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The Best Wakeboards for Your Next Trip to the Water

Young girl wakeboarding as she rides a wake and holds a rope-attached handle.

Wakeboarding combines some of the most exhilarating aspects of skiing, snowboarding, and surfing, so it’s no wonder that it remains a popular pastime for water sports enthusiasts. However, while it is fairly simple to learn the basics of wakeboarding, shopping for a great wakeboard that meets your needs can be a little tricky. We made this guide to showcase some of the best wakeboards on the market today to help you find a product that is perfect for your next trip to the water.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Wakeboard

Keep these factors in mind while shopping for your new wakeboard:

  • Size It Up: Finding the right size board for your weight and height is not always easy. Luckily, most manufacturers use sizing charts to help you determine if a board will work well for you. If your board is not large and stable enough for your body type, it will sink easily. However, if you end up with too much board for you, you will find it hard to control, especially when spinning or popping off the wake.
  • Rock & Roll: The term “rocker” refers to a wakeboard’s amount of bend, which can be either continuous or in stages (as in a three-stage rocker). A continuous rocker offers a stable experience via a smooth curvature throughout the length of a wakeboard. These are great for those who desire speed and a consistent feel. A wakeboard with a three-stage rocker is shaped more like a skateboard and offers bigger air for riders who attempt aerial tricks. These are also great for accomplishing softer landings. Which type of rocker sounds ideal for you?
  • Finding Your Bindings: Great bindings are not only essential for skillfully riding a wakeboard but for staying safe and injury-free throughout your session. Thus, finding a pair of bindings that are comfortable and secure is essential. Remember, while you want your bindings to feature a very snug fit, you don’t want them to cause any discomfort. While many beginners love their adjustable bindings, more experienced wakeboarders tend to prefer fitted bindings for more protection and control over the wakeboard.

Best for Beginners: Hyperlite New 2021 Wakeboard

Two-sided view of a white and black Hyerlite wakeboard and black wakeboarding boot.

This wakeboard from Hyperlite snags our Best for Beginners award, thanks to its uncanny ability to help beginners not only remain stable on the board but get the most air when popping off the wake. Its three-stage rocker is very subtle, so the added pop it provides does not come at the expense of speed or stability when gliding on the water. The included bindings are also fantastic and provide great cushioning as well as a snug, secure fit. Additionally, this board comes in three sizes, making it easy to find an option that can accommodate wakeboarders of different builds.

Best for Beginners

Hyperlite Wakeboard Agent 2022 with Agent Wakeboard Bindings Fits Most Shoe Sizes (134 cm)

This wakeboard features a V base and four removable fins, as well as a subtle three-stage rocker.

Best Bang for Your Buck: Full Throttle Aqua Extreme Wakeboard Kit

Black and grey wakeboard with blue accents and black boots attached to bindings.

For those seeking a budget-friendly wakeboard, the Full Throttle Aqua Extreme Wakeboard Kit is the gold standard. Featuring a lightweight and beginner-friendly design, this wakeboard is ideal for people who are 155 pounds or heavier and is incredibly forgiving so that even casual riders can maintain excellent control. The bindings’ quality really stands out compared to other budget wakeboard kits as they offer excellent support and feel much more comfortable than the price might suggest. While this isn’t a board for advanced riders to compete with, it’s still a capable board and shouldn’t hold more experienced riders back from landing sweet tricks and jumps.

Best Bang for Your Buck

Full Throttle Aqua Extreme Wakeboard Kit (Black/Blue, 55.1 x 21.6-Inch/ 140cm x 42cm)

This budget-friendly wakeboard features a lightweight design that is perfect for beginners or intermediate riders to practice tricks or enjoy a stable ride.

Best Intermediate Board: Hyperlite Mystique Women’s Wakeboard

Black Hyperlite wakeboard with pink and white accented design and toeless purple and pink wakeboarding boots.

The Hyperlite Mystique Women’s Wakeboard features a light yet durable design and impressive M6 hardware, which allows for a thinner, lighter, and more responsive board. Although this wakeboard features a three-stage rocker, the effect is rather subtle and does not do anything to hamper the degree of control one can maintain while riding at speed. What it does, however, is create a stable platform for landing jumps and tricks. This is aided to great effect by the Mystique bindings’ molded EVA cushioning and secure fit. Considering this board’s durability and functionality, it would be hard to find a better pick for intermediate riders at its price range.

Best Intermediate Board

Mystique New Hyperlite Women's Wakeboard Complete Package Fits Boot Sizes 6-11 (135 cm)

This wakeboard is super thin and light and features four removable fins and a subtle three-stage rocker.

Best for Kids: RAVE Sports Impact Wakeboard with Charger Boots

Black RAVE Sports wakeboard with white branding displayed prominently across the board's face.

When looking for a wakeboard for children to learn on, stability and predictability are key. Thankfully, the Impact Wakeboard with Charger Boots from RAVE Sports delivers all this and more. Featuring impact-resistant side rails along the edge of the board, this wakeboard is incredibly durable and allows for extra-forgiving landings off the wake. Its continuous rockers also do a great job of keeping the board stable and easy to control, even for a child’s first ride. The included lace-up bindings are also high-quality and quick and easy to slide your feet into. If your child is under 125 pounds, this would be an excellent choice for his or her first wakeboard.

Best for Kids

RAVE Sports Impact Wakeboard with Charger Boots, Orange/Blk (PV1802677)

This wakeboard is great for children under 125 pounds and features durable construction and impact-resistant side rails. Its continuous rockers add a lot of stability.

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