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The Best Weighted Hula Hoops for Your Workout

A young female dressed in black work out clothing holds a colorful hula hoop against a gradient orange to peach background.

Remember hula hooping at recess in elementary school? Either you had the innate talent, or you didn’t. Well, there’s hope. Weighted hula hoops are surprisingly easy to get spinning for long periods of time. However, they are meant to challenge you physically and even aid in weight loss. So work up a sweat and don’t forget to have fun!

Purchasing a Weighted Hula Hoop

When shopping for a hula hoop, consider these key factors:

  • Goal: If you get specific with your hula hoop goal, you will have a much easier time finding the right one for you. There are so many variations! If you want to burn calories and weight, look for hoops that come with heavy weights or are adjustable. If you just want a super-fast spin for dancing, keep your eye out. They are available, too!
  • Preferences: Even if you are new to hula hooping, you can quickly weed out hoops that don’t cater to your lifestyle. Consider hoops that are detachable if you want to travel or hoops with an adjustable weight that you can customize as you become more skillful. You can also get hoops that come in different colors to match your style.
  • Investment: How serious are you about hula hooping? If you just want to experiment, then consider a simple, less expensive weighted hoop. Then again, maybe you have decided you are all in for hooping as a means to lose weight and plan never to look back. If that is the case, investing in a sturdy, adjustable hula hoop is the way to go.

Best for Weight Loss: Dynamis Fat Burning Weighted Hoola Hoop

A woman raises her arms while hula hooping with an orange, green, and grey hula hoop.

Burn calories and strengthen your core with this 3.6-pound and 2.5-inch thick hula hoop. It’s designed with extra padding to ensure comfort as you whirl the weighted hoop around your torso. The hoop arrives in eight sections, so don’t panic when you open the box. It’s easy to put together and take apart for travel.

Best for Kids: Flames N Games Kids Hoops Weighted Children’s Hoops!

Girl hula hooping outside with many hoops at once.

Put this hula hoop around your waist and have a party with your hips. The Flames N Games hoop was made for fun. It’s weighted but just enough for a fast spin. Its simple design is suitable for all levels, from beginners to dance competitors. With eight color options to choose from, kids will get to enjoy the colorful glitter with every spin!

Best Adjustable Weight: Roston Industries LLC Weighted Hula Hoops

Woman spinning a hula hoop with products blue packaging shown below.

What’s in the box? You get a hula hoop, of course, but you also get a jump rope, waist measuring tape, and foam plugs. This stainless steel 37-inch hula hoop comes in six sections and is easy to put together and take apart. The hoop’s innovative design allows you to adjust the weight by filling the hollow sections with various materials like sand, metal beads, millet, and more.

Best Portable: Better Sense Hoola Hoop for Adults

A woman holding a pink and grey hula hoop around her body.

This weighted hula hoop by Better Sense is great for those that like to work up a sweat on the go. You get a great workout and have fun because hooping brings out that youthful, playful side of your personality. You may just want to try it on the sands of a Hawaiian island. The hoop comes in eight different sections and can be adjusted into three different sizes by changing the number of sections you connect. The hula hoop is fun, practical, and transportable.

Best Portable

Best Smart Hoop: Dumoyi Smart Weighted Hoola Fitness Hoops

Woman holding a baby blue hoop and its attached swinging weight.

Dumoyi didn’t just make this hula hoop to provide its customers effective exercise. They made it a massage experience! The 24 detachable knots make their way around your waist as you spin, relieving pain. You can remove and add knots to adjust the size of the hoop to fit your body. Remember to use the attached pump to inflate it!

Best Massage

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