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The Best Wetsuits for Men

front and back view of a man in a black wetsuit

A wetsuit is designed for a single goal: keeping your body warm in the coldest conditions. Whether you’ve gone to the lake for a bit of canoeing, to the beach to catch some waves, or the deep sea for a good time below the ocean’s surface, you’re going to want a wetsuit with you to counteract the temperatures of the water that day. There are plenty of options to choose from, depending on the kind of activity you’re looking to satisfy. For those who consider the ocean their second home, here are a few wetsuit options that we recommend.

What to Expect Out of Your Wetsuit

Consider these factors when buying your next wetsuit:

  • Thickness: A great wetsuit should satisfy a wide range of abilities when you’re out on or in the water. Suits designed from heavier, thicker fabrics may limit your movement at times, but they can also protect your skin from harmful UV rays and keep you warm even on the coldest days in the water. Moreover, good thickness provides a user with more buoyancy and protection from abrasions.
  • Fabrics: Another key factor to consider is the material from which your wetsuit is designed. Traditionally, wetsuits consist of two materials: neoprene and nylon. The elasticity in nylon promotes comfort and breathability, but it’s the neoprene that really handles the heavy lifting, as this is the component that keeps your body warm. Similar to the way you should look at its thickness, consider fabrics that feature high amounts of neoprene.
  • Durability: Wetsuits will always fit snug to the body, increasing the potential for rips on a material that is already stretched to a degree. Similar to thickness, users should look to wetsuits that have been reinforced to protect those easy-to-rip areas. Think padded knees, padded elbows, and extra insulation at other pressure point areas.

Best Overall: Seaskin Full Body Diving Suit

front and back view of a man wearing a very dark blue wetsuit with white lines

Designed specifically for water sports and aqua aerobics, this full-body wetsuit from Seaskin has a snug yet comfortable fit that offers notable protection from irritants and potential jellyfish stings. This wetsuit features three layers of diving fabric. The outer layer is made of imported nylon, and the middle layer is made of neoprene to offer ample heat insulation and high scalability. It’s simple to get in and out of, thanks to its easily accessible YKK front zipper, and its flat-lock stitched seams provide excellent durability to lock in heat while submerged.

Note: To maintain its integrity, users should hand wash this wetsuit in cold water and allow it to air dry.

Best Overall

Best Shorty Suit: DEHAI Wetsuit

side-by-side view of a man wearing a black shorty wetsuit with blue accents

Constructed from 85% neoprene and 15% nylon, this wetsuit offers the perks of what you would expect out of a full-body suit in a slightly shorter design. This DEHAI 3-mm “Shorty” Wetsuit provides its user with a chest area that’s classified as CR Wind-resistant Smoothskin, meaning you’re getting extra insulation and protection from temperatures as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This material, paired with the ultra-stretch neoprene and shorter design, keeps a user warm and comfortable while submerged, elevating performance for a better physical activity.

Best Shorty Suit

DEHAI Wetsuit Men Women Neoprene Diving Wet Suits, 2mm & 3mm Shorty/Long Sleeve Youth/Adult Full Body Thermal Swimsuit in Cold Water Keep Warm for Swimming Scuba Surfing

Here's an ultra-comfortable option that's great at keeping out the cold despite losing a few inches of length in its design.

Best for Deep Sea Diving: Lemorecn Men’s Wetsuit

man wearing a black wetsuit with blue accents on the sleeves

This Lemorecn Men’s Wetsuit comes at an upscaled price, but the cost is worth the investment when you experience its comforting embrace. This is a multisport wetsuit, so it was designed to be worn during an assortment of physical activities, from surfing and paddleboarding to kayaking and more. This wetsuit is highly durable, featuring reinforcements at stress points, padded knees, and flatlock seams for a smooth yet strong interior and exterior. What makes this such a great choice for deeper, colder waters is its thickness. This 5/4-mm wetsuit is 2 to 3 millimeters thicker than standard diving suits and capable of withstanding waters as cold as 43 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can count on this one keeping you warmer for longer periods of submersion.

Best for Deep Sea Diving

Lemorecn Mens Wetsuits Jumpsuit Neoprene 3/2mm and 5/4mm Full Body Diving Suit for Men and Women(3051blackblueS)

This wetsuit features durable padding throughout and is capable of withstanding 40-degree waters.

Also Great: Hevto Wetsuit

front and back view of a black and red wetsuit

Another highly insulated option available in a variety of sizes, this Guardian I Warrior wetsuit from Hevto promotes easy mobility and floatation. Like other dependable wetsuits, it features 3-mm neoprene and nylon elastic fabric. These soft materials are easy on the skin, making for a comfortable and healthy fit. Similarly, this wetsuit’s flatlock stitching is delicate and neat, avoiding skin irritation while providing a reinforced means of locking in heat.

Also Great

Hevto Wetsuits Men 3mm Neoprene Adult Long Sleeve Fullsuit Scuba Diving Wet Suit Surfing Swimming for Underwater Sports (M03-Red, L)

This wetsuit offers everything you could expect, from warm insulation to easy and protected mobility.

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