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The Best Watch Organizers

🕚 Updated February 2022

Leaving your precious watch on your bathroom counter, bedside table, or open closet shelf leaves it vulnerable to water, scratches, accidental drops, and dust. Keep your valuable timepieces protected in these high-quality watch organizers.

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  Top Choice Best with Pull-Out Drawer Best Rustic Design Best Larger Travel Case Best Single Travel Case
Watch Display Box Organizer
12 Slot PU Leather Lockable Watch Storage
Watch Box Case Organizer
Vegan Leather Travel Watch
Travel Watch Case Single Storage Box
Our SummaryA watch organizer case with room for 12 watches and a glass top to show off your collection.Get plenty of storage for your watches with this convenient organizer.A classic watch organizer with room for up to 12 watches.A watch organizer with two sets of watch pillows for plenty of security when you’re on the go.A travel-sized watch organizer that lets you take your favorite watch with you.
Pros✓ Holds 12 watches
✓ Elegant design
✓ Glass top
✓ Soft velvet lining
✓ Space for 12 watches
✓ Durable
✓ Glass window on top
✓ Faux leather
✓ Rustic design
✓ Soft pillow case
✓ Extra room for jewelry
✓ Travel-sized case
✓ Made to last
✓ Stylish design
✓ Compact
✓ Comes with a hard-shell exterior
✓ Soft inner material
Cons✗ Lock isn't sturdy✗ Not the best quality✗ Inner material is rough✗ On the smaller side✗ Won't fit a watch with an extra-large face
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The Best Watch Organizers

A watch organizer holding three different watches inside.

Buying Guide for Watch Organizers

A collection of watches inside a watch box organizer.

Why buy a watch organizer?

A watch organizer will keep your expensive watches protected while showing them off. Many have classy designs that’ll look great on your dresser or in your closet. Plus, you won’t lose your watches if you have a designated spot for them.

What should you consider in a watch organizer?

  • Capacity: How many watches are you looking to store? Some organizers have enough space for 12 or more, while others are made to hold just a few. If you want an organizer case for travel, you might only need a case with one spot. Go with an option that has the right amount of space for your needs.
  • Travel: If you’re going to be taking your watches with you when you travel, you’ll want an organizer that’s small enough to take on the go. Some watch organizers are too large to travel with, so you’ll want to go with a travel-sized option if you want to protect your watches.
  • Design: Watch organizers do more than protect your watches: they can also add some style to wherever you decide to keep them. Certain watch organizers feature a cool modern design, while others come with a classic touch. Find the right design for you and your home.

How much should you expect to spend on a watch organizer?

There isn’t a huge range when it comes to pricing. You can find a quality option for as little as $15, and more extensive options shouldn’t be more than $50. These products can be a smart investment no matter how many watches you have.

Our Picks for the Best Watch Organizers

Top Choice

Sodynee Watch Display Box Organizer

A watch organizer case with room for 12 watches and a glass top to show off your collection.

Pros: The Sodynee Watch Display Box Organizer is a great vintage-style option that holds up to 12 watches. The design is elegant and tasteful while still practical. With all that space and style, you’ll love showing off this box or keeping it in your sight. The glass top lets you easily check out the watches you keep there and grab one whenever you’re heading out. Plus, this case is made from quality black leather.

Cons: The only real complaint about this box is that the lock isn’t very sturdy.

Bottom Line: This is a great option for watch lovers. It’s made to hold up to 12 watches of any size, which is plenty of space for most people. Plus, the pretty case makes your watches look extra snazzy.


Best with Pull-Out Drawer

Ogrmar 12 Slot PU Leather Lockable Watch Storage

Get plenty of storage for your watches with this convenient organizer.

Pros: This is a solid option to keep your favorite watches safe from dust, dirt, and scratches. With the glass top, it’s easy to see them and pick the one you want to wear for the evening. Plus, there’s a soft velvet lining that cushions your collection while protecting them. There are two levels to this display case, giving you enough room for 12 watches. This watch organizer is also made to last for years.

Cons: The faux leather can peel away over time. Overall, it’s not made from the highest-quality materials.

Bottom Line: This option looks great and comes with plenty of space. It even comes with a lock for a little extra security for your watches. It’ll make a great gift for the watch collector in your life.


Best Rustic Design

SRIWATANA Watch Box Case Organizer

A classic watch organizer with room for up to 12 watches plus some jewelry.

Pros: The SRIWATANA Watch Box Case Organizer stands out for its rustic design, which adds a nice contrast to more modern watches. It comes with a swanky watch pillow that protects your timepieces from dirt and damage. Plus, the glass lid makes it easy to choose which one you want to wear. Finally, there’s even room for your bracelets, cufflinks, earrings, and more.

Cons: The inner material can be rough on some watches. If you have a particularly delicate watch, you’ll want to be a little careful when storing it in this option.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a watch organizer with a unique design, try this one with a rustic look. It holds several watches along with other jewelry pieces.


Best Larger Travel Case

CASE ELEGANCE Vegan Leather Travel Watch

A watch organizer with two sets of watch pillows for plenty of security when you're on the go.

Pros: The CASE ELEGANCE Vegan Leather Travel Watch is an excellent choice if you’re looking to take your watches on the go. It comes with two sizes of three watch pillows to accommodate different wrist sizes. This case is also made to last and to be able to withstand bumps while traveling. This box organizer lets you place your watch around an ultra-soft cushion so you can keep it safe wherever you’re going. Plus, it features a classic, yet stylish design.

Cons: Since it was made for traveling, the case is a bit smaller and may not be a great fit if your watch faces are on the larger side.

Bottom Line: Take your watches with you in this convenient carrying case that keeps three of them protected inside a classy vegan leather shell.


Best Single Travel Case

Cheopz Travel Watch Case Single Storage Box

A travel-sized watch organizer that lets you take your favorite timepiece with you.

Pros: The Cheopz Travel Watch Case Single Storage Box is the perfect-sized option for quick and convenient traveling. Pick out your favorite watch and pack it along for your trip to keep it safe while you travel. It features a unique donut-shaped design and a hard-shell exterior so that you can rest assured knowing your watch is safe. While the outer shell may be tough, the inner material is gentle on your watch.

Cons: It’s not designed for extra-large watch faces.

Bottom Line: While it may be a little small, this case is ideal for traveling. Your preferred watch will fit snugly inside so that you can pack it in your luggage easily.

Final Thoughts

Don’t leave your watches lying around! Snag one of these nifty watch organizers to keep them together and protected.

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