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The Best Watering Cans for Gardening

A woman in her garden watering flowers with a blue watering can.

Watering cans are one of those gardening gadgets that are always good to have on hand. Even if you don’t garden, you can use it to nurture your potted plants until they turn into beautiful blooms. Even kids find a use for this tool by adding water to dirt to make mud, using it as a bucket for sand at the beach, or reimagining it as a kettle to brew some imaginary spell. Honestly, though, a good watering can for outdoor or indoor plants is a must-have. Here are some fantastic water cans we recommend.

Deciding on a Watering Can

When shopping for the perfect water can that is able to tackle your garden, consider these factors:

  • Function: If you have a garden, you may prefer a watering can with a large capacity, or one ergonomically designed for comfort, or a can that has a detachable rosehead for alternate flow types. The list goes on. Think about your gardening and physical needs.
  • Style: There is a variety of funny watering cans on the market. There are also industrial, steel-made, or durable plastic watering cans that keep you watering for years to come. Oftentimes, you can detect the reason behind the design, like animal-shaped watering cans; those are clearly for kids. Well, and fun-loving adults, too.
  • Material: Most watering cans are made of durable plastic, but you may prefer ones made with polystyrene resin for ultra-strength. Aluminum and steel are also sturdy but heat up quickly when left in the sun. Reflect on your preferences, and you are ready to go!

Best Two Spout: Rainmaker Watering Can

A bright blue watering can with a second spout and two handles.

You would think this watering can is just an ordinary watering can. It’s not! This is an especially accomodating 3.2-gallon water garden tool. There are two easy-grip handle positions to choose from to get the right angle as the water pours out. Plus, the can comes with a detachable spray spout, so you can control the water flow. Made of sturdy plastic, this watering can is durable.

Best Two Spout

Rainmaker Watering Can

This 3-gallon watering can has two easy-grip handle options.

Best for Kids: Cornucopia Brands Elephant & Dinosaur Watering Cans

On the left, a grey elephant watering can. On right a green dinosaur.

With this unique set, you can get an adorable elephant and curious dinosaur water can with one purchase. Treat your kid to these fun garden appliances so they can have fun helping in the garden. In fact, this can be fun and useful in lots of places, like classrooms or at home. Wherever there’s a plant, there’s an elephant and dinosaur at the ready.

Best for Kids

Cornucopia Brands Elephant & Dinosaur Watering Cans

These cute elephant and dinosaur watering cans may be intended for kids, but adults who are kids at heart will love them too.

Funniest Watering Can: Esschert Design Flamingo Watering Can

Hot pink flamingo watering can.
Esschert Design

This pink flamingo watering can is exactly what you have always wanted but never dared to buy. Why is that? Because it’s expressive and outlandish! However, there are practical qualities to this fine watering can as well. It’s made of sturdy plastic and requires no assembly.

Funniest Watering Can

Esschert Design Flamingo Watering Can

Be the cool house in the neighborhood with this hilarious pink flamingo!

Best Budget: cado 2Gal Watering Can

Hunter green watering can with tulip design.

The cado watering can has a two-gallon capacity and comes in four colors! It’s made in the USA and constructed of plastic that has gone through a blow-mold process. Blow molding is simply a way to join hollow parts, like glass bottles. The watering can is also pretty too, with its tulip design.

Best Budget

cado 2Gal Watering Can

This sturdy 2-gallon watering can has a pleasant, classic watering can design and is made in the USA.

Best Indoor Watering Can: WhaleLife Indoor Watering Can Long Spout

Green watering can with blue towel on the left.

The WhaleLife indoor watering can takes advantage of what it isn’t: bulky, industrial, or silly. Instead, this watering can has a sleek design; every feature is essential to its function. The polystyrene resin body is strong, transparent, and holds 1.4 liters of water. You will find the long stem is especially helpful when it’s best to have a precise aim, such as watering succulents or other small potted plants.

Best Indoor Watering Can

WhaleLife Indoor Watering Can Long Spout

This innovatively designed watering can is perfect for indoor plants with its long spout that helps you get in close to water precisely and avoid spills.

Best Metal Watering Can: Behrens 2-1/2 Gallon Steel Watering Can

Stainless steel watering can with a side and top handle.

The Behrens 2.5-gallon steel watering can is here to stay. It has a vintage look, but appearance is not its priority. As a steel gardening tool, it defies the wear and tear of time. But just in case you decide to replace it, Behrens made it recyclable, so don’t throw it in the bin!

Best Metal Watering Can

Behrens 2-1/2 Gallon Steel Watering Can

This steel watering can combines utility with a bit of fashion.

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