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The Best Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Holders

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🕚 Updated November 2022

Paper towels come in handy for wiping up spills in the kitchen, drying your hands after washing them, and countless other situations. Keep them easily accessible with these wall-mounted paper towel holders.

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  Best Basic Black Best Holder with Shelf Classic Design Best Dispenser Best Automated
Stainless Steel Wall-Mount Paper Towel Holder
Aluminum Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Holder
Wall-Mountable Paper Towel Holder
Oasis Creations
Touchless Wall Mount Paper Towel Dispenser
Georgia Pacific
High-Capacity Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser
Our SummaryThis high-quality stainless steel paper towel holder fits under cabinets or on the wall with adhesives or screws.A wall-mounted paper towel holder with a built-in shelf for decorative or useful items.This towel holder prevents waste and can accommodate regular or jumbo-sized rolls.This paper towel dispenser looks professional and supports hygienic practices for shared spaces.A paper towel dispenser that senses your needs and delivers!
Pros✓ Clears clutter from countertops
✓ Stainless steel matte black finish
✓ Installs with adhesives or screws
✓ Fits most rolls
✓ Stylish
✓ Top shelf for decorative items
✓ Rustproof aluminum
✓ Won't scratch or tarnish
✓ 3M adhesive tape and glue or screws
✓ Patented perfect tear technology
✓ Prevents waste
✓ Installs on wall or under cabinet
✓ Fits most rolls
✓ Lessens waste
✓ Space-saving design
✓ Works great in high-traffic rooms
✓ Has a key lock
✓ Comes with hardware
✓ Automated/touchless
✓ Hygienic
✓ Pairs well with other Pacific Blue products
✓ Batteries included
✓ High load capacity
Cons✗ Not the sturdiest✗ Adhesive mounting isn't as good as the screws✗ Vertical mounting doesn't work as well✗ Not mechanized✗ Must use brand's compatible paper towels
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The Best Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Holders

Paper towel on a stand in the kitchen
Demiantseva Olha/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Holders

Hand of woman takes paper towel in bathroom.
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Why buy a wall-mounted paper towel holder?

A wall-mounted paper towel holder secures paper towel rolls in place horizontally, making it much easier to tear section by section. Rather than tug at a paper towel roll in a vertical position on a standing holder at an inconvenient angle, you simply pull in a natural downward motion from a wall-mounted holder. Most wall-mounted paper towel holders are attachable under cabinets or on walls near a sink for convenience and to save precious countertop space. Many models, like those with ratchet or touchless systems, reduce paper waste and promote hygiene.

What should you look for in a wall-mounted paper towel holder?

  • Installation Type: There are two installation types available, at least among the products we researched. Most wall-mounted paper towel holders come with the materials needed to use either adhesive to stick the holder in place or built-in holes for drilling the holder under a cabinet or into a wall. Of the paper towel holders we reviewed, all five recommend that adhesives should be used on smooth surfaces only, like tiles, glass, wood, marble, and metal. If you have painted, cement, or plaster surfaces, install the towel holder with screws.
  • Material: Wall-mounted paper towel holders are made from a wide variety of materials. Metal models are usually made of either aluminum or stainless steel. You want to look for metal that’s treated for protection against rust and oxidation. Wall-mounted paper towel holders designed for high-traffic areas are completely covered and protected with durable plastic hoods.
  • Design: Design makes a huge difference in terms of where you most need quick access to towels. Many wall-mounted paper towel holders can be installed beneath a cabinet, on the wall right beside the kitchen or bathroom sink. Some products feature a mechanism that prevents you from pulling off more than you need so that you don’t waste paper towels and money. The spread of germs is an issue because paper towel rolls hang from the holder, exposed. Only wall-mounted towel holders with plastic hoods like those in public bathrooms enforce hygienic habits. Look for holders with key locks if you’re purchasing a unit for a public restroom, as towel theft is relatively common.

How much should you expect to spend on a wall-mounted paper towel holder?

Given the considerable variety of designs, features, and materials used, you’d think prices would vary significantly, too. However, we’ve found quality products that are all within a reasonable price range: as low as $16 to $35 for an automated towel holder. Of course, you can find towel holders priced above $100 because of more expensive metals or differences in design.

Our Picks for the Best Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Holders

Best Basic Black

GMCOZY Stainless Steel Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder

This high-quality stainless steel paper towel holder fits under cabinets or on the wall with adhesives or screws.

Pros: Clear clutter from countertops in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room with this under-the-cabinet paper towel holder. Made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, this towel holder features a matte black surface that’s rustproof, anti-oxidation, and corrosion-resistant. You can use this super simple yet stylish towel holder for standard, large, and jumbo-sized rolls. This model can be installed to smooth surfaces with the strong adhesive pad. You can also secure the holder with screws, the recommended choice if you’re installing it on a rougher surface.

Cons: You may find that the GMCOZY wall-mounted paper towel holder is not as sturdy as you expected.

Bottom Line: In addition to the many desirable qualities this product offers, the paper towel holder comes with two extra self-adhesive hooks to use in the kitchen, bathroom, or wherever you want to hang something. They match the towel holder in material and the black matte finish.


Best Holder with Shelf

BESy Aluminum Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Holder

A wall-mounted paper towel holder with a built-in shelf for decorative or useful items.

Pros: For a wall-mountable paper towel holder, this product has potential stylistically. The design includes a shelf on which you can place decorative items like a colorful box of tissues, a small succulent, or a candle. It’s made of quality aluminum that’s rustproof and corrosion-resistant. The towel holder rod is positioned beneath the shelf and measures 13.1 inches in length, so a standard 11-inch roll will fit easily. A user guide comes with the wall-mountable towel rack, but you may not need it because the steps are quite simple. Use the 3M adhesive tape and included BESy glue or drill it into the wall. Either way, it’s easy to move and reinstall.

Cons: Some users report that the adhesive is not sufficiently sturdy and that attaching the towel holder with screws is a better option.

Bottom Line: Stick this paper towel holder to smooth surfaces like ceramic tile, wooden walls, or glazed marble, or use the drill to mount it to painted or papered walls. Either way, this is a product made to please.


Classic Design

Kamenstein Perfect Tear Patented Wall-Mountable Paper Towel Holder

This towel holder prevents waste and accommodates regular or jumbo-sized rolls.

Pros: The Kamenstein wall-mounted paper towel holder is easy to use and install. Its ratchet system allows continuous rotation but with some resistance, so even if you need to rip a piece off in a hurry, you won’t end up with a pile of unraveled towels on the floor. Though the roller is standard in length, the piece doesn’t take up a lot of space. Its subtle shape looks good in almost any room. You can mount it under a cabinet or vertically on the wall with the hardware provided. The interior wire roller is somewhat flexible, so you can fit regular, standard, and jumbo-sized rolls.

Cons: Some found that mounting it vertically doesn’t work as well as mounting it horizontally.

Bottom Line: The perfect tear system makes this product worth a look. You won’t have to worry about pulling off too much and wasting a bunch of paper towels.


Best Dispenser

Oasis Creations Touchless Wall Mount Paper Towel Dispenser

This paper towel dispenser looks professional and supports hygienic practices for shared spaces.

Pros: With so many positive aspects to this Oasis Creations wall-mounted paper towel dispenser, it’s difficult to know where to start. First off, you won’t have to touch the machine or a towel that isn’t yours. The touchless mechanism prevents the spread of germs, which is especially important in public restrooms or shared spaces like office kitchens and reduces waste and cost, too. A space-saving and discreet fixture, the dispenser works great in high-traffic small and large rooms. Though unobtrusive, the mounted paper towel holder has a key lock that makes it super tough against those who try to steal a roll. The mountable dispenser holds up to 500 multifold paper towels, which reduces the refill frequency. Finally, installation is easy. The wall-mounted paper towel dispenser comes with the necessary hardware for a quick installation and two dispenser keys.

Cons: This wall-mounted paper towel dispenser is not mechanized, which may be disappointing to some.

Bottom Line: This Oasis Creations product goes above and beyond the necessary characteristics of a decent wall-mounted paper towel holder. It’s hygienic, compact, and secure.


Best Automated

Pacific Blue High-Capacity Automated Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser

A paper towel dispenser that senses your need and delivers!

Pros: Here’s an automated, touchless paper towel dispenser made by a company that manufactures paper towels. This Georgia Pacific towel dispenser is compatible with Pacific Blue Ultra Roll Paper Towels 26490, 26491, 26495, and 26496. It’s also designed to pair well aesthetically with other Pacific Blue products like soap dispensers. Unlike the other products we review here, this dispenser is motion-activated and runs on included batteries. You only need to wave a hand to get a towel hygienically, and with its high capacity, the dispenser will run out less frequently. And when it does run out, a refill is easy. There’s an easy-access front cover that opens 180 degrees, so there’s ample room to load a 1,150-foot towel roll.

Cons: You’ll have to use Pacific Blue’s paper towels, as others aren’t compatible.

Bottom Line: This is one smart and durable towel dispenser. It’s made to work well and defy wear and tear, and it has some impressive features.

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, we need easy access to our paper towels. These space-saving, wall-mountable paper towel holders can make your life easier and cleaner.

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