up your presentation is also a worthwhile consideration. Vlogging is typically a solo gig, so you want to ensure that your job is easy even when you’re in front of the camera. Look to options that employ remote control operation, allowing users to access all controls necessary, like the ability to pause, change system settings, or snap a photo without needing to stand.
  • Multifunctionality: Finally, it’s important to seek an option that supports various video/camera functions. Depending on your vlogging style and preferences, you may want a choice that’s sturdy yet portable, something that can record gorgeous images while allowing users to opt in or out of the quality to save battery power and storage.

How much can you expect to pay for a vlogging camera?

This comes down to how seriously you take your craft. There are vlogging cameras of every price range: some that cost just a bit more than pocket change and others that cost enough to make you ask yourself, “Am I really about to hand over this much money?” And that’s a vitally important question to ask along this journey because you should be seeking the best value for your economic means. The price tag will often reflect quality, but it won’t reflect how efficiently you will vlog. Do the research, narrow your results based on what you need, and set a budget.

Our Picks for the Best Vlogging Cameras

Best Overall

ZUODUN Camcorder

The ideal camera for amateur vloggers, given its easy point-and-shoot setup and brilliant video quality.

Pros: With its 4K video resolution and 48-megapixel imagery, you’ll be able to film yourself smoothly and in more accurate colors than ever before. Its video performance functions include an infrared night vision, a 16x digital zoom, and five different white balance views. Secondary perks that also aid in the process of filming include a lens hood that filters excess light to prevent picture distortion, a handheld stabilizer that allows for easy carrying when filming on the go, and a remote control that lets users take videos or shoot even when they’re in front of the camera.

Cons: A vlogger who prefers continuous filming may be disappointed by this option’s 17-mute recording time. Once your video reaches that exact minute, the camera will cut off time and prompt you to start a new video. Some users have reported that its infrared LED works wonders at night but can drain the battery in a matter of minutes. Additional users have also reported that the device’s zoom function doesn’t close in smoothly; rather, it appears rigid and awkward.

Bottom Line: An all-around must-have choice for content creators, this ZUODUN camcorder captures and produces some of the most crystal clear images on the market while ensuring the integrity of your work with a variety of film-forward protective filters.


Pros: This camcorder features a respectable 1080p shooting quality while capturing 24 megapixels per photo. It can be hooked up to a large screen via an HDMI cable. However, there’s still plenty to see on its 3-inch IPS screen. You can expect all of the standard qualities out of this option, but where it really goes above and beyond is its expandable storage, which can accommodate an SD card of up to 128 GB.

Cons: A quality choice, but this camcorder is specifically designed for amateur content creators and video takers. Key functions that professional users are accustomed to, like autofocus support and optical zoom, are not featured on this device. To ensure quality video and picture clarity, it’s advised to maintain a 4-foot shooting distance between you and the camera while filming or risk a blurry presentation.

Bottom Line: Simple in design and approach, though not any less efficient because of it, this VETEK Video Camera supports full high-definition shooting without sending your monthly budgeting plan into shambles.


Best Premium Pick

Sony ZV-1 Digital Camera

A small but mighty camera that zeroes in on users with supreme focus, highlighting natural movements and skin tones.

Pros: The staples are here: ample 20.1 Megapixel performance, image stabilization, and a large 24-70-mm aperture. However, this is a vlogging camera that’s designed to track every detail of your every movement and then play it back to you without missing a beat. Whereas traditional cameras require a user’s face to be blocked before they can focus, this device maintains a steady focus from the start with its Product Showcase setting.

Cons: Of course, a one-of-a-kind design warrants a hefty price tag, and this camera definitely makes you pay for it. Despite an already staggering cost, this choice doesn’t include the necessary micro-USB cord to charge it, so be prepared to hand over a bit more cash before vlogging. Additionally, this camera’s tripod mount is built directly into the battery cover, so in order to swap the battery, you’ll need to dismount the camera from its tripod, swap, then mount again.

Bottom Line: A lighter, compact option that knows how to really capture the light in your smile, this Sony ZV-1 Digital Camera brings you an immensely high video and picture quality that’s backed by a brand name with years of experience. This is a premium choice that makes vlogging a breeze.


Best Outdoor Pick

AKASO Action Camera

As its name suggests, this mini camera is great for the intense filming days in the water or on the slopes.

Pros: A hardwearing and adventure-friendly option, this mountable mini-camera allows you to shoot in one of three video qualities (4K 30FPS, 2.7K 30FPS, or 1080 60FPS) to capture the lush or rigid glory of your outdoor travels. When it comes to handling damage well, not many options could put up with a fraction of what this camera can do. Its waterproof case allows for uncompromised filming in up to 30 meters of water. All of this is captured across 170 degrees of a wide-angle lens, of course.

Cons: It’s important to note that while this mini-camera offers the capability to shoot in 4K resolution, you won’t be able to capture such imagery unless you’re working with the correct memory card. Some users find that it’s best to use, at minimum, a Class 6 memory card, because anything less won’t allow you to shoot and store your video properly. Additional users have reported that the device doesn’t work with all types of mounts, so buy carefully or risk an untimely dismount.

Bottom Line: For vloggers with a penchant for taking their video sessions into the most extreme outdoor conditions, this AKASO Action Camera is equipped to shoot the scene and take the warm, cold, and muddy hits, time after time.


Best Kid-Friendly Pick

iMoway Kids Camera

Compact, colorful, and no less powerful than options for adult vloggers, here's a kid's camera that packs a wallop of shooting performance.

Pros:  Ideal for the young vlogger in your life, this camera is just as tough and dependable as the rest. It features a waterproof case that’s built to withstand depths up to 33 feet, while its free-floating hand grip and handlebar mounting system ensure young users can record their vlogging sessions through multiple safe means. This is a kid’s go-to choice, but that doesn’t mean its HD filming performance, or its 1.5-hour recording time, is any less effective.

Cons: Like other camera options that are designed for amateur use, this choice lacks a handful of key functions that more experienced users may miss. There is no zoom-in or zoom-out function, nor is there a way to delete pictures or videos from the camera itself. To complete the latter, you and your child will have to access the digital camera roll via your computer and then select which items can be deleted.

Bottom Line: Kids deserve a chance to share their thoughts and document their world, too, don’t they? This iMoway Camera offers that opportunity to young vloggers with its durable frame and effortlessly simple means of operation.

Final Thoughts

When we use a vlogging camera, we open up our world to a new level of discussion and thought. They allow us to speak freely, from venting frustrations about the daily workload to reviewing the latest hit TV show or documenting step-by-step instructions on how to make the world’s best cup of coffee. These matters are made all the more convenient to talk about when there’s a true vlogging camera pointed in our direction.

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