The Best Water Guns for Summer Fun

a smiling boy with a foam water blaster shooting a stream of water outside

A fun way for both kids and adults to cool off in warm weather is with water guns. Forget everything you think you know about water blasters and consider the many different style options available. Enjoy some old-fashioned outdoor fun, keep your family off electronic devices, and have a blast spraying each other with water.

What to Look for in Water Blasters

When shopping for your water gun of choice, consider how much water the tanks can hold and how far the water can blast. There are options for both close and further range. Another choice is the material the water guns are made from, be it plastic or even foam. Last but not least, consider the way the water gun needs to be reloaded.

Best Overall: Biulotter Water Guns

a water gun with four streams of water coming from chambers and water splashing around it

A fast shooting water gun, this toy douses targets up to 35 feet away. It is made with safe materials and is light to handle. Whether you are playing in the pool, beach, or yard, this water gun is great for outside play. The supercharged device can contain 1,200 milliliters of water and accept eight times the pressure of the water booster.

Best Drenching Power: NERF Super Soaker Soakzooka, Multicolour

a water gun with a top handle

For a massive blast of water, check out the NERF Super Soaker Soakzooka. It is easy to use, just move the handle to blast the water to swamp anyone in range. The water tank can hold up to 55 fluid ounces.

Best Drenching Power

Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka

A water gun that provides a massive blast.

Best for Pool Parties: Boley 16 Pack Super Water Blaster Soaker Gun.

a pile of 16 long and skinny colorful water guns

These water blasters are great for group activities on hot days. A 16-piece water blaster set comes in multiple colors and is made from solid and sturdy materials. The soakers shoot as far away as 30 feet and are great for large group activities.

Best for Pool Parties

Best Foam: Max Liquidator 6-Pack Water Blaster Set

a pile of six pool-noodle foam water blasters

It looks like an ordinary pool noodle but it is a foam water shooter that provides hours of fun. The six-pack comes in six colorful shades and is lightweight enough to float in water. Easy enough for kids and teens to use, simply pull the handle to load the blaster with water and force the handle forward to blast water up to 30 feet! Take the blaster set wherever you go, as it is super portable.

Best Foam

Max Liquidator 6-Pack Water Blaster Set

Six pool-noodle-like water blasters that send water up to 30 feet away.

Best Pair: HITOP 2 Pack Water Guns for Kids

two matching blue and white water guns with orange accents

Odds are good that if you’re in the market for a water gun, you’ll end buying more than one. They’re not exactly toys that are a lot of fun for one kid alone to play with, after all. These two blasters provide an ideal solution, as they provide both more fun for your child or children while also saving you money. Both measure 12.6 by 6 inches, can hold up to 10 fluid ounces of water at once, and spray up to 27 feet. The ABS material is safety certified and incredibly durable, able to hold up under vigorous and constant play. And since all you have to do is fill it with clean water and pump to shoot, even very young children will have no trouble operating these water guns. They’re available in a pack of three.

Best Long Range: Joyjoz Water Gun for Kids with 1000CC Large Capacity

blue and white water gun with orange accents and black carrying strap in a splash of water

The longer the range a water gun has, the bigger the advantage, and the more fun it’ll provide to kids. This model can shoot water up to 40 feet, 13-15 more feet than the average water gun offers. Your child will be able to spray and shoot at their friends while staying out of the line of fire themselves. This gun measures in at 15.5 by seven inches with a water capacity of 33.8 fluid ounces so your child will also be able to play for longer without needing to stop to fill up. The attached cross-body straps ensure that they won’t accidentally lose or misplace or leave the gun somewhere and forget about it, or safely climb on playgrounds and up trees while still keeping the gun handy. It’s made out of safe, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly materials and the rounded edge won’t hurt your child’s hands. It’s available in three different color options and can be bought in pairs as well.

For fun at home or on the go, water guns are a great way to cool down in the heat. All ages will enjoy the competition and time outdoors.

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