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The Best Wall Clocks

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🕚 Updated August 2021

Time can go by fast when you're doing things you love, and in your home, the clock should help you in that endeavor. A beautiful wall clock will have you staying on schedule while enjoying the view.

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  Best Digital Best Pendulum Unique Design Best Budget Option Best Farmhouse Style
Digital Wall Clock
Light Oak Traditional Wall Clock
HOME 3D LED Wall Clock
10 Silent Decorative Wall Clock
FirsTime & Co.
Shiplap Wall Clock
Our SummaryThis clock provides high-visibility time and features date and weather data.The customizable chimes of this wooden clock will keep you on schedule.The sleek display of this timekeeper gives any room a contemporary feel.This low-maintenance option requires just one AA battery to run.This sheerly painted option gives you the farmhouse look without the animals.
ProsAdvanced detection sensors, large figures, displays date and temperature.Sturdy frame, adjustable volume, classic look.Extra-bright light, sleek design, easy mounting.Lightweight option, clearly visible numbers, noiseless hand movement.Rustic appearance, sophisticated metal hand design.
ConsDifficult to see without external light, manual time setting.Hefty price tag, sometimes difficult to control the chimes.Wall adapter not included, unreliable dimmer.Flimsy construction, might require resetting.Unusual numbering, hands can stick.
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The Best Wall Clocks

A bright beige and golden apartment with a clock hanging on the wall and a eucalyptus branch, vase, and candle on a table below it.
Floral Deco/Shutterstock.com

A wall clock can serve as a defining decor piece for your space, as it comes to the attention of any family members or guests who enter your home. Whether you’re looking for a classic wooden clock or you want a minimalistic digital design, there’s a wall clock out there that fits your style. Here are some great wall clocks that we recommend.

Buying Guide for Wall Clocks

Laptop on desk in modern home design with wall background.

Why buy a wall clock?

Clocks have been keeping people all over the world on time for centuries, ever since their invention in 1656. Now, clocks can indicate not only the time, but also, the date, the weather, and the humidity, and they can even provide a wake-up alarm. Wall clocks are especially helpful for your daily activities, as you can move through your home and keep track of your chores, events, and mealtimes with ease. On top of keeping you on schedule, a wall clock is a great statement piece for a wide variety of styles. The classic design is like a pair of blue jeans—it goes with everything.

What should you look for in a clock?

When shopping for your perfect wall clock, keep these factors in mind:

  • Space: Wall clocks come in an assortment of sizes, but not everyone wants their clock to stand out. If you don’t have a lot of room on your walls, look for a traditional 10-inch design that clearly displays the numbers without drawing too much attention. Those looking for a statement wall clock should prepare to have at least a foot of space for the clock to hang in. You should always consider the product’s dimensions before purchasing.
  • Digital vs. Analog: The classic round frame of the analog clock is a favorite of most wall clock designers, as it’s symmetric and easy to change to create different styles. However, if you have difficulty reading these clocks or deal with less-than-stellar eyesight, a digital clock is a great choice. There are plenty of digital options that provide function and style.
  • Style: The versatility of clock designs has led to industrious creativity in its design. For those who are looking for a traditional look, a pendulum clock’s wooden structure, ornate hands, and stoic appearance can add an old-school aesthetic. Modern styles vary from minimalistic to oversized, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your home decor.

What should you expect for installation?

Mounting a wall clock can seem overwhelming at first, but if you know the requirements of the product before facing the task, it will be a breeze. A lightweight clock will usually require a single nail for proper mounting. Those who are renting or don’t want to damage their wall should opt for sticky hooks that can hold a light clock with ease. Pendulum or oversized clocks require more detailed mounting, such as drills, extra nails or hooks, and leveling. They might also need support from multiple points, meaning that you’ll end up with more holes in your wall than you would with a smaller decor piece.

Our Picks for the Best Wall Clocks

Best Digital

WallarGe Digital Wall Clock

This clock provides high-visibility time and features date and weather data.

Pros: With the advancement of technology, digital wall clocks have become more and more capable of displaying data in real-time. With this WallarGe digital clock, you’ll be able to tell the time, date, day of the week, temperature, and humidity. Behind these readings is some serious technology, as the Swiss high-precision SHTC3 detection sensors give you the most accurate readings. The clock is completely battery-powered, which allows you to hang this 8.6-inch wide and 5.2-inch tall clock anywhere in your home.

Cons: While the digital display is clear during the day, it’s unable to showcase the time in the dark because it lacks a backlight. So, if you want to see the time at night, you’ll have to turn on a light. It also has no external reference source for the time of day for your location, meaning that you’ll have to manually reset the time based on your time zone.

Bottom Line: This clock has a lot to offer in terms of data, as it gives you all the necessary information to start off your day. Its simplistic design is best for those who are looking for visibility and functionality.


Best Pendulum

Seiko Light Oak Traditional Wall Clock

The customizable chimes of this wooden clock will keep you on schedule.

Pros: Are you looking for something more traditional? This wooden wall clock has every classic design detail you could ask for. The Roman numerals have a sophisticated look that’s matched by the octagonal oak frame. The gold pendulum is showcased beneath the clock through a glass frame and features dual, quarter-hour, and hourly chimes if desired. To avoid late-night disturbances, this clock also allows you to adjust the volume of the chimes or to completely silence it.

Cons: The high price of this clock can be overwhelming for those who are just looking for a decorative piece. According to reviewers, the chimes can begin sounding off on their own schedule over time. Due to this problem, it’s best to avoid placing this clock near bedrooms.

Bottom Line: This wooden clock certainly makes a statement, and its price reflects that. The design allows you to enjoy the classic look and sound of days past.


Unique Design


The sleek display of this timekeeper gives any room a contemporary feel.

Pros: This ultra-modern clock brings together style and function with its bright display and sleek design. The digital clock can use the 12- or 24-hour time displays, so you can use the one that suits you best. The LED lights brightly and clearly display the time, but you have control over its luminosity with the four levels of dimming. The clock is controlled by a remote control that you can use from up to 10 meters away. Weighing at just over a pound, this clock is easy to install and enjoy.

Cons: This product’s power source comes from a USB cable, but it doesn’t come with a wall adapter. This means that if your preferred location for the wall clock doesn’t have a USB port, you’ll have to purchase the adapter separately. Additionally, the dimmer has difficulty adjusting to your surroundings. This might lead to a very bright light in the middle of the night that some will find difficult to look at.

Bottom Line: This wall clock’s design looks like it comes from the future, but some of its internal technology is a bit behind the times. If you’re searching for a cool centerpiece for your home, this clock has the attention-grabbing look to make a statement.


Best Budget Option

Yoobure 10 Silent Decorative Wall Clock

This low-maintenance option requires just one AA battery to run.

Pros: If visibility is at the top of your priority list, then this budget-friendly option is the ideal wall clock for you. The white and black contrast of the numbers and pointer help to clearly display the time. The plastic frame and cover create a lightweight design that’s simple to change. Best of all, the ticker is completely silent, so you don’t have to deal with any unnecessary noises.

Cons: While this option is great for those who are on a tight budget, the quality of the product might suffer because of its low price. Some reviewers reported that the clock face warped easily and that the out plastic felt flimsy.

Bottom Line: This piece boasts more functionality than style but can always provide the time with clear visuals. The clock is ideal for offices and classrooms that need to keep a tight schedule without people being distracted by too many bells and whistles.


Best Farmhouse Style

FirsTime & Co. Shiplap Wall Clock

This sheerly painted option gives you the farmhouse look without the animals.

Pros: This uniquely designed clock combines rustic farmhouse elements and traditional clock designs to create a clock that fits into any decor style. The wooden base has a sheer layer of paint to emphasize the natural material, while the Roman numeral numbers and elegant pointers add a sense of sophistication. You can add this 18-inch clock anywhere in your home for a stylish piece of wall decor, or you can opt for the 29-inch clock to make a statement. And if the white color isn’t your style, the black, brown, gray, and navy options provide the same quaint look.

Cons: It’s important to note that this clock’s Roman numeral uses “IIII” rather than the more modern “IV” to represent 4 o’clock. While neither is incorrect, most people prefer the latter for its visual balance. Reviewers noticed that the hands had a tendency to stick, ultimately leading to an incorrect time.

Bottom Line: This clock is meant to be a statement piece and will attract positive attention wherever you place it. If you love the rustic look of this wooden style, this option can help you achieve the look of farmhouse-chic.


Best Oversized

FirsTime & Co. Shabby Planks Wall Clock

This product's size is only outmatched by its versatile design that will fit into any decor.

Pros: With over 2 feet of beautiful wood, this clock is sure to keep you on time. On top of the gray, white, and natural wooden planks, a faux galvanized numeral ring clearly displays the hours. The matching hour and time hands ensure that you can read the time from far away. While its large size seems intimidating, it only weighs 8.48 pounds and requires a sing AA battery to run. The rustic look of the clock doesn’t extend to its internal mechanisms, as the timepiece features Whisper Technology to keep each hand movement silent.

Cons: Each of the clock’s color options features horizontal wooden planks with three different colors. While this can be beautiful, some might find it hard to read, as the lines cut through the numbers and obscure the locations of the hands. This wall clock is also battery-powered, so it will occasionally require you to remove it from the wall to replace the power source.

Bottom Line: The distinct colors of this oversized clock give it a simplistic but beautiful look that promises to catch your eye whether you need to check the time or are appreciating the decor. This clock is ideal for homes with large wall spaces.

Final Thoughts

Wall clocks have been helping people schedule their day for centuries. While some prefer to check their phone or wear a simple wristwatch, they’re missing out on the decorative and functional benefits of a wall clock. It provides you with a visually impactful decor piece that can center the focus of your room or enhance the style that’s already there. The clocks also help track time throughout the day completely hands-free, whether it’s preparing you to pick up the kids from school or timing your workout intervals. No matter your age or lifestyle, you can benefit from a wall clock in your home or office.

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