The Best Wall Decor for Your Space

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Decorating your home requires a delicate mix of color, texture, and lighting to create a style that is unique to you. After finding your perfect couch, kitchen table, or bed, a room can still feel empty. You can add the final touch with a beautiful piece of wall decor. Whether it’s a pair of mirrors that opens up the room or a hanging shelf for extra storage, the right piece of wall decor can be the cherry on top of your home decor. Here are some fantastic wall decor pieces we recommend.

Purchasing Wall Decor

When shopping for the perfect wall decor to add to your home, keep these factors in mind:

  • Installation: Apartments and rental properties can have stricter guidelines on what you are allowed to do to the walls. Before purchasing wall decor, review those restrictions. If you aren’t allowed to put holes in your walls, opt for lightweight pieces that can be hung with sticky hooks or mounting putty.
  • Space: If you plan to cover a large space such as a hallway or living room wall, consider tapestries or wall art frames to fill the area. These large pieces can feel bulky or overwhelming in small areas, so look for compact pieces that enhance a certain style or color in the space.
  • Cohesion: When planning your next wall installation, assess your current style and decor. Finding similar colors and patterns will help the wall decor look like one piece of a whole design. If you want this piece to stand out, place it in the center point of a room, such as above the couch or bed.

Best Wall Planters: Orimina Glass Wall Hanging Planters

A glass wall hanging planter with a small plant, sea shells, and rocks inside.

Nothing livens up a space more than fresh green plants. Whether you have a small space or don’t have the time for potted plants, these glass wall-hanging planters can give you that green thumb. With one purchase, you get six planters that easily attach to a wall by using the provided white nails. The round planters have a 4.7-inch diameter that allows you to decorate your walls with air plants, water plants, or terrariums. By adding some calming greenery to your wall, nature becomes your ideal wall decor.

Best Wall Planters

Orimina Glass Wall Hanging Planters

Elevate your love of plants with these six glass wall hangers that highlight your walls with beautiful greenery.

Best Mirrors: BONNYCO Gold Mirrors for Wall

There gold mirrors hung above a desk with a coat rack to the right.

If you are looking to add bold decor to your wall without extensive installation, this set of mirrors will provide you with all the beauty you need. Each mirror features a sunburst design that adds texture and visual interest to your walls. This entire piece measures 25 centimeters in diameter, while the mirror is 7.5-centimeters wide. The size allows you to cover a decent amount of wall space without overwhelming the room’s other decor. If the gold tone doesn’t fit your style, take a look at the four other color options to find your ideal mirror set.

Best Mirrors

BONNYCO Gold Mirrors for Wall

These sunburst mirrors are designed with a simple eyehole hanging system.

Best Wall Art Frames: upsimples Picture Frame Set of 5

A white brick wall with 10 framed photos.

Sometimes one form of art doesn’t satisfy an itch for beautiful decor. Luckily, the popularity of framed art walls has transformed from a family photo collage to displays of your style. Upsimples allows you to get creative with your photos through this set of five 11- by 14-inch frames. They come with a white mat to create a cohesive look. The photo is displayed behind a plastic frame that is lighter and safer than its glass counterpart. And with 18 color options and nine frame sizes, you can create the gallery wall of your dreams.

Best Wall Art Frames

upsimples Picture Frame Set of 6

From pink marble to rustic blue, these frames can offer you the ideal color match to your photos and styles.

Best Tapestry: Bless International Wall-Hanging Tapestry

A blue, purple, and orange tapestry with a radial design.
Bless International

You can add some serious color to your walls with a beautiful and intricate wall tapestry. The radial designs capture your eye and serve as a centerpiece of your home decor. You can purchase a tapestry in a range of colors, from floral gold to peacock blue. The wall tapestry is made from cotton that is lightweight enough to be easily hung. This wall decor can reach up to 88 inches wide and 104 inches long to provide you with the most colorful decor available.

Best Tapestry

Bless International Wall-Hanging Tapestry

This wall tapestry comes in five different sizes to fit your room's dimensions.

Best Shelves: TIMEYARD Macrame Shelf

On the left, a white bedroom with a macrame hanging shelf covered in plants. On the right, a macrame hanging shelf next to a plant and window.

Do you want some functional use out of your next piece of wall decor? This beautifully crafted macrame shelf provides you with added space and design. The white rope is made from natural cotton, while the shelves are crafted from torched pine wood. Each shelf can hold 10 pounds, allowing you to put your favorite pieces on display. You can mount it with one nail to create a triangular look at the top or provide more stability by using two nails.

Best Shelves

TIMEYARD Macrame Shelf

This macrame shelf can display up to 10 pounds of items.

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