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The Best Wedding Card Boxes

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🕚 Updated March 2023

Having a designated gift space at your wedding is an important detail to prepare, especially for cards so that they don't get lost amidst the boxes and bags. Wedding card boxes come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Here are some that we recommend.

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  Understated Elegance Great for Night Wedding Great for Day Wedding Best Budget Choice A Casual Style
  Merry Expressions
Gold Card Box
Gold Wedding Card Box
Wedding Card Box
Durable Paper Card Box
Kate Aspen
Rustic Wood Gift Card Box
Our SummaryA beautiful satin card box that holds over 100 cards.An elegant card box featuring wood and acrylic with a heart lock.Great for bigger weddings, this extra-large white wooden card box can hold over 250 cards.Made of paper, this small card box requires assembly.A fine choice for casual weddings, this sturdy card box can hold 90 average-sized cards.
ProsKeepsake box with elegant trim, comes with "cards" label, holds over 100 cards.See-through design, glittery gold box, comes with heart lock and two keys, holds 300+ cards.Beautiful PVC box, sturdy, comes with a lock, holds over 255 cards.Small cardboard box, 12 x 12 inches, easy to assemble, holds 30+ cards.Faux-wood look, lightweight, easy to transport and store, assembly required, holds up to 90 cards.
ConsIf overfilled, sticky edges may come apart.Rubber bands holding box are noticeably visible.Screws may need tightening.Design of box is printed on paper.May collapse if over filled, better for smaller events.
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The Best Wedding Card Boxes

Three different wedding card boxes set out on tables.
OurWarm/Merry Expressions/OurWarm

Buying Guide for Wedding Card Boxes

Wedding decorative box with feather and leaves, chest for gifts and money.

Why buy a wedding card box?

Having a wedding card box is a designated place for your guests to place cards and small gifts, without the fear of gifts becoming getting lost. The box can show off your personality and match your wedding decor. These boxes are best placed in a pretty spot that is out of the way from the party.

What should you consider in a wedding card box?

  • Size: Keep in mind it may be difficult to gauge how many cards you will receive, so opt for a box that is big enough for a handful but not overbearingly oversized.
  • Design: Depending on your decor and personal style, there are various choices for boxes. Consider if you want one that you can see through to see all your sweet notes stacked up or ones that hide the cards.
  • Slot: Consider making sure the slot will fit cards that range from normal size to slightly thicker, as many wedding cards feature fancy 3D designs.

What are the most functional wedding card box options?

It’s totally up to the happy couple how the box should be decorated, and in some cases, a box that can be reused is a fine choice. Pick a decor piece that functions as card storage but is also something you can display in your home together as a reminder of your wedding day. For example, a trinket box. Additionally, you can consider placing your wedding card box next to a wedding guest book, so it’s easy for your guests to remember to drop off their presents and sign your memory book.

Our Picks for the Best Wedding Card Boxes

Understated Elegance

Merry Expressions Gold Card Box

A beautiful satin card box that holds over 100 cards.

Pros: This card keepsake box is made with an elegant gold finish, with gold-foiled trimmed white ribbon and an optional “cards” label. This box is firmly constructed and has adhesive straps securing it to eliminate gaps. It is an ideal box for most events and can carry more than 100 cards.

Cons: This box is better for one-time use because if overfilled, the stickiness of the edges may give out or need to be reinforced.

Bottom Line: This classic, beautiful gift box is built and designed to last way past your special event and store your memories.


Great for Night Wedding

OurWarm Gold Wedding Card Box

An elegant card box featuring wood and acrylic with a heart lock.

Pros: This card box features a glittery gold hollow and transparent design. The light will shine through the acrylic and create a warm and romantic atmosphere during your wedding. The box is large enough to hold over 300 cards or envelopes. This package includes the box, card sign, a lock, two keys, light string, and installation instructions. The box is a great memento for your wedding and can be reused as decor afterward.

Cons: The rubber bands that enforce the box are visible from the outside.

Bottom Line: The gold card box’s heart-shaped gold lock is not only beautiful but also more secure, which can better protect the gifts inside all night.


Great for Day Wedding

OurWarm Wedding Card Box

Great for bigger weddings, this extra-large white wooden card box can hold over 250 cards.

Pros: Perfect for large weddings, this beautiful box will hold over 255 cards. The design is PVC, which is sturdier and harder to break than wooden boxes. The unique hollowed-out design allows guests to see the cards stacking up. It features a lock and key to keep your cards safe until you’re ready to open.

Cons: The screws holding the box together may require some tightening.

Bottom Line: This box is easy to assemble and makes a great decor piece for both your wedding and your home.


Best Budget Choice

Beistle Durable Paper Card Box

Made of paper, this small card box requires assembly.

Pros: This wedding card box is small, measuring 12 by 12 inches, and does require assembly. It’s made out of board stock paper and easily folds into a box. It holds over 30 cards, so it’s best for smaller occasions.

Cons: It is not a 3D box—the design is printed on cardboard.

Bottom Line: This card box is a great budget pick for weddings or any other gift-giving event.


A Casual Style

Kate Aspen Rustic Wood Gift Card Box

A fine choice for casual weddings, this sturdy card box can hold 90 average-sized cards.

Pros: This receiving box makes a bold statement with its faux wood look and faux metal framing. It’s lightweight with a sturdy design which makes it easy to transport and even easier to store. Guests will know exactly where to put their presents as the box is adorned with a white card with “cards” printed in elegant calligraphy. It is easy to pop up and assemble this box with double-stick tape. It can hold up to 90 average-sized cards.

Cons: If overfilled with cards, the box may collapse.

Bottom Line: This box is a great choice to spruce up your wedding or party and store all types of cards.

Final Thoughts

Having a designated box to store wedding cards in during your reception is a surefire way to make sure the cards make it from your venue to your home. It’s especially a good idea if you plan to leave for your honeymoon after your ceremony, so someone can drop off the box at your home with all the cards in one place.

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