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The Best Volleyball Sets for Your Pool

Volleyball is a popular recreational sport for several reasons. It doesn’t require much equipment (just a net and a ball), the rules are simple, and it can be played by a couple of siblings or a large group of friends. It’s also a sport that can easily transfer from a court, beach, or lawn to a pool. If you have a pool in your backyard, water volleyball is a fun, engaging, and competitive recreational activity that your family, friends, or guests will enjoy for hours at a time. Thus, you may find it worthwhile to invest in a pool volleyball set. Even though volleyball doesn’t necessarily require much in the way of extra equipment, a pool volleyball set will often come with extra accessories that enhance the game’s experience, increase the net’s stability, or are simply more convenient. For instance, some might come with an extra volleyball or a specialty air pump specifically designed for water volleyballs. If you want to buy a pool volleyball set, here are a few we recommend.

What to Consider in Pool Volleyball Sets

Here are a few things to think about before buying a pool volleyball set:

  • Fixed vs. Floating: When it comes to pool volleyball nets, you have the choice between two types—fixed or floating. Fixed nets are permanently attached or anchored to the outside edges of the pool. As the name suggests, floating nets rest on top of the water and float in the pool itself. Fixed nets are much more stable, ensure the net doesn’t move or float away in the middle of a game but are also more permanent, more time-consuming to set up or take down, and aren’t portable. Floating nets can be either inflatable or made of more solid plastic or metal resting atop floatation devices. While they risk floating or drifting out of place during the game and the nets aren’t adjustable in size, they’re often less involved to set up or take down. They’re also easier to bring along to a friend’s house or public pool or even to the lake or beach. Some inflatable models can even be packed into a suitcase and brought along on vacations.
  • Pool Type: Depending on whether you own an in-ground or above-ground pool, your needs for a pool volleyball set will be slightly different. For instance, a fixed net for an in-ground pool can always be anchored to the ground surrounding the pool, which isn’t always an option with above-ground pools. The height and width of in-ground and above-ground pools can be quite different, too, so you’ll want to ensure the included volleyball net is the right size and length. If you’re ever in doubt about whether a pool volleyball set will properly attach to or fit your pool, you may want to opt for a floating model since they’re compatible with any type of pool or body of water.
  • Extras: Even though volleyball isn’t a sport that requires a lot of extra equipment beyond the net and ball, there are some convenient extra features or add-ons you can keep an eye out for in a pool volleyball set. Some fixed models offer nets with adjustable heights or can be shortened or lengthened. If the volleyball in the set is inflatable, some kits offer a specialty air pump that you know will always fit your ball perfectly. Consider solid versus inflatable volleyball, too, as inflatable balls might be better for kids and are easier to transport, but solid volleyballs won’t ever pop or require re-inflating. Some sets even come with a pool basketball hoop and ball as a bonus.

Best Floating: JOYIN Inflatable Pool Float Volleyball Court

If you want to enjoy a floatable, inflatable pool volleyball set, this is the one for you. Besides the floating volleyball net and volleyball, you’ll also receive a basketball hoop and matching basketball, a great value set for the price you’re paying. All four parts of this set are inflatable and made of high-quality, nontoxic, and durable raft material. They’re safety tested and safety standard approved, safe for children of all ages. Adults and kids will enjoy hours of fun in the pool with both of these water-friendly sports. The volleyball court comes with two built-in weight bags to keep it steady while you play. You can easily deflate all four parts of this pool volleyball and basketball set, pack them in your favorite traveling bag and bring them to a friend’s home or on a beach vacation for easier, more compact transportation. (Just make sure you have a way to re-inflate them at your destination!) The volleyball net measures around 105 by 28 by 35 inches, and the basketball hoop measures approximately 27 by 23 by 27 inches. The actual measurements will vary slightly depending on how much you inflate the net and hoop.

Best Anchored: GoSports Splash Net Pool Volleyball Net

If you own a pool in your backyard, you may prefer to install a more stable and slightly more permanent volleyball net. This one is compatible with virtually all in-ground pools, rounded and rectangular alike. The net straps are adjustable to a maximum width of 25 feet, so you can modify them to stretch taut across your pool, no matter its size. The net is specially engineered to withstand any and all splashing from the pool water during the games. When filled with water, the two bases keep the net sturdy and upright, even after hours of play. The net’s accents are available in either blue or red. The whole set includes the adjustable net, two posts, two pool-friendly water volleyballs, and a specially-sized pump for them.

Best Anchored

GoSports Splash Net PRO Pool Volleyball Net Includes 2 Water Volleyballs and Pump

A fixed pool volleyball set with an adjustable net to fit across pools of almost any width.

For In-Ground Pools: Poolmaster In-Ground Swimming Pool Volleyball Game

If you have an in-ground pool in your backyard, you’ll love this pool volleyball set. It comes with an across-pool net, round polyform game bases, a deluxe water volleyball, and an inflating needle. Recommended for ages 8 and up, the net’s poles are 30 inches tall when upright. The net itself measures in at 16 feet by 30 inches and can extend up to 38 feet if you have an especially wide pool. If you ever find the net tipping over or want some extra stability, the bases can be filled with either sand or water to weigh them down and hold them firm. (Note that sand offers better stability than water, while water is a better choice for moving the net as it’s easier to dump out and refill.) Though designed with in-ground pools in mind, this net can be moved and used on sand, dirt, or other solid ground, so feel free to bring it to the beach or set it up elsewhere in the yard if it’s not quite warm enough for a pool party.

For In-Ground Pools

Poolmaster Across In Ground Swimming Pool Volleyball Pool Game

A pool volleyball set designed specifically for in-ground pools, with an extremely extendable net.

For Above-Ground Pools: Poolmaster Above-Ground Swimming Pool Volleyball Game Combo

Above-ground pools can be trickier to find an anchored across-pool volleyball net for than in-ground pools since you can’t rest the bases on the ground. Fortunately, this specially designed pool volleyball set is made with above-ground pools in mind. Besides the volleyball net, inflatable vinyl ball, and inflating needle, this set also comes with a matching basketball hoop and net, backboard, and basketball for a higher value purchase. The net poles and backboard perch directly on the edges of the pool, and if that top railing is 4 inches or wider, you can use the included perma-top mounts for both to permanently attach them to your pool. The net has 10-inch side ties and is 16 inches feet long, with a possible extension of up to 38 inches. The backboard has an all-weather hard body to better withstand the elements. If you’re not interested in the extra basketball attachment, you can buy a set with just the volleyball net, ball, and inflating needle. It’s recommended for ages 8 and up.

For Above-Ground Pools

Poolmaster Swimming Pool Basketball and Volleyball Game Combo, Above-Ground Pool

A pool volleyball set specifically designed for above-ground pools, with feet that can be permanently mounted to the railing.

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