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The Best Walking Canes for Every Environment

Walking canes are a necessity for many, but they’re always a luxury for all who use them. Solid wood walking sticks with glued-on rubber caps at the base may seem like the minimalist’s affordable choice, but they’re terribly uncomfortable and unfit for your back. There are plenty of modern options that offer any user style and convenience at a welcome price. So, if you’re in the market for a different kind of walking stick, then here are a few options that we recommend.

What You Should Want Out of Your Cane

Consider these factors when making your selection:

  • Stability: Any good walking stick should always know how to keep you firmly upright for the duration of your stroll. Factors that largely influence your walking cane’s stability and durability are attributes like weight capacity, proper weight distribution, and ample distance off the ground to support users of any height.
  • Portability: A good walking cane should also be one that can make any kind of trip. Portability is key because unless you plan to have multiple canes for multiple occasions, you’re going to want one dependable option to carry you around. While traditional options (a solid stick throughout) are still favored among most users, modern options that are collapsible and can be stowed away in any trunk or bag make for great tools.
  • Traveling Convenience: Additionally, while portability is one thing, the efficiency of a cane while in travel is another huge factor you can’t go without considering. Sure, you can buy a cane that works on tile surfaces, but the ideal cane is one that excels in a variety of settings. Look to options with a base that doesn’t skid easily on different kinds of terrain or models that allow users to take a break when necessary.

Largest Weight Capacity: HurryCane Freedom Edition

Featuring SteadiGrip Security and a nonskid traction base, this HurryCane Freedom Edition is built to feel like a seamless extension of the body. Its adjustable handle can be sized up or down between 30.5 and 37.5 inches, while its foldable compact frame can be stowed away or unfolded in just a few seconds. And while it can willingly come apart, this cane can still provide up to 350 pounds of support while in use.

Largest Weight Capacity

HurryCane HCANE-BK-C2 Freedom Edition Foldable Walking Cane with T Handle, Original Black

Ergonomic and height-adjustable, this walking cane offers users plenty of comfortable ways to stay upright.

Best at Night: Ohuhu Folding Walking Cane with LED Light

Looking for a way to stroll in comfort long after the sun has gone down? This Ohuhu Folding Walking Cane features six powerful LED lights that are built directly into the handle. Its lighted-handle can be angled across 45 degrees to safely guide you outside or in your home. However, adjustable lighting is only one of the many dependable features you’re getting here. Like the best options for elderly users or those with injuries, this cane’s sturdy design from handle to base offers ergonomic aid with a base that’s compatible with tripod, quad, and ice tips.

Best at Night

Best for Travel: Switch Sticks Walking Stick Chair Combo

Those who require the service of a cane often use them to get around faster while trying to stay off of their feet as much as possible. You’ll find that this Switch Sticks cane understands the breaks a user must have while walking, so it incorporates a way to do both: with a chair. This two-in-one cane provides a walker with the stability of a walking cane and the convenience of ample seating. The cane measure 34 inches in height when folded and 20 inches off the ground when the chair is needed. This combination is ideal for outdoor events, waiting in line, or just going for walks in the park.

Best for Travel

Best Added Support: Hugo Mobility Adjustable Quad Cane

A trusted walking stick must offer its user the full spectrum of stability, and you’ll find that with its large quad base, this Hugo Mobility Adjustable Cane covers plenty of ground. It’s height-adjustable, constructed of high-grade aluminum, and features a shock-absorbing cushion-top handle with a reflective strap for visibility during the evening. Its quad base not only provides great traction across more ground, but with multiple legs, there is also an increase in the amount of weight it can support (maxing out around 300 pounds).

Best Added Support

Hugo Mobility 731-840 Adjustable Quad Walking Cane, Ebony

Features a multi-foot base for quadruple the stability of traditional canes.

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