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The Best Wall-Mounted Coat Racks

🕚 Updated February 2022

If your closet space is limited, one of these wall-mounted coat racks could be just what you need. Hang your jackets, hats, scarves, and purses in a convenient and dedicated spot while adding some decorative appeal to your wall.

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  Top Choice Best Two-for-One Best Retractable Best with Shelf Best Modern Design
  Amazon Basics
Wall-Mounted Coat Rack
Tri-Hook Coat Rack
Accordion Style Coat Rack
HBCY Creations
Rustic Wall Mounted Coat Rack
Premium Racks
Modern Coat & Hat Racks
Our SummaryA reliable coat rack that will save space and last for years.Stainless steel coat racks that you can install in multiple locations around your home.An accordion-style coat rack that can adjust to the size of your wall.A handcrafted wall-mounted coat rack equipped with a sturdy and spacious shelf.Modern-looking wall racks that will accommodate your storage needs.
ProsMultiple color options, space-saving design, durable metal hooks, looks good in different decor styles.Five tri-hooks, versatile and sturdy, easy installation, space-saving, multiple finishes available.Expandable and multipurpose design, great for storing various clothing items.Offers you optimal storage options, multiple decorative finishes, handcrafted.High-quality and durable, three racks, customizable storage capabilities, branch-like design.
ConsWooden base is on the thin side.Hooks are a little close together.Not as durable as others.Installation isn't the easiest.Takes up more wall space.
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The Best Wall-Mounted Coat Racks

purses and coats hang on a wall-mounted coat rack with hooks.

Buying Guide for Wall-Mounted Coat Racks

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Why buy a wall-mountable coat rack?

Coat racks are super functional. They provide an accessible spot to hang your coats to easily grab on your way out the door. They’re also accommodating for guests since they provide a place to hang their jackets when visiting. Beyond their functionality, coat racks also provide a unique decorative element to your home and can add interest to an otherwise empty wall.

What should you look for in wall-mountable coat racks?

  • Storage Capacity: If you like to entertain or if you have a large family, find a larger coat rack to accommodate more people. If it’s just you, you can find coat racks in smaller sizes, too.
  • Materials: The materials used to construct your coat rack should also factor into your decision. Which material would look nice in your home? If you like rustic designs, look for wooden options. If you appreciate modern decor, spring for stainless steel or black finishes. If you have heavy coats, pick a rack with sturdy hooks.

Are wall-mountable coat racks better than freestanding models?

Both models are unique and beneficial in their own ways. Wall-mountable ones won’t crowd your entryway, trip you on your way inside with groceries, or topple over if they get bumped into like freestanding units have the potential to do. Wall-mounted racks are much better at saving space. However, if you have the space to spare, a freestanding unit can make a fantastic statement in a home and can often provide more storage. It will come down to personal preference and available space.

Our Picks for the Best Wall-Mounted Coat Racks

Top Choice

Amazon Basics Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

A reliable coat rack that will save space and last a long time.

Pros: This farmhouse-style coat rack features multiple color options, which include light walnut, barn wood, and espresso. It also has a space-saving design that presents you with the perfect alternative to freestanding coat racks. With a solid wood base and durable metal hooks, this coat rack is also the ideal long-term option.

Cons: The wooden base is thinner than some would prefer.

Bottom Line: This coat rack is perfect for hanging your hats, jackets, purses, backpacks, and more. It’s reliable, affordable, and offers a classic decorative appeal to your home interior.


Best Two-for-One

Dseap Coat Rack Wall-Mounted

Stainless steel coat racks that you can install in multiple locations around your home.

Pros: These coat racks are made of stainless steel with aluminum alloy hooks for greater durability. The long, protruding arms can hold just about any kind of clothing item, heavy coats and backpacks included, while also preventing your jackets from sliding off. The rack is easy to install, durable, and modern.

Cons: The hooks are somewhat close together, which can make it difficult to retrieve your coat when you go to leave.

Bottom Line: This coat rack can be installed in entryways, bedrooms, kitchens, lobbies, closets, and wherever else you could benefit from it. It’ll securely support the coats and accessories you want to keep off the floor.


Best Retractable

AMAPON Accordion Style Coat Rack

An accordion-style coat rack that can adjust to the size of your wall.

Pros: This accordion-style coat rack is expandable, allowing you to adjust it to fit your wall and accommodate more. It features a clear lacquer coating to give it some shine and prevent snags. It has 13 hanging points for holding various clothing items. Its wooden look gives it a boho feel.

Cons: The wooden frame doesn’t offer the same durability and structural resilience as some of the coat racks that feature metal builds and constructions. You might want to limit what you store on it to lighter items.

Bottom Line: If you want a coat rack that provides you with a little more leeway, try this retractable one. You can hang a lot of lightweight clothing items on it, and the rack comes with instructions that make it easy to install and adjust.


Best with Shelf

HBCY Wall-Mounted Coat Rack Shelf

A handcrafted wall-mounted coat rack equipped with a sturdy and spacious shelf.

Pros: This handcrafted coat rack makes a great upgrade to the decor of your home. The design is intuitive and sophisticated; you have 4.5 inches of space between hooks for maximum functionality. It even features a top shelf to store keys, wallets, purses, hats, and more.

Cons: This coat rack takes more work to hang than others.

Bottom Line: This is the perfect coat rack for organizing your belongings clearing up some of the clutter around your home. It’ll add a lovely focal point to a wall in your home, too.


Most Modern Design

Premium Racks Stylish Coat & Hat Racks

Modern-looking wall racks that will accommodate your storage needs.

Pros: This set of three coat racks features a modern branch-like design and offers you customizable storage options. They help you eliminate clutter and organize your clothing items more efficiently. Also, with incredible durability and sturdiness, you will likely get a lot of use from these racks.

Cons: These coat racks take up more wall space than others.

Bottom Line: These sleek coat racks can accommodate a lot and add a unique decorative appeal to your wall. If you have the space for them, they’ll look fantastic in a modern home.

Final Thoughts

Wall-mounted coat racks are super useful additions to a home. The options listed in this article are all solid choices to help you keep your jackets organized and your walls decorated.

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