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The Best Wall Decals

🕚 Updated May 2022

Wall decals are a nice way to make your space your very own. If you want to add lovely shapes and details to your walls, check out these wall decals we recommend.

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  Best for Kids Best for Bedrooms Best for Bathrooms Best for Kitchens Best for Nurseries
Reusable Chalkboard Wall Decal
Tree and Flying Birds Wall Stickers
Vinyl Bathroom Mirror Decal
Kitchen & Dining Room Wall Decal
Pink Jungle Nursery Wall Decal
Our SummaryA chalkboard-style decal designed to let your kids draw on the wall without causing lasting damage.This blossoming tree surrounded by flying birds will look especially great over a bed.This decal is easy to stick onto glass and mirrors as well as walls.This quote decal is easy to install, remove, reposition, and reuse.These easy-to-stick and -remove decals will create a dreamy nursery wall for your little one.
ProsBuilt-in chalkboard, good value, can be trimmed and shaped as needed, grid lines on back, sticks to most smooth and flat surfaces.Durable, non-toxic, reusable, aesthetically pleasing, moisture resistant, sticks to most flat surfaces.Quality material, fit mirrors of most shapes and designs, indoor/outdoor use, easy to apply and remove, not limited to mirrors.Inexpensive, non-toxic, waterproof, reusable, no transfer residue, two size options, comes in two sheets.Cute and colorful, two design options, pre-cut, multiple sheets, no sticky transfer residue, reusable.
ConsPotential air bubbles, not the strongest adhesive.Flowers may appear transparent.Not reusable, no alternate sizes or sayings.Limited placement, no alternate quote.Smaller than they appear, thinner material.
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The Best Wall Decals

A living room with a wall decal shaped like a tree behind the couch.

Buying Guide for Wall Decals

A nursery with a mountain wall decal above the crib.

Why buy wall decals?

Like any type of wall art, wall decals are a great way to bring your personality and style to a room or change up its look without spending a ton of money on new furnishings. You can buy wall decals in many different shapes, sizes, and forms, from inspirational quotes to sports team logos, flowers, animals, trees, and much more. In addition to the personal touch of wall decals, some can even provide privacy since they will stick to windows and doors.

They’re an excellent way to decorate without damaging your walls; no nails, glue, hooks, or paint are required to hang wall decals, making them an excellent option for renters. Most wall decals will stick to almost any clean, non-porous surface, including furniture, mirrors, windows, and even countertops. And since they’re temporary decorations, it’s easy to peel off your wall decals whenever you grow tired or want to change them.

What should you look for in wall decals?

  • Size: Think about where you want to place the decal, how much room is available on that surface, and how much of that space you want the decal(s) to cover. Make sure it’s going to appropriately fit the space you have in mind for it before buying. If not, check and see if you can trim it to fit; some can be cut or altered, and some can’t. If you’re looking for something to add over your windows or doors to keep your space a little more private, make sure the decal or decals are large enough to cover the desired space and can’t be seen through. Also, consider if you’re buying one decal or multiple; some come in sets and will cover areas very differently than a single decal.
  • Color and Design: As mentioned, you have nearly limitless options when it comes to picking the design of your wall decals. Think of the room where you plan to stick them, what colors or designs might suit the space and complement the decor, and the mood you want to convey. Wall decals shaped like bright, colorful flowers will likely look out of place in a sleek, modern room with a lot of sharp edges and neutral or metallic shades, for instance.
  • Application: Make sure the adhesive will stick to the wall or space you plan to put your decal. Depending on the make of the decal and adhesive in question, it may not stick to every possible material or surface. Look for easy peel-and-stick options, and be sure they can be easily removed when the time comes, especially if you’re renting. Also consider if you can reuse the decal or not; for instance, a holiday-themed decal might be fun to decorate for certain times of the year.

How do you know if wall decals are safe?

If you have young children or pets at home or plan to use your wall decals to decorate a nursery, you’ll want to ensure that they’ll be safe for your family. Look for wall decals that are specifically listed as non-toxic. If they’re marked as lead-free, VOC-free, chemical-free, and/or phthalate-free, all the better. Granted, this shouldn’t be a huge issue with wall decals nowadays, but it never hurts to double-check when it comes to the personal safety of you and your family.

As for the decals themselves, keep an eye out for waterproof models or at least ones resistant to moisture (especially if you want to put them in your bathroom or kitchen). Shockproof and pressure-proof decals are also an advantage. This not only ensures more durable, longer-lasting decals but reduces the odds that they’ll bleed on or otherwise stain your walls.

Our Picks for the Best Wall Decals

Best for Kids

KDG Chalkboard Wall Decal

A chalkboard-style decal designed to let your kids draw on the wall without causing lasting damage.

Pros: This is a unique wall decal that is also a makeshift chalkboard. Made of vinyl, it can be drawn and written on with chalk just like a regular blackboard. The difference is that you can apply this decal pretty much wherever you want, as it can be shaped and trimmed to fit unusually shaped spaces. You receive 7 feet of it on adhesive contact paper, so you can cut it with regular scissors into any size or shape you want. There are grid lines on the back of the decal to ensure you can measure, outline your desired shape, and cut on a straight line. It’s not limited just to walls, either. And it’s a reasonable price.

Cons: If you’re not careful, it’s easy to wind up with air bubbles when sticking this decal to the wall, especially if you cut it into a larger size. Having a second person to help you hang and apply it may help prevent this. Be sure you properly wipe down the surface you’re going to stick this decal to and follow the other instructions accordingly, as quite a few users noted that the adhesive backing isn’t the strongest.

Bottom Line: This chalkboard-style wall decal is ideal to place just about anywhere in your home, even in more unusual spots since it can be trimmed and shaped as desired. Whether you’ve got kids who love to draw or you want a convenient, erasable spot to write notes, menus, and reminders, this wall decal will be a useful addition to your home or business.


Best for Bedrooms

Amaonm Tree and Flying Birds Wall Stickers

This blossoming tree surrounded by flying birds will look especially great over a bed.

Pros: This wall decal of a blossoming tree surrounded by birds is every bit as durable as it is aesthetically pleasing. The material is strong, non-toxic PVC that’s moisture-resistant, shock-resistant, and pressure-resistant. You won’t have to worry about this wall decal’s strength and service life. It’s easy to remove and install, reusable, and versatile. It’ll stick to glass, wood, wallpaper, and metal without issue as long as the surface is smooth, flat, and clean. The larger size and corner-friendly shape make it a perfect choice to place over or around your bed frame and headboard.

Cons: The white flowers of this wall decal may not always appear pure white. Depending on the color of the wall or surface you stick it onto, the said color may show through some or all of the flowers, making them appear transparent rather than white.

Bottom Line: Bedrooms are one of the most popular places to apply wall decals, and many people love to hang them over or around their beds. They add decoration and personality without getting in your way; you won’t ever have to worry about bumping up against decals or knocking them off your wall by accident, unlike a lot of wall art. This lovely wall decal is a great, inexpensive way to wake up to a small glimpse of beauty every morning.


Best for Bathrooms

YangYangDesign Vinyl Bathroom Mirror Decal

This decal is easy to stick onto glass and mirrors as well as walls.

Pros: You may not think of a mirror or a bathroom as a place to stick a decorative or accent wall decal, but this model was designed specifically for such a space. Whether your mirror is round, square, or rectangular, as long as this decal isn’t longer than your mirror is, the cursive writing and minimalist appearance will look great. Made of high-quality vinyl for greater durability, it’s easy to apply and even easier to remove. It’s also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. And while this decal was designed specifically with mirrors in mind, it’s not limited only to mirrors. You can apply it to walls as well, as long as the surface is clean and free of dust and dirt.

Cons: Keep in mind that while this decal is easy to stick to your mirror or wall and should peel off without issue, it’s not reusable. Once you’ve removed it, you won’t be able to re-apply it to your mirror or any other surface. There also aren’t any alternate sayings or sizes to fit different aesthetics or mirror sizes.

Bottom Line: We can all use a little extra positivity in our lives, and this specialty mirror decal is here to remind you how good you look every morning (or afternoon or evening). You may find yourself surprised at how much you enjoy having it there and the little boost it’ll give you each time you look in the mirror.


Best for Kitchens

Rotumaty Kitchen & Dining Room Wall Decal

This quote decal is easy to install, remove, reposition, and reuse.

Pros: This environmentally friendly, non-toxic PVC decal is waterproof, repositionable, and reusable. It is easy to use; simply peel and stick it onto any smooth and flat surface. When removed, it will not leave behind a sticky residue or peel off paint. The quote makes it suitable for kitchen walls, cabinets, furniture, DIY wall art, windows, or even coffee shops. It’ll stick to glass as well, handy if you have a very modern kitchen with some glass surfaces. It’s also quite inexpensive, and the quote comes in two sheets rather than one large one. This makes it easier to place and reduces the risk of air bubbles. As a bonus, it’s available in two different sizes.

Cons: While you can theoretically place this wall decal anywhere, because the word “kitchen” is in the quote, it will look odd if you stick it in the bathroom or a bedroom.

Bottom Line: Your kitchen may be another room where you hadn’t considered placing a wall decal, but there’s no reason you can’t add some decoration to it. This wall decal is a simple yet effective way to add a cozy, decorative touch to your kitchen space that won’t get in your way as you’re cooking and serving.


Best for Nurseries

DEKOSH Pink Jungle Nursery Wall Decal

These easy-to-stick and -remove decals will create a dreamy nursery wall for your little one.

Pros: This cute decal set is available in two different animal-themed styles to make your baby’s nursery or child’s bedroom their very own. Both styles are bright, colorful, and just plain cute. These decals are easy to remove without damaging your wall or paint, and they won’t leave any sticky residue behind. You can also take them down and re-apply them multiple times, and they should still stick to your walls without issue. The decals come pre-cut, so you’ll be able to peel and stick them onto the wall right away. And the decals come on multiple sheets rather than one or two large ones, so you’ll be able to design the layout to your own liking.

Cons: The material on these decals is a bit thin compared to some, so they are a bit more likely to accidentally rip or tear than some other, thicker wall decals. Also note that some of the decals are a bit smaller than the pictures make them appear.

Bottom Line: Decorating a nursery is often one of the more exciting tasks for expecting parents, but it can also be a challenge if one or both aren’t artistically inclined. These cute, colorful wall decals are an excellent solution for parents who want to create a themed nursery for their little one but don’t have the artistic abilities or the time to do so.

Final Thoughts

Wall decals are a quick, affordable, and simple way to decorate and re-decorate your space as often and as many times as you want. If you want to add a decal to your wall, our suggestions should serve you well.

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