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The Best Whiskey Stones

Cool Stones
🕚 Updated January 2022

Whiskey stones are the perfect remedy for lukewarm alcohol. They're an upgrade over regular ice cubes since they won't dilute your drinks; plus, they look cool. If you want to make your home bar experience more enjoyable, try these whiskey stones.

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  Cool Stones
Whiskey Stones Gift Set
Large Reusable Ice Cubes
Bullet-Shaped Whiskey Stones
Whiskey Stones Gift Set
Gold Edition Whiskey Stones
Our SummaryWhiskey stones made of granite that quickly chill your beverages.Large reusable cubes ideal for glass pitchers and cocktail shakers.These uniquely designed whiskey stones will make a nice gift.These stainless steel reusable ice cubes utilize a special cooling technique.These stainless steel whiskey stones are shaped like diamonds to add panache to your drink.
ProsWon't scratch glasses, won't dilute your drink, includes two full-sized glasses.Re-freezable and washable, free of harmful plastics, chills drinks very quickly.Fun design, comes with decorative wooden box to store them.Amazing gift for family members, allow you to enjoy each and every sip, last a long time.Comes with silicone tongs and storage tray, elegant packaging, gold finish, pretty to look at.
ConsAdditional accessories are of low quality.Costly if you want to purchase in bulk, large.Don't chill drinks as effectively as many other reusable cubes.Susceptible to scratches.Storage tray is somewhat flimsy.
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The Best Whiskey Stones

A glass of whiskey with reusable ice cubes inside it
Cool Stones

Buying Guide for Whiskey Stones

An entire set that includes whiskey stones
Cool Stones

Why buy whiskey stones?

Whiskey stones (aka bar rocks) are incredibly convenient. You won’t have to worry about running out of ice or making a trip to the store to get more. They’re washable, reusable, and won’t dilute the flavor of your drinks. You can also use them for many different types of beverages aside from alcohol and liquor, including lemonade, soda, tea, coffee, and more. They’re unsung heroes at dinner parties and cookouts, so if you like to entertain, pick up some whiskey stones.

What should you look for in whiskey stones?

  • Material: The two most common materials used to construct whiskey stones are stainless steel and nontoxic plastic. Stainless steel is more lightweight and acts quicker in chilling your drinks, but it often costs more money.
  • Size: Whiskey stones are available in multiple shapes and sizes. The larger cubes will obviously take up more space in your glass, but the larger surface area also makes them chill your drink faster than smaller ones.

How do you clean whiskey stones, and can you use them in other drinks?

Whiskey stones are incredibly easy to clean because all you need are warm water, dish soap, and a cloth to wipe them off. And yes, you can use them with almost any drink, including hot ones. Put them in the freezer and chill your lemonade, soda, cocktails, milk, and juice. Or, you can warm them in hot water or the microwave (depending on what they’re made of) and plop them in your coffee or tea.

Our Picks for the Best Whiskey Stones

Best Gift Set

Cool Stones Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones made of granite that quickly chill your beverages.

Pros: These elegant whiskey stones come in a set of eight and feature soft edges so that they won’t scratch your drinking glasses. The set comes with tongs, two coasters, and a velvet pouch. They make a great gift for a loved one who is celebrating a birthday or college graduation.

Cons: The accessories aren’t the best quality.

Bottom Line: If you’re a scotch, whiskey, or bourbon lover, you can appreciate this whiskey stone set with coasters, tongs, and a velvet pouch to complete your bar cart.


Best Plastic

Efiwasi Extra Large Reusable Ice Cubes

Large reusable cubes ideal for glass pitchers and cocktail shakers.

Pros: These extra-large reusable whiskey cubes allow you to chill your drinks without having to dilute them. They’re re-freezable, so you can use them again and again. Furthermore, the extra-large size makes them suitable for various containers, such as glass pitchers and stainless steel cocktail shakers.

Cons: The only downside is that the set only comes with three reusable cubes, so if you need more for entertaining, the cost adds up quickly.

Bottom Line: Don’t let the large size deter you from purchasing these whiskey cubes. They’re great for small get-togethers, and they stay cold for much longer than standard ice cubes.


Best Design

Evofly Whiskey Stones

These uniquely designed whiskey stones will make a nice gift.

Pros: This whiskey stone set features bullet-shaped whiskey stones and a hand-crafted wooden storage box. The stones are reusable, keep your whiskey chilled, and only take four hours to freeze. The unique design will surely spark conversation.

Cons: The skinnier design means that they don’t stay cold as long.

Bottom Line: These whiskey stones are super unique. If you love the way they look and want undiluted beverages, why not give them a try?


Best Stainless Steel

Amerigo Whiskey Stones Gift Set

These stainless steel reusable ice cubes look good and work well.

Pros: This gift set comes with eight reusable stainless steel cubes, two coasters, metal tongs, and a tray to store the cubes in while inside your freezer. They only take two hours to freeze, won’t scratch or damage drinking glasses, and are BPA-free and nontoxic.

Cons: These stainless steel cubes are susceptible to scratches, and the tray they come with is somewhat flimsy.

Bottom Line: This gift set is a nice value. Make every sip count with these quality stainless steel whiskey stones.


Best Gold

NIFTY5 Gold Edition Whiskey Stones

These stainless steel whiskey stones are shaped like diamonds to add panache to your drink.

Pros: These gold-colored whiskey stones will add sophistication and cold to your beverages. They come in a set of eight stainless steel cubes in diamond shapes. The set also comes with silicone tongs, a plastic ice tray, and packaging that will certainly catch the eye.

Cons: These whiskey stones are a bit heavy when compared to the other products we reviewed. You’ll want to be careful with them if using thin or lightweight glasses.

Bottom Line: Sometimes, you just need a drink after a long day. These stainless steel reusable ice cubes make every sip enjoyable and rewarding. Their color and unique shape helps you throw dinner parties in style!

Final Thoughts

If you hate sipping on lukewarm or super diluted beverages, whiskey stones are for you. These sets of stones can make your next dinner party or a quiet night in much more enjoyable by giving you flavorful and chilled beverages to enjoy.

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