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The Best Bedroom Wall Decor

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🕚 Updated May 2022

Your bedroom shouldn't be boring. Ready to upgrade your bedroom and give those bare walls a makeover? These hot picks are the perfect way to spruce up the walls of your inner sanctuary.

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  Best Mirror Set Best Bedroom Sign Best Macrame Design Best Mounted Mirror Best Mounted Lighting
Scandinavian Five-Piece Moon Phase Mirror Set
Kindred Hearts
Sweet Dreams Shiplap Wall Sign
Macrame Wall Hanging
Full-Length Floor Mirror
Plug-In Wall Sconce Set of Two
Our SummaryA classic piece that will work with a wide array of decor schemes.A fun way to showcase your personality.An upscale twist on traditionally boho macrame style.A convertible mirror that can be mounted or left freestanding.A great way to add more light in your bedroom.
ProsEasy to install, available in two finishes, functional.Simple design, rustic effect, easy to install.Modern twist on macrame, works in wider range of homes, easy to install.Easy to install, convert from freestanding to wall mounted, upgradable with built-in LED, multiple finishes available.Adjustable arms with 270-degree movement radius, three lampshade hues available.
ConsIncluded mounting tape not durable, backing may feel too lightweight.Doesn't come with installation hardware, made from particleboard rather than wood.Only available in one color.LED version has power button that stays lit as long as mirror is plugged in.May not be the size as listed in description.
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The Best Bedroom Wall Decor

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Buying Guide for Bedroom Wall Decor

Designer chair next to bed with pink pillows in bright bedroom with posters and lamp on metal table.

Why buy bedroom wall decor?

Decorating your home requires a delicate mix of color, texture, and lighting to create a style that is unique to you—and that’s especially true for your bedroom. Considering that you can spend a large amount of time there, you want it to feel comfortable, reflect your personality, and be an inviting space. The right piece of wall decor can bring a room together, whether it’s a pair of mirrors that opens up the room or a hanging shelf for extra storage.

What should you consider when shopping for bedroom wall decor?

  • Installation Method: There’s two parts to this factor. First, are you comfortable with using tools? Not everyone owns a level or is okay with drilling holes in their walls. So, if that sounds familiar, stick to options that can easily be mounted with wall-safe tape or hooks. Likewise, if you’re renting your living space rather than a homeowner, you’ll want to be mindful that drilling holes can lead to damage which can come out of your security deposit.
  • Size: Size and installation method often go hand in hand. While smaller items can often be easily mounted with damage-free options, if you pick a larger decor piece this might not be feasible. The added weight, even if you buy more heavy duty wall-safe tapes and hooks, may be too much for those devices to realistically support. In that case, even if you’re renting, be prepared to patch and prep your walls before you return the keys to your landlord.
  • Space: Always think of where you plan on hanging your wall decor. First, this ensures that you don’t pick an item that’s too large or small for where you plan on hanging it. But also consider your options. Larger wall pieces make sense when you have a larger room so that they don’t overwhelm. Meanwhile, you can also opt for several smaller decor picks and use them on the same wall to create a gallery effect.
  • Cohesion: The last thing you want is to pick wall decor that doesn’t seem to go with anything else in your room or your home if you’re taking a holistic design approach. Take a step back and think about your style goals as you shop for decor pieces, and be sure that whatever you select complements rather than detracts from those themes.

Why is damage-free installation important?

There are a few reasons why this matters. If you’re renting, damaging your walls can lead to deductions in your security deposit when you move out at the end of your lease. While you can repair the damage before you leave so that you get your entire deposit back, many people don’t want to take the risk. For people that aren’t comfortable with using tools, damage-free installation solutions are preferable.

Our Picks for the Best Bedroom Wall Decor

Best Mirror Set

Keweis Five-Piece Scandinavian Moon Phase Mirror Wall

A classic piece that will work with a wide array of decor schemes.

Pros: If you want bedroom decor that’s equal parts timeless and easy to install, this five-piece moon phase set of mirrors is a solid choice. They can serve as a conversation piece as well as a functional way to check your look before you head out the door in the morning. You can choose from two frame finishes, and you’ll love the easy installation as this comes with the mounting stickers.

Cons: While simple to install, the included mounting stickers aren’t as durable as you’d like. Additionally, the backing on the mirrors may feel cheap.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a simple way to spruce up your bedroom that won’t require much effort, this five-piece set of moon phase mirrors is a solid choice.


Best Bedroom Sign

Kindred Hearts Sweet Dreams Shiplap Wall Sign

A fun way to showcase your personality.

Pros: You can’t go wrong with word art. It’s been in style for quite a while now with no signs of stopping any time soon. This cute sign is perfect to go over your bedroom, encouraging that you’ll get a good night’s sleep. The sign measures 40 x 10 inches and features a faux shiplap effect if you’re a fan of rustic design. Note that this pick requires a hardware mount to hang it.

Cons: While the product page notes that this item is made from wood, it’s actually particle board. Likewise, while this pick comes with keyholes for hanging, no installation hardware is included.

Bottom Line: For those seeking a simple way to spruce up their home, this simple Sweet Dreams sign is a quick way to bring some style to the bedroom.


Best Macrame Design

Generic Macrame Wall Hanging

An upscale twist on traditionally boho macrame style.

Pros: Depending on who you talk to, people either really love or really hate macrame. If you’re the type who’s not a fan of the traditionally boho version of this decor pick, you might appreciate the more sophisticated reimagined option shown here. This fun tapestry hanging foregoes the traditional knotted design associated with macrame for a more sleek hanging design that can work for a wider range of decor styles.

Cons: Note that this pick is only available in one color (beige) and in one size, 46 by 34 inches.

Bottom Line: If you like macrame but are looking for a more elevated approach to it, then this sophisticated version is a serious upgrade.


Best Mounted Mirror

LVSOMT Full-Length Floor Mirror

A convertible mirror that can be mounted or left freestanding.

Pros:  For most of us, our homes don’t come standard with a built-in full-length mirror. This can make getting dressed a chore at times as you try to stand on your tip-toes in the bathroom and check your profile. If you’re tired of that, this is a great functional and beautiful upgrade. While shown as a freestanding floor mirror, you can also mount it on your wall to save floor space. You’ll like that there are six different finishes including a few that feature built-in LED lights that are dimmable with temperature adjustments.

Cons: Those who upgraded to the LED models note that the power button stays lit as long as the mirror is plugged into an outlet which can sometimes be annoying at night.

Bottom Line: This sophisticated mirror is an easy upgrade that most people will appreciate, and the convertible freestanding or wall mount support makes it a solid choice for most.


Best Mounted Lighting

Pauwer Plug-In Wall Sconce Set of Two

A great way to add more light in your bedroom.

Pros: Even if you’re bedroom comes with a built-in overhead light, this often isn’t sufficient. Either it’s too bright, or not the right temperature. So, this two-piece set of wall sconces is the perfect addition to place on either side of your bed for the right amount of light exactly when you need it. Three lamp shade hues are available, and you’ll like that these come with an adjustable arm so you can bring the light closer if you need to.

Cons: There may be missing components for the installation process.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a simple upgrade that also provides a functional use, this set of wall sconces is a good option. But if you need a specific size, be sure to double check before purchasing.

Final Thoughts

Bedroom decor is so essential as you want your sanctuary space to feel comfortable, inviting, and like an extension of your personality. Whether you want a pick that serves as a functional tool or simply like to look at pretty things when you lounge in your bedroom, we’re sure that the bedroom wall decor picks we highlighted will be perfect for you.

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