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The Best Wedding Veils

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🕚 Updated March 2022

Few things make you look and feel more like a bride than a wedding veil. Whether you're planning to wear one for tradition or because you love the look, there are countless styles. Here are our favorites.

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  Best with Satin Trim Best Mid-Length Choice Best Floor-Length Option Best Handmade Choice Best Short Veil
Back-Length Short Bridal Veil With Satin Trim
Fingertip Length 2-Tier Tulle and Lace Bridal Veil
Modern Cathedral-Length Tulle Veil
Long Ivory Veil With Lace Trim
Short Bridal Veil With Rhinestone Details
Our SummaryA mid-length, modern, and light tulle bridal veil.Classic length and lace make this a timeless bridal veil.A simple, modern take on the classic cathedral-length veil.Beautiful full-length lace veil---ideal for any bride from Madonnas to Primadonnas.This blinged-out veil is perfect for modern, nontraditional brides, or the bachelorette or bridal shower.
ProsClassic look that works with any dress style, easy clip attachment, durable material.Heavy fabric and lace, finger-tip length, great for classic brides.Glamorous and formal, customizable, goes with many dress styles, voluminous.Very traditional and elegant, has blusher capability, secure comb and clip included.Lightweight, affordable, great for parties.
ConsCannot be ironed, very lightweight.Heavy veil, not great for thin hair or down-dos.May need to be hemmed, needs to be aired out for maximum volume.Very pale ivory rather than creamier off-white.May read as a novelty veil, not suited to very formal weddings.
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The Best Wedding Veils

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Buying Guide for Wedding Veils

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Why buy a wedding veil?


Once symbolizing purity and modesty, now veils, for the most part, are just a fun extra wedding accessory. You can have a beautiful wedding outfit without one, but remember that this is your day to go all out and feel your most beautiful. Veils can take your look from beautiful formal wear to full bridal. They can often bring a touch of elegance even to the most nontraditional, contemporary ceremonies. Whether you love floral embroidery, bling, lace, or lots and lots of tulle, you can find the best veil for your big day.

What should you consider when buying a wedding veil?

  • The Dress: Ultimately, you’ll want to ensure the veil goes well with your dress. If you’re rocking a modern tea-length dress, a cathedral-length veil won’t make sense. Likewise, if your dress is classic French lace, leave the rhinestone veil to the bachelorette party.
  • Attachment: Be it a clip, a pin, or a headband, make sure it is comfortable to wear and will work with your wedding day hairstyle.
  • Length: The length you choose will come down to personal preference. A short veil will show off more of your dress, while a long veil can make a stunning statement as you walk.
  • Material: Veils are generally made from a mesh-like fabric since they are see-through and delicate. Just be sure that it doesn’t irritate your skin and lays the way you want it to.
  • Extras: Some wedding veils will have additional design elements, such as embroidered flowers or tiny pearls attached. If you love details or bling, find a veil to show that off.

How should you properly care for a wedding veil? 

Veils are typically delicate and fragile, made with dainty fabric and lace. To keep your veil looking beautiful on the big day, it’s essential to have it steamed and hung. Never wash or dry it as beads may fall and fabric may tear. Have your hairstylist or a steady-handed loved one put it on you, and anytime you’re not wearing it, have it hung on a hanger away from any sharp hooks or makeup-covered hands.

Our Picks for the Best Wedding Veils

Best with Satin Trim

Nanchor Back-Length Short Bridal Veil With Satin Trim

A mid-length, modern, and light tulle bridal veil.

Pros: This wedding veil is available in multiple colors and features satin edges for a subtle highlight that matches just about any wedding dress. There is a small comb for easy pinning, and the classic style is ideal for your big day while also being great for bridal parties, showers, and even a first communion. Available in multiple colors, styles, and cuts, this gorgeous veil is 188 inches long and 63 inches wide for a simple yet stunning addition to your dress. It’s made of soft tulle with a raw cut and is hand-sewn onto the metal comb for a durable and flawless appearance.

Cons: With such a low cost, you will not get the highest quality of materials. You cannot iron this material, or it will burn easily, so if you plan to wear it on your big day, be sure to have a steamer.

Bottom Line: This incredibly low-cost veil is simple and elegant, great for the bride who needs a little something to go with their gown or a fun accessory for the bachelorette party.


Best Mid-Length Choice

EllieHouse Fingertip Length 2-Tier Tulle and Lace Bridal Veil

Classic length and lace make this a timeless bridal veil.

Pros: This two-tiered veil offers a wide range of options to help you find the one just right for you. It can even be custom-made to fit your preference. The fingertip length allows for easy and comfortable wear throughout your big day, from the ceremony to the cocktail hour to the reception. It is great for indoor or outdoor weddings and is made of soft Swiss tulle that is flowy but will not easily wrinkle. The metal comb is carefully sewn onto the veil, and the first tier can easily lift over to cover your face.

Cons: This veil is heavy due to the lace overlay and the two tiers. It attaches with a comb, so you will need thick hair or a solid updo to ensure the veil stays in place.

Bottom Line: This fingertip-length veil has the elegance of a classic lace veil but has a modern twist thanks to its length and tiers—an excellent buy for brides looking for a mix of traditional and contemporary styles.


Best Floor-Length Option

Unsutuo Wedding Veil

A simple, modern take on the classic cathedral-length veil.

Pros: This veil is classic and very formal but uses layers of tulle to add some drama rather than rhinestones or lace. We love this look with modern A-line gowns or sheath dresses. You can also easily embellish it with floral and jeweled combs, and it works beautifully in up or down-dos.

Cons: This gorgeous veil does run extremely long, so you may need to customize the hem. It’s also packed and shipped very tightly, so you need to unroll it and give it a few weeks to fully decompress for maximum volume.

Bottom Line: Don’t break the bank trying to find the perfect on-trend bridal veil; this is a great choice for modern and boho brides who want a dramatic accessory without the traditional look.


Best Handmade Choice

Aukmla Long Ivory Veil With Lace Trim

Beautiful full-length lace veil---ideal for any bride from Madonnas to primadonnas.

Pros: The most traditional veil on our list, this cathedral-length veil is stunning and fit for the royals. It can also be worn all in the back or cover your face as a blusher, depending on the attachment point. It will drape beautifully behind you as you walk the aisle and is picture-perfect for wind-blown wedding portraits. The comb and attached clip hold tight and secure to have a worry-free ceremony.

Cons: This veil is ivory but definitely on the lighter side.

Bottom Line: Other than a lack of color differentiation between ivory and white, this veil cannot be beaten for its length, traditional lace edging, and price. It will certainly take any wedding dress to the next level to make you feel like a true bride.


Best Short Veil

Nanchor Short Bridal Veil With Rhinestone Details

This blinged-out veil is perfect for modern, nontraditional brides, or the bachelorette or bridal shower.

Pros: This no-fuss veil is perfect for the bride who wants a playful look on their big day. The rhinestone beading will bring up any simple satin dress or bring the party to your full-glam wedding. It’s lightweight, so you won’t need to weigh your head down with bobby pins or hairspray. It’s also great for the countless events before your wedding, such as the bachelorette, bridal shower, and more.

Cons: This may be better suited to elopements or getting a veil for all of the bride’s squad at the bachelorette.

Bottom Line: While this isn’t as formal or as high in quality as many veils, it’s great for the casual, nontraditional bride who wants a playful accessory.

Final Thoughts

No matter what you wear, you’ll be the star of the show at your wedding. Veils are an elegant addition to any gown, from ballgown to sheath, and can often help you feel like a true bride on your special day.

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