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The Best Weight Plate Sets

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🕚 Updated October 2022

If you're building a home gym and like lifting weights, a weight plate set should make your equipment wish list. We've gathered some high-quality weight plate sets that are worthy of that list.

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  Best Olympic Set Best Cast Iron Set Best Bumper Plate Set Best Fractional Weight Set Best Value
Black Diamond Plates
Iron Plates for Weight Lifting
Olympic Bumper Plates
The Friendly Swede
Fractional Micro Weight Plates
Everyday Essentials Color-Coded Olympic Bumper Plate Weights
Our SummaryChoose from 12 different weight plate sets to get what’s best for your fitness.These sets are made from solid cast iron and built to last.These plates were made to withstand high repetitions and heavy use.These weights are made for gradual weight increases.Brighten your home gym while you workout with this color-coded weight set.
Pros✓ Solid cast iron encased in durable rubber
✓ Unique diamond shape doesn't roll
✓ Cutouts can be used as convenient handles
✓ 12 different weight sets
✓ Solid cast iron
✓ Raised numbers won't be worn off
✓ Two different weight sets
✓ Made of durable high-density rubber
✓ High bounce to endure dropping and absorb the shock
✓ Stainless steel inserts
✓ Allows for small increases to help lifters find PR and better their technique
✓ Color-coded
✓ Made of durable high-density rubber
✓ High bounce to endure dropping and absorb the shock
✓ Stainless steel inserts
Cons✗ Some users don't like the no-roll shape✗ Should not be dropped✗ 10-pound plates used alone need to be on a lighter Olympic bar✗ Color on plate may chip over time✗ 10-pound plates used alone need to be on an Olympic bar lighter than 45 pounds
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The Best Weight Plate Sets

A stack of black weight plates,
Srdjan Randjelovic/Shutterstock.com

Nearly all quality weight plates will be an investment, but that’s OK; they’re made to last! One way to cut down on expenses is to buy weight plate sets instead of one pair of weights at a time. Bundling will save money on the items themselves and shipping rates, too.

Buying Guide for Weight Plate Sets

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Why should you buy weight plate sets?

When using weight plates, you’ll almost always need more than just one pair of weights. Buying only one pair of weight plates significantly limits exercises you can safely do and how much progress you’ll be able to make in your workouts. Understanding why you need more than one pair at a time will then make it easy to see why you should buy weight plate sets. They’ll allow for more workout variety, greater progress in achieving your strength training goals, and more money saved.

What should you consider when purchasing weight plate sets?

  • Material: Some weights are made just from solid cast iron. Solid cast iron plates are the “old-school” or “vintage” look for weights, but they are straightforward and will last a while with proper care. Other cast iron plates are covered in rubber, adding an extra level of durability. Plus, these rubber-coated plates protect your flooring from damage. Other weights, bumper plates, are made of high-density rubber and are intended to be “bounced” off the floor, especially for workouts with high repetitions. They can also be dropped, which is most notably used for Olympic lifting. The high-density rubber absorbs shock from the bar and the floor, protecting both from the heavy loads.
  • Workouts: Your workouts will help you determine which type of weight plate set makes sense for you. If you’re doing workouts that utilize Olympic lifts or are high intensity with weights, bumper plates would most likely be your best option. If you’re dealing with mostly standard lifts, you have a wider selection of weights that will work for your home gym.

How should you clean your weights when they arrive?

Most weights will come with an oily coating on them (if they don’t, that’s OK, too). The oil is on them to help preserve them in storage before shipping to the customer. Before doing a workout with your weights, wipe them down with a dry rag to get rid of some of that excess oil. This will not only keep your home gym area cleaner, but it will also help you safely handle them.

Our Picks for the Best Weight Plate Sets

Best Olympic Set

XMark Black Diamond Plates

Choose from 12 different weight plate sets to get what's best for your fitness.

Pros: These weights are made from solid cast iron then encased in premium, all-natural virgin rubber to make durable weights that maintain a solid, bold color. They have stainless steel 2-inch inserts to easily slide the weights on and off. The unique diamond plate shape doesn’t roll, which some lifters appreciate. The cut-outs in the plate serve as handles that make it easy to carry and accommodate other exercises as well. They have 12 different weight sets, ranging from a total of 65 pounds to 375 pounds.

Cons: Like all rubber products, there will be a distinct smell, which is more prominent in the beginning but will dissipate over time. While some users like that the unique shape prevents it from rolling on the floor, others don’t like the plate shape.

Bottom Line: These durable weight plates are a solid addition to a home gym and worth the investment. They offer a unique design and a variety of weight sizes to fit most people’s needs.


Best Cast Iron Set

REP FITNESS Iron Plates for Weight Lifting Barbell Standard

These solid cast iron weight plates are built to last.

Pros: These solid cast iron plates have raised numbers and letters as their labels that won’t wear down over time. The labels list the weights in both pounds and kilograms. The two options for sets come in 175 pounds or 275 pounds, so you can choose the right amount you need for your home gym. These high-quality cast iron plates are made to fit 2-inch Olympic sleeves.

Cons: If they’re dropped often or handled roughly, the paint will chip off.

Bottom Line: These solid cast iron plates are durable and will last for years, making them worth the investment.


Best Bumper Plate Set

papababe Olympic Bumper Plates with Colored Fleck

These plates were made to withstand high repetitions and heavy use.

Pros: Bumper plates have gained popularity in the past decade. This quality set is made to endure workouts with both high repetitions and heavy loads. From standard lifts like deadlifts and squats to Olympic lifts like the clean or snatch, these bumper plates can help you get the most out of your workouts. They have a high bounce, so they absorb the shock from the floor to protect it and keep the bar stable. This allows you to rep out your barbell movements while focusing on your muscles instead of how gently your weight meets the floor. They are made with nontoxic and eco-friendly rubber and have a stainless steel 2-inch insert. The labels are color-coded for quick reference. These bumper plates are available in sets ranging from 100 to 260 pounds.

Cons: The 10-pound weights should be used with an Olympic bar that weighs less than 45 pounds to keep them from bending. Like most equipment, it will come with a coat of oil, so you must be careful when first handling them.

Bottom Line: This is a sweet option if your workout requires bumper plate weights. It’s made to stand up to at least 60,000 bounces, and the color-coded numbers and flecks add an extra flair to your home gym.


Best Fractional Weight Set

The Friendly Swede Fractional Micro Weight Plates

These weights are made for gradual weight increases.

Pros: This set of weight plates is intended for small weight increases and are most commonly used when achieving max lifts or technical Olympic lifts, where the smallest increase in weight can make a big difference. The weights range from 1/4 pound to 1 pound. They are color-coded and have a 2-inch hole in the middle to perfectly fit an Olympic barbell. For those serious about lifting and following strength programs with calculations, these weight plates will help you achieve PRs because you can get the most accurate weight on the bar.

Cons: Even though there’s not a lot of weight, they cost a fair amount of money. The color on the plates may chip over time.

Bottom Line: These weight plates are an essential purchase for those who follow a more complex weight training program or those who are serious about Olympic lifting. They can be beneficial for budding weight lifters as well to make small and safe jumps in their weights.


Also Great

BalanceFrom Everyday Essentials Color Coded Olympic Bumper Plate Weight

Brighten your home gym while you workout with this color-coded weight set.

Pros: Durable, high-density rubber with 2-inch stainless steel inserts enable these bumper plates to be dropped repeatedly and still perform with longevity. The plates are color-coded by weight, making it easy to grab which one you need quickly. Plus, they add a fun element to your home gym. These weight sets are available in 160, 210, 260, and 370 pounds.

Cons: As with all bumper plates, the 10-pound weights in this set shouldn’t be the only weights on a 45-pound barbell when dropped. It would be better to either use higher weights or a lighter barbell so that your weights last as long as they’re intended to.

Bottom Line: These are not only nice-looking weights, but they’re durable and can withstand a lot of intense workouts. They’re also very affordable, making them an even more attractive purchase for your home gym.

Final Thoughts

If you’re building a home gym and enjoy weight training, weight plate sets will be an important purchase to consider. Buying your weights in sets will be more cost-efficient, and a quality set like one of these makes it worth the investment.

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