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The Best Waist Trainers

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🕚 Updated February 2022

Many people aspire to have an hourglass shape and solid abdominal muscles. Over time, a waist trainer can help you achieve both of those things. Here are some quality waist trainers we recommend.

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  Top Choice Great for Working Out Most Secure Great for Shaping Great Adjustable Option
Waist Trainer for Women
Sports Research
Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer
Neoprene Sweat Waist Trainer
Waist Trainer
Lady Slim
Fajas Latex Waist Trainer
Our SummaryThis trainer works for long or short torsos and provides extra compression.Designed to enhance workouts and increase sweat, this waist trainer is a nice addition to high-impact exercise routines.Relieve sore muscles and train your posture with the heat technology in this waist trainer.Create a beautiful hourglass silhouette with this fully adjustable waist trainer.This figure-hugging waist trainer is fully adjustable for a custom fit.
ProsNonslip, multiple colors, size-inclusive, hook and eye closures, durable, flexible, steel boning inserts, nylon, lycra, and spandex blend with latex and soft cotton.Nonslip, comfortable, gives you full range of motion, extra-thick and premium neoprene, increases sweating, adsorbs sweat.Affordable, sweat-promoting, compression, hook & loop closure, steel-boned, neoprene, tummy control, improves posture, adjustable.High compression, made of breathable cotton, steel boning, three rows of adjustable hooks, tummy-flattening.Easy to wear, comfortable, natural latex, calorie-burning sauna effect, flexible boning, reduces waist up to 3 inches, for gym or daily wear, nonslip closures.
ConsNot for those with latex allergies or sensitivities.Not ideal for wearing as daily shapewear, limited size range.Not lightweight and not the best for daily wear.Steel boning may be uncomfortable.Not recommended for people with latex allergies or taller people.
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The Best Waist Trainers

A woman wearing a black waist trainer and loose jeans.
Inessa Boo/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Waist Trainers

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Why buy a waist trainer?

A waist trainer resembles a girdle or corset that pulls your midsection in as tight as possible. It can help you look smoother and slimmer, improve your posture and blood flow, relax sore muscles, and promote sweating to help you burn more calories.

Waist trainers can be worn during workouts, occasional outings, or everyday routines. They can be worn as shapewear to instantly streamline your silhouette underneath your clothes. When worn consistently, they can also change the shape of your waist over time. They’re also often worn during certain workouts to increase sweat production and improve posture.

What should you look for in a waist trainer?

  • Style: There are multiple styles of waist trainers, from corsets that are extra-tight around your mid-section to sauna styles that make you sweat, and even tank tops that create all-over compression. Choose one that feels comfortable while wearing it and that will give you the results you’re looking for.
  • Size: Make sure you choose one that fits your torso snugly but doesn’t restrict your breathing. Waist trainers aren’t the most comfortable things to wear, but they should still be comfortable enough to wear for several hours at a time. With the help of Velcro or additional hooks, the waist trainer you choose can be customized to fit your body structure.
  • Materials: Make sure the materials are high-quality and comfortable for you to wear. While most will be made of a stretchy fabric for a tight fit, a blend of breathable cotton can help to soak up sweat. Some materials are even hypoallergenic to avoid irritating your skin during use.
  • Price: Corsets and other types of shapewear can get costly, but you can often find a high-quality waist trainer for around $40 or less, which is pretty affordable for many people.

What should you be aware of before using a waist trainer?

If you want to reshape your waist more permanently, you’ll have to wear a waist trainer for around eight hours a day for weeks (or months) before seeing results, and it’ll often be more effective when paired with improvements in diet and exercise.

One important thing to remember is that since waist trainers increase sweat output, you’ll need to drink lots of water to stay properly hydrated. You should also make sure not to use it for too long since it can potentially cause organ and skin damage when worn for extended periods. If you have concerns, talk with your doctor before trying a waist trainer for more than occasional use.

Our Picks for the Best Waist Trainers

Top Choice

YIANNA Waist Trainer

This trainer works for long or short torsos and gives extra compression.

Pros: Available in multiple colors, this size-inclusive waist trainer offers three columns of hook and eye closures for a classic design. It can be worn beneath a cute outfit for added shape and is durable and flexible to keep you comfortable. It has 25 spiral steel boning inserts that promote improved posture. The exterior layer of fabric is made from nylon, lycra, and spandex blend, while the middle layer contains a natural latex rubber layer for smoothness and compression. For ultimate comfort, the inner layer uses soft cotton.

Cons: This corset is partially made of latex, so it isn’t ideal for those with latex allergies.

Bottom Line: This high-compression waist trainer creates a lovely hourglass silhouette without restricting your breathing. It’s made with nonslip materials to stay in place during workouts or your daily routine.


Great for Working Out

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer

Designed to enhance workouts and increase sweat, this waist trainer is a nice addition to high-impact exercise routines.

Pros: This waist trimmer is designed to be comfortable and naturally flex with your movements, giving you a full range of motion while wearing it. Made of extra-thick and premium CR neoprene, this trainer will increase your sweat output while in use. The inner lining is designed in a grid pattern that will repel moisture and adsorb sweat while keeping it from slipping or bunching during exercise.

Cons: This waist trainer is designed to increase sweat production during workouts, so it’s not ideal for wearing as daily shapewear. It also has a limited size range.

Bottom Line: This fat-melting waist trainer is a fantastic exercise aid. It seamlessly contours to your body and increases sweat production for maximum calorie burning.


Most Secure

HOPLYNN Neoprene Sweat Waist Trainer

Relieve sore muscles and train your posture with the heat technology in this waist trainer.

Pros: This compression waist trainer has an easy-to-wear hook and loop closure. It’s steel-boned, made of neoprene, and meant to increase sweat production. It provides a double layer of tummy control that seamlessly shapes the waist. This belt also helps improve your posture with added lower back and abdominal support, both of which help to build a strong core for better balance. The heat technology keeps muscles warm and supported, so you’re sure to get the most out of your workouts. There is a heavy-duty zipper and an adjustable Velcro strap to adjust.

Cons: This waist trainer is designed to increase sweat production, so it isn’t lightweight, and it may not be ideal for daily use as shapewear.

Bottom Line: This affordable sweat belt and waist trimmer is sure to enhance your exercise routine. It’s designed to increase your thermogenic activity for a high-impact, calorie-burning workout. It also has adjustable straps and closures for a custom fit that won’t slip or buckle during physical activity.


Great for Shaping

LODAY Waist Trainer

Create a beautiful hourglass silhouette with this fully adjustable waist trainer.

Pros: The cotton material of this waist trainer makes it lightweight and breathable. The trainer features steel boning around the waist for extra support that improves posture and three rows of adjustable hooks for customized comfort. These closures allow you to adjust levels of compression and have a wide range of movement during use. The sculpting design streamlines your silhouette.

Cons: This waist trainer features high-quality steel boning, so it may be uncomfortable for those who aren’t used to the stiff compression.

Bottom Line: This waist-trimming vest is designed to flatten your belly, support your back, and lift your breasts for a flattering hourglass silhouette. It’s completely adjustable, so you can customize it for a perfect fit, and it’s sleek enough to be worn as daily shapewear.


Great Adjustable Option

Lady Slim Fajas Latex Waist Trainer

This figure-hugging waist trainer is fully adjustable for a custom fit.

Pros: Easy to wear and comfortable, this trainer features nontoxic 100% natural latex that’s designed to increase your abdominal area temperature for a calorie-burning sauna effect. It features durable hook closures and flexible boning designed to instantly reduce your waist up to 3 inches while wearing it. The inner layer shapes the body and absorbs sweat, making it ideal for the gym or daily wear. The reinforced closures keep it in place securely.

Cons: This waist trainer is made of latex, so it’s not for people with latex allergies. It also isn’t ideal for women over 5 feet, 7 inches tall.

Bottom Line: This waist cincher is designed to enhance your silhouette and snatch the waist for an hourglass figure. It’s great for daily use as shapewear or for working out due to its heat technology, and it’s barely noticeable underneath clothes.

Final Thoughts

Waist trainers are great for those seeking to optimize their workout routine with a sweat-promoting and posture-adjusting exercise aid. Additionally, waist trainers help reshape the body and enhance your natural curves for an hourglass silhouette.

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