The Best Waist Trainers to Improve Your Figure

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The hourglass shape and solid abdominal muscles are things many people aspire to have. Waist trainers resemble a girdle that pulls your midsection in as tight as possible. Over time, a waist trainer might help you appear sleeker and smoother. It also improves your posture and blood flow and relaxes sore muscles. Some even promote additional sweat to help you burn more calories. Here are some great waist trainers that we recommend.

Purchasing a Waist Trainer

Which waist trainers are the best? Ultimately, that will come down to you and what makes you feel comfortable, but consider these key points while shopping:

  • Style: There are multiple styles of waist trainers, from corsets that are extra-tight around your mid-section to sauna styles that make you sweat, and even tank tops that create all-over compression. Choose one that feels comfortable while wearing it and that will give you the results you desire.
  • Size: Make sure you choose one that fits your torso snugly but doesn’t restrict your breathing. With the help of Velcro or additional hooks, the waist trainer you choose can be customized to fit your body structure and size so that it is comfortable and you can easily wear it for the correct amount of time.
  • Materials: Make sure the materials are high-quality and comfortable for you to wear. While most will be made of a stretchy fabric for a tight fit, a blend of breathable cotton can help to soak up moisture. Some materials are even hypoallergenic to avoid irritating your skin during use.

Top Choice: Sports Research Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer

A woman stretching a black and pink waist trainer behind her back.
Sports Research

Contoured to fit you, this waist trimmer is designed to be comfortable and naturally flex with your movements, giving you the full range of motion while you are wearing it. Made of extra thick and premium CR Neoprene, this trimmer will also increase your sweating while in use. The inner lining is designed in a grid pattern that will repel moisture and adsorb sweat as all we keep the trimmer from slipping or bunching during exercise.

Top Choice

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer - Black/Pink (Small) | Premium Waist Trainer Sauna Belt for Men & Women

A waist trainer designed to not slip during workouts and to enhance sweat.

Best Underbust Corset: YIANNA Waist Trainer

a black corset-like waist trainer with rows of small hooks

Available in multiple colors and sizes, this waist trainer offers three columns of hook and eye closure for a classic design that can be worn even beneath a cute outfit for added shape. This trainer is durable and flexible to keep you comfortable while it is in use with the support of up to 25 spiral steel boning inserts that promote improved posture. The exterior layer of fabric is made from nylon, lycra, and spandex blend, while the middle layer contains a natural latex rubber layer for smoothness and compression. For ultimate comfort, the inner layer uses soft cotton. The trainer is designed to work for both long or short torsos and features high compression.

Best Underbust Corset

Best Neoprene Sauna: McDavid Waist Trimmer Belt

a man wears a black waist trainer around his bare abdominals

Breathable and lightweight, this waist trainer is made from 100% high-quality latex-free neoprene and is designed to help your overall appearance. This trainer is meant to remove excess water weight through therapeutic heat technology while helping increase muscle productivity. This belt also helps improve your posture with added lower back and abdominal support, both of which help to build a strong core for better balance. The heat technology prevents and relieves muscle pain for sore muscles and offers tissue support. There is a non-slip inner lining and an adjustable velcro strap to adjust as you continue throughout your weight loss journey.

Best Neoprene Sauna

Best Three-in-One: YWYJOSOF Waist Trainer

A woman wearing a black and pink waist trainer that also extends down to her thighs over her leggings

The latex-free neoprene of this waist trainer is designed with internal grid lining and leg straps for an enhanced experience. The trainer features two Velcro straps around the waist for extra support, as well as three velcro bands around the thighs for customized comfort. These straps allow you to adjust levels of compression and have a wide range of movement during use. Not only for trimming but butt lifting as well, this three-in-one trimmer is designed to help you achieve that all-over look by targeting compression and increased blood flow, all while eliminating some muscle pain.

Best Three-in-One

Best Tank Top: Cimkiz Sweat Sauna Vest

A male model with arm tattoos in a black training vest.

Easy to wear and comfortable, this vest is designed to help you burn fat, flatten your belly, support your back, and shape your body. This trainer features upgraded material made from 70% neoprene, 15% polyester, 15% nylon for superior stretch and softness. The tank top will help you sweat even more than before while being easy to adjust and close firmly, making it ideal for the gym or daily wear. A durable zipper means this vest stays in place and helps you reduce excess water while retaining body heat, so you can burn more calories and sweat faster.

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