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The Best Wedding Backdrops

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🕚 Updated June 2023

A wedding backdrop provides a beautiful focal point in decor, a lovely frame to the couple, and a great place for guests to take photos. If you're planning a wedding or another important celebration, we've gathered some beautiful backdrops.

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  Best String Lights Best Sequin Best White Sheer Best Arch with Flowers Best Rustic
  Twinkle Star
300 LED Window Curtain String Light
Sequin Backdrop Opaque Non-Transparent Satin Background Sparkly Curtain
White Tulle Backdrop Curtains
Ling's Moment
Artificial Wedding Arch Flowers Kit
Rustic Wood Vinyl Photography Backdrop
Our SummaryThese string lights make a curtain of majestic beauty.You can sprinkle some extra shimmer and shine into the decor with this backdrop.This backdrop will work with almost any venue and is a great foundational piece.This backdrop set exudes elegance and romance.This backdrop will add a beautiful rustic feel to your photos.
Pros✓ Each set comes with 10 strings
✓ Indoor/outdoor
✓ Eight modes for lights
✓ Thick
✓ Durable
✓ Not see-through
✓ 4-inch rod pocket for hanging
✓ Dressed with accents to match theme
✓ Come in three sizes
✓ Double-layered
✓ Three components for the perfect wedding arch
✓ Realistic flowers and greenery
✓ Easy to assemble
✓ Vinyl
✓ Realistic wooden look
✓ Easy to steam out wrinkles
✓ Six sizes
Cons✗ Not a full 6 feet of lights
✗ Tangle easily
✗ Only certain dimensions available for specific colors✗ Buy two or more for classy folded look✗ Doesn't come with arch or stand
✗ Needs more setup on day of wedding
✗ Should be in front of solid wall
✗ Need your own stand and clips to hang
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The Best Wedding Backdrops

Three different backdrops at weddings
Ling’s moment/SquarePie/leegleri

From the wedding dress to the venue to the guestbook, there are so many things to consider when planning a wedding. Don’t forget to find a lovely backdrop for the reception or ceremony space!

Buying Guide for Wedding Backdrops

A white curtain-like backdrop with flowers surrounding it.

Why should you buy a wedding backdrop?

A backdrop at your wedding reception is a classy way to make a focal point, create a pretty separation, or invite your guests to take pictures together. When used for photos, your guests will love that their fun pictures have a beautiful background instead of the accidental photobombs of someone shoveling appetizers into their mouth or making a ridiculous dance face. Pictures taken in front of your gorgeous backdrop will be more frame-worthy.

What should you consider when purchasing a wedding backdrop?

  • Placement: Before you buy a backdrop, first decide where you want to place it in your reception venue. That will ultimately determine which kind is best for you. If it’s going in front of a solid wall, you don’t need to worry about backlighting. If you want it to be for fun pictures, you will have to consider what is behind it and beside it to make sure photos turn out well.
  • Material: Based on your placement of the backdrop and how you plan to use it, your material will be an important consideration. Sheer or light material may not cover whatever is behind the backdrop. You will also want to choose one that is easy to set up to make the whole day easier.
  • Extra Elements: Your backdrop can be dressed up with extra elements like flowers, signs, or lights. As you play around with your design ideas, test everything out before the day you need to use it so that it comes out the way you want.

How can you make the most of the backdrop?

A wedding backdrop is not an absolute necessity, but it makes for a very nice feature at your wedding reception! To get the most use out of your backdrop, encourage guests to take pictures near it by setting out fun photo props and your wedding hashtag. Take time to take pictures in front of it with your guests! It’ll help you cherish a special night.

Our Picks for the Best Wedding Backdrops

Best String Lights

Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light

These string lights form a curtain of beauty behind you.

Pros: These string lights span 6.6 feet wide, with 10 vertical strings that are 9.8 feet long, making it a sizable backdrop with just one set, but adding more will create a fuller and more vibrant backdrop for your wedding reception. The lights can be used indoors and outdoors, and they are safe to use alongside fabric for that extra-special feel. The control has eight changeable modes, including flashing or twinkling settings as well.

Cons: These lights come with the same problems as others: they tangle easily, and some might not work. While the strings are 6.6 feet wide, there are gaps between the lights, so you may want another set to make it look fuller.

Bottom Line: These string lights create a beautiful curtain backdrop for a wedding reception when used over fabric. Add romantic lighting to your special night!


Best Sequin

SquarePie Sequin Backdrop Opaque Satin Background

You can sprinkle some extra shimmer and shine into the decor with this backdrop.

Pros: If there’s ever a time to add extra glamour to a party, it’s for your wedding reception. This sequin curtain comes in five different colors so you can find one to match your colors to add extra shine for a fun photo backdrop or extra flair for behind a table. This curtain isn’t see-through, so you won’t have to worry about stuff behind it showing up in your guests’ pictures (even with flash). A 4-inch rod pocket is sewn along the top of the curtain for easy hanging.

Cons: Depending on your color choice, you may not get all the size options available. Measure before buying and pay attention to the dimensions when you choose your colors.

Bottom Line: Since the sequins are sewn onto satin instead of mesh, the backdrop is not see-through like many other ones on the market. It’s a very tasteful way to add extra glamour to your wedding reception and photos.


Best White Sheer

Leegleri White Tulle Backdrop Curtains

This backdrop will work with almost any venue and is a great foundational piece.

Pros: These classic white sheer backdrop curtains can be dressed with accents to make them look like they were designed especially for your wedding. They come in three sizes to fit the space you need. They are double-layered, too; the back is polyester, and the top layer is tulle.

Cons: To create a full look, it’s best to buy more than one curtain. These are not fully sheer, even though they have a tulle layer.

Bottom Line: This simple curtain backdrop makes a fantastic base to create your own. Add decorative elements to tastefully tie into your theme to create a gorgeous backdrop at your wedding reception.


Best for an Arch

Ling's moment Artificial Wedding Arch Flowers Kit

This backdrop exudes elegance and romance.

Pros: This backdrop set will make an amazing addition to a wedding. It comes with a few components to place on an arch: two corner pieces, one large drape, and five zip ties to secure them to the arch. The corner pieces with greenery and flowers are realistic but cost much less and will hold up better than delicate fresh flowers.

Cons: It does not come with an arch or stand, so you will have to get one and put everything together to make sure it works for your big day.

Bottom Line: This simple, romantic backdrop set is perfect for placing on an arch at the entrance to your reception, by the head table, or even where you will cut your cake. The elegant simplicity can be customized to fit your particular style or theme.


Best Rustic

SJOLOON Rustic Wood Vinyl Photography Backdrop

This backdrop will add a beautiful rustic feel to your photos.

Pros: If rustic elegance is your style but your venue doesn’t quite deliver on the perfect wooden backdrop for photos, try this one instead. Since it’s made of vinyl, it’s easy to fold and hang up, and it looks like real wood in your pictures. It comes in six sizes, so you can easily find the one that works for your reception venue. Wrinkles will easily come out with a quick steam down the back.

Cons: This doesn’t have a sleeve to slip a rod through, so you will need to have a traditional photography backdrop stand with clips to hang this up. It is thin material, which has benefits, but light might shine through behind it.

Bottom Line: This is a very affordable backdrop to add an extra element of rustic elegance to your wedding reception. With the right equipment and space, this backdrop can help you and your guests enjoy beautiful pictures and memories from the night of your wedding.


Best Greenery

Msocio Durable Polyester Spring Fabric Greenery Leaves Photography Backdrop

Add this backdrop to your reception for natural yet vibrant beauty.

Pros: Lush greenery makes a gorgeous backdrop for a reception. This polyester one is thicker than vinyl, making it harder to wrinkle and more durable. It comes in three sizes, and its vibrant color doesn’t create a glare in pictures.

Cons: You will have to get your own backdrop stand and hook system. It doesn’t have a sleeve or pocket to hang on a rod, so clips are recommended. There is a slight shine to the polyester fabric.

Bottom Line: Inspired by nature, this beautiful backdrop of vibrant greenery provides an extra touch to your wedding. It’s a great prop for guests to take pictures next to or a nice background for special areas of your reception like the head table or dessert table.

Final Thoughts

Adding a backdrop to your wedding reception can provide an extra photo op and focal point. Our recommendations for wedding backdrops are all fantastic options to make your special day more memorable.

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