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The Best Wheel Chocks You Need to Keep Your Vehicle in Place

A side view of a tire being held on both sides by a black chock.
AFA Tooling Approved for Automotive

When you roll into the campgrounds of your weekend getaway and find that your tent space is mere feet away from a riverbank, you are going to want a sturdy means of security to keep your vehicle from taking a dip.

Wheel chock blocks are designed to keep your tires in place if ever there is even a shred of doubt that the car’s braking system cannot hold up on its own. That may sound a bit extreme, but it’s a reality that occurs all too often, so these triangular bits of rubber, plastic, or metal swoop in to keep everyone safe. If you are looking for a secure way to keep your vehicle in place, then here are a few chock block options we think you should check out.

Purchasing Your Next Pair of Wheel Chocks

When you are looking for a bit more stability, let these factors guide your way:

  • Weight Capacity: First and foremost, it’s important to seek a high level of weight capacity or stopping ability out of your next pair of wheel chocks. We are not talking about a few hundred pounds here. Your wheel chocks must be able to support, at minimum, two tons of weight moving against it.
  • Grip Power: Another vital facet that drives the overall stopping ability of your wheel chocks is grip power, and there are a variety of ways a pair can do this. While some pairs utilize their material construction to maximum effect, other pairs maintain grip power through surface ridges and ratchet straps. Consider environmental conditions and the positioning of your vehicle when making a selection.
  • Placement: Finally, it’s important to consider the convenience your wheel chocks bring you when it comes time to set them under your tires. Your standard wheel chock will remain the epitome of convenience for a long time coming; all they need is a few kicks and pounds, and they are set. However, some wheel chocks utilize slightly more complicated measures to lock your tires in place (i.e., ratchets or straps). The latter, however, is often used for more niche options (motorcycles) or larger vehicles (recreational vehicles).

Best Overall: Camco Wheel Chock Without Rope

On the left, two bright yellow wheel chocks face each other. On the right, the wheel chock sits under the tire of a parked vehicle.

This pair of Camco Wheel Chocks are constructed from only the most durable of plastic material and designed for tires up to 26 inches in diameter, making it perfect for keeping your trailer in place. Accentuating its hard-wearing nature are built-in UV inhibitors that prevent the extreme heat from warping either chock, so you can slide them in and out with ease.

Best Overall

Camco Wheel Chock Without Rope

A hard-wearing and budget-friendly pair of wheel chocks that are the perfect size for most types of trailers.

Best Premium Chock: CARMTEK Camper Leveler Kit

On the left, two orange wheel chocks sit next to two black levelers. On the right, a close-up view of the grooves on the wheel chock sliding into the groove channels on the leveler.

This CARMTEK Camper Leveler Kit is a hassle-free leveler that can hold up to 35,000 pounds in place and is designed with a special jointing system that promotes fast, efficient, and unmatched locking power. There are two components to this kit: the chock and the leveler. The two work in unison for maximum holding power as the top of the chocks feature high ridges, and the bottom of the levelers feature precise grip channels that slide into place. Depending on the size of your trailer’s tires, you can even cut the length of one leveler by up to 4 inches to achieve an exact fit.

Best Premium Chock

CARMTEK Camper Leveler Kit

A tough and adaptable pair of wheel chocks that can support up to 35,000 pounds of pressure.

Best Motorcycle Chock: Lock N Load Deluxe Wheel Chock

On the left, a steel black and orange wheel chock sits next to two quick-release straps. On the right, the wheel chock holds up the front tire of a motorcycle.
Lock N Load

While not all wheel chocks satisfy every type of vehicle, you can still find the right chock to meet your security needs. This Lock N Load Deluxe Wheel Chock is a bit more intricate than your standard locking device, but it ensures far more safety than the average kickstand. It’s a wheel chock setup intended for transporting your bike, as the inclusion of several front and rear straps ensure a high level of tension that won’t budge. Of course, if you need to peel out at a moment’s notice, its quick-release retractable ratchet system allows you to get on the road with little fuss.

Best Motorcycle Chock

Lock N Load Deluxe Wheel Chock

A specially designed wheel chock that keeps your motorcycle steady, even when in transport.

Best Wheel Chock Bundle: AFA Tooling Approved for Automotive Chock Blocks

On the left, two black rubber wheel chocks with deep ridges on their surface sit side-by-side. On the right, the wheel chock sits under the tire of a parked vehicle.
AFA Tooling Approved for Automotive

With four rugged chocks to the pack, these blocks are perfect for a wide variety of vehicles and tire sizes. Each wheel chock is molded from all-weather rubber nylon that promotes quick gripping efficiency the moment you kick them into place, which means no more fussing with hammers to keep them still. Its nylon construction is also two times stronger than traditional rubber or plastic, standing the test of time against heat, mud, snow, and repeated use.

Best Wheel Chock Bundle

AFA Tooling Approved for Automotive Chock Blocks

A rugged four-pack of hefty wheel chocks that handle heavy weight and environmental pressure.

Best Dock Wheel Chock: SECURITYMAN Trailer Wheel Dock Chock

On the left, a circular orange dock wheel with an attached carrying rope. On the right, two different trailers are propped up at the jack by the chock.

For travelers who aren’t so concerned about the four tires under their trailer but the single wheel at the front, this SECURITYMAN Trailer Wheel Dock Chock keeps your trailer jack tongue safely in place above the ground. A trailer jack is often plagued by foundational issues, as areas covered in mud, sand, and other soft surfaces tend to swallow it whole. This dock wheel chock, constructed from sturdy polypropylene, can keep up to 4,400 pounds from taking a plunge.

Best Dock Wheel Chock

SECURITYMAN Trailer Wheel Dock Chock

Here is a wheel chock that's designed to keep your trailer jack from sinking into soft grounds.

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