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The Best Weighted Jump Ropes

🕚 Updated December 2022

Jump ropes have evolved from recess toys into full-on fitness equipment. Many are weighted now to provide full-body benefits. If you want to get a good warmup or cardio burn, check out these fantastic weighted jump ropes.

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  Top Choice Heavy-Duty Option Best Premium Pick Best Cordless Best With Calorie Counter
  WOD Nation
Weighted Jump Rope for Women & Men
Heavy-Duty Durable Weighted Jump Rope
Get Lean - Weighted Jump Rope Set
Weighted Cordless Jump Rope
Weighted Jump Rope for Fitness with Counter
Our SummaryRemovable weights add even more versatility to your workouts.Intensify your training with this hefty weighted jump rope.Set yourself up for success with this high-quality weighted jump rope set.You can use this weighted jump rope just about anywhere.Switch between a cord and cordless rope depending if you plan on an indoor and outdoor workout.
Pros✓ Removable weight bars for handles
✓ Comes with thin speed rope or thick plastic rope
✓ Comes in three weight options
✓ Heavy-duty polyester,
✓ Nylon protective sheath
✓ Rubber handles
✓ Comfortable handles
✓ Quick change rope mechanism
✓ Ball bearings
✓ 1/4-pound and 1/2-pound ropes
✓ App for workouts and motivation
✓ Foam handles
✓ Adjustable rope length
✓ Cordless
✓ Perfect for small spaces
✓ Lightweight silicone balls
✓ Weight bars for handles
✓ Removable weight in handles
✓ Includes rope and cordless options with balls for natural movement
✓ Display on handle tracks calories and time
✓ Carrying bag and extra battery included
Cons✗ Need wire cutters to adjust length of ropes✗ Thick rope takes getting used to
✗ Not intended for beginners
✗ High price✗ Under 1 pound
✗ Hard to get used to
✗ Lightweight rope can get tangled
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The Best Weighted Jump Ropes

A woman jumps rope in a gym or studio.

Buying Guide for Weighted Jump Ropes

A woman holds a weighted jump rope.
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Why should you buy a weighted jump rope?

Weighted jump ropes are portable pieces of exercise equipment that can be used nearly anywhere. You can take yours to a gym, a park, your garage, etc. They’re easy to store and small enough to carry in your purse, backpack, or gym bag. If you’re looking to keep up with your fitness goals, a weighted jump rope is a great tool to burn more calories and get your heart beating.

What should you consider when purchasing a weighted jump rope?

  • Weight: While you may be used to the idea of 2 pounds being light, get ready to change your mind. In the jump rope world, 1 and 2 pounds are actually quite noticeable in your workout. Beginners should consider a lighter jump rope, while more experienced athletes can look to a heavier rope (over 3 pounds) for a more intense workout.
  • Reinforcement: There are some weighted jump ropes that need to be replaced rather quickly, and usually, it’s because the center of the rope, the point of friction, frays. If you plan to do your jumping outdoors on a rougher surface, this will happen even faster. An option with extra protection at the center of the rope or using a gym mat will help make your weighted jump rope last longer.
  • Portability: One of the best things about regular jump ropes is their portability. Whether you’re traveling for work or going on vacation, bringing a jump rope along is easy to do and allows you to keep up with your fitness program. There are several weighted jump ropes that can allow you the same freedom and convenience of portability. However, there are some options that are meant to stay in the gym because of their bulk.

What are the benefits of using a weighted jump rope?

For starters, weighted ropes burn approximately double the calories of standard jump ropes. While a light jump rope does activate a few muscles, a weighted jump rope activates more muscles with greater intensity and speed. Another benefit to adding a weighted jump rope to your fitness routine is the versatility it adds to your workouts. You can use the jump rope as a way to warm up or as its own station in a HIIT workout.

Our Picks for the Best Weighted Jump Ropes

Top Choice

WOD Nation Weighted Jump Rope for Women & Men - 1 Pound

Removable weights add even more versatility to your workouts.

Pros: This 1-pound weighted jump rope has two half-pound removable weights in the handles and comes with a thin speed rope or a thick cable, so you have several ways to diversify your training. Beginners and seasoned athletes alike can reap the benefits of this jump rope.

Cons: This rope can be cut to the best length for you, but to do that properly, you need wire cutters. Since the weight is only in the handles, it doesn’t provide as much resistance throughout the entire movement as other weighted jump ropes.

Bottom Line: This versatile weighted jump rope is good for training and customization and can help a beginner establish good form.


Heavy-Duty Option

Dreetino Heavy-Duty Durable Weighted Jump Rope

Step up your training with this hefty weighted jump rope.

Pros: This weighted rope comes in three weight options, and 2 pounds is the smallest size, which means this jump rope is not for the faint of heart. It’s made with heavy-duty polyester and has rubber handles for a nonslip, comfortable grip. It has a nylon sheath over the center of the rope to protect it from fraying at the point of friction.

Cons: This weighted jump rope is not for beginners to use regularly. Since it’s a thick rope, it will require some getting used to, and some people recommend using wrist wraps or supportive accessories to feel comfortable.

Bottom Line: To work out your whole body without spending a ton of extra time in the gym, this weighted jump rope could be what you need. Only 10 minutes with this heavy-duty jump rope will shock your muscles and increase your heart rate, giving you an excellent addition to your workout to see better results. The high-quality material of the rope will allow you to use it regularly.


Best Premium Pick

Crossrope Get Lean - Weighted Jump Rope Set

Set yourself up for success with this high-quality weighted jump rope set.

Pros: This premium weighted jump rope set is very user-friendly. Its entire approach is set up to make you successful in your journey to health and fitness via jumping rope. The set comes with fast clip handles, making it easy to change your weighted jump rope. The bearings make for a smooth turn of the rope, the handles fit comfortably in your palms, and the ropes won’t coil or tangle. The set allows users to switch between a quarter- and half-pound rope to change up their workout. This convenient set also features the Crossrope App, which provides extra motivation and workout programs to help diversify your workouts and stick to your healthy habits. The company also lists recommendations on which size of rope to buy based on your height.

Cons: This set is rather expensive. Those who purchase this product should be ready to stay committed to this workout for quite some time to reap the benefits of their investment.

Bottom Line: This weighted jump rope set is thoughtfully designed to give users what they need to succeed in their fitness goals. The price tag is high, but the quality and thoughtfulness of the set draw both beginners and experienced athletes to it.


Best Cordless

Redify Weighted Cordless Jump Rope

You can use this weighted jump rope just about anywhere.

Pros: If you need your jump rope to be even more compact, this cordless weighted jump rope is a fantastic option. You can use it in a low-ceiling basement, under a fan, or on a tight balcony and still get a great workout. Instead of a full jump rope, this cordless option has weight bars to add to your handles and a rope length that is adjustable just a few inches beyond your fingertips. The bearings make for a smooth spin, while the lightweight silicone ball at the end of each small rope rotates at a nice rhythm. The foam handles are comfortable to hold, and it’s a nice and quiet option for those working out indoors or in confined spaces. The total weight of the jump rope is less than a pound, making it a great option for beginners.

Cons: Some people will want the weight to be heavier for added resistance. There is a slight amount of friction from your hands on the handles, so be sure they’re screwed on tightly to keep the weight bars inside your handles during your workout. If you’ve never worked out with a cordless rope before, it will take some getting used to.

Bottom Line: This is a great lightweight jump rope for people who need a good workout in a confined space. A rope rotating overhead takes up a surprising amount of space, and this option eliminates that issue. It’s an effective, lightweight option for beginners as well. Those looking to add extra intensity may want to skip over this option since it’s less than a pound.


Best with Calorie Counter

Te-Rich Weighted Jump Rope for Fitness with Counter

Switch between a corded and cordless rope for an indoor and outdoor workout.

Pros: This weighted jump rope has several features to make it easy to customize your workouts. The handles include removable weights as well as a display screen for counting calories (first input your weight). The rope is easily adjustable, and thanks to the durable PVC rope, several adjustments won’t damage the rope. You can also use the weighted handles with a rope for outdoor workouts or utilize the cordless option for indoor workouts. This jump rope is available in six different colors. The set comes with a bag for carrying and also an extra battery for the display.

Cons: The light rope can sometimes get tangled more easily than ropes made of wire or with even just a little weight.

Bottom Line: This jump rope has a lot of features for customizing your workouts. Easily change the rope’s length, and remove the weights or ropes to fit fitness into your life. The counter on the handle provides metrics like other jump ropes can’t. The rope part itself is lightweight and easier to get tangled.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of jumping rope are only intensified when weight is added. Since weighted jump ropes come in a variety of weights, almost anyone can find what suits their needs and goals.

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