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The Best White Noise Machines

🕚 Updated March 2022

Street traffic, snoring, or other noises keeping you up at night? Try a sound machine! We did the research and found these top-rated sleep devices that help you and your family snooze deeper and longer.

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  Top Choice Natural Design Control with Your Phone Best Value Premium Choice
D1 Sound Machine
Sleep Sound Machine
White Noise Sound Machine
White Noise Sound Machine
Restore Sound Machine and Light
Our SummaryA sound machine with a built-in light to help navigate nighttime.This sound machine has a stylish wood-grain finish for a more natural vibe.This white noise machine features nursery calibration and an auto-scheduling timer.Get tons of soothing sounds at an unbeatable price.Rise and shine with this sunrise alarm clock and white noise machine.
ProsFeatures 24 sounds, optional nightlight, plays continuously or on timer, compact and lightweight.Wood-grain finish, 24 sounds, built-in memory function, compatible with headphones.Sleek and progressive, sleep app, no looping, fan-powered white noise, nursery calibration, 10 fan settings.Great value, 20 non-looping sounds, 32 volume levels, set timer or run continuously, memory function.Smart light and alarm clock, soft-touch buttons, adjust light hues and colors, sunrise setting for natural waking.
ConsCasts low light not optimal for reading.May hear start/stop of looped tracks.Touch screen display can be tricky in the dark.Easy to accidentally activate sleep timer.Device include free app trial and requires payment after.
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The Best White Noise Machines

A white noise machine on a nightstand next to a bed.

We live in an on-the-go society, which can make it difficult to switch off our brains at night for some much-needed rest, especially with extra noise pollution. And if you have kids, you might know (too well) the challenges of ensuring they get a full night’s sleep, despite evening foot traffic in your home. Sound machines featuring white noise, nature tracks, and sounds of bustling life can be a game-changer, as they dilute sound pollution and help train the brain to keep you and your kids sleeping throughout the night. And we can help you find the perfect fit.

Buying Guide for White Noise Machines

A white noise machine next to a bed.
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Why invest in a white noise machine?

Sound machines are specifically designed to ease your mind and help melt away struggles of the day, using tracks that evoke natural environments and beneficial, scientifically proven sounds like white noise. Maybe your house is too quiet, and the silence is deafening—white noise machines can also work miracles here; simply pick your favorite silence-canceling sounds and close your eyes. Either way, if you or your children struggle with sleep, one of these machines could be the solution.

What should you look for when choosing a white noise machine?

  • Versatile Soundtrack: The most important quality to consider in your next white noise machine is the versatility of its sound loops. How many are there? What are these sounds attempting to evoke? What kind of environment do you want to get swept away to for half an hour? Understanding the preferences of who this sound machine is for will greatly influence what you’re looking for in its sound loops. Or, you could take a gamble and open yourself up to light rains you hadn’t considered before.
  • Assistance Features: If you want more control over your device and your sleep, be on the lookout for sound machines that include optional sleep timers, which gently reduce the volume of your sound loop as time passes, and memory functions to help keep track of your favorite tracks. A lot of models also offer front-panel lighting for reading or bedtime lighting that dims over time to help you stay asleep.
  • Buying for Two: At the end of the day, noise machines are designed to refocus concentration and forge healthier sleeping patterns for young and old alike; this especially comes in handy for newborns and parents. If you have a newborn, consider sound machines with baby-specific functions and sounds, like nursery calibration and fetal tones. White noise machines can mimic the sounds heard in the womb and make babies feel soothed. Plus, they can help signal to your baby when it’s time for bed.

What does science say about sleeping with white noise?

Sound machines aid in keeping you and your family asleep. White noise and similarly comforting nature sounds help drown out sudden changes in your environment that may trigger you or your child to wake. Because we can still hear while asleep, every noise has the potential to affect sleep schedules, which are increasingly important as the demands of everyday life feel ever-increasing. Research suggests those who use a sound machine at bedtime versus those who don’t have reported better quality of sleep.

Our Picks for the Best White Noise Machines

Top Choice

Dreamegg D1 Sound Machine

A sound machine with a built-in light to help navigate nighttime.

Pros: Fall and stay asleep with this Dreamegg D1 sound machine featuring up to 24 options for adults and children, including nature noises, white noise, and fan sounds. It’s especially kid-friendly with natural noises inspired by rain, birds, sea waves, babbling brooks, and more. Its built-in optional nightlight is a great way to dimly light a dark room and is low enough for new parents to easily tend to their baby’s overnight needs. Your D1 noise machine can play continuously or for 30, 60, or 90 minutes with its auto-shutoff feature. This device is compact and lightweight, so you can pick it up and place it almost anywhere.

Cons: The included light is meant to cast a low, glowing light and isn’t optimal for reading or using as a flashlight.

Bottom Line: The D1 from Dreamegg is an easy, high-quality way to fill a room with sounds that support sleep, especially when it comes to young children and easily woken adults. Simply choose your time interval (or let it run all night), switch the nightlight on/off, and have sweet dreams.


Natural Design

Douni Sleep Sound Machine

This sound machine has a stylish wood-grain finish for a more natural vibe.

Pros: There is no need to worry about aesthetics with this Douni wood-grain sound machine. Unlike other, more futuristic models, this dainty machine blends beautifully into your sophisticated space. It also includes a user-friendly interface and 24 soothing sounds—from white noise and fans to lullabies and fetal tones designed for infants, helping provide a full night’s sleep without unnecessary interruptions. Its built-in memory function allows you to program your favorite sounds and play them with the click of a button, saving time and energy close to bedtime. Need a power nap during the workday? Simply plug in your headphones and listen alone.

Cons: Some of the machine’s sounds are looped, meaning they play, then repeat, and you may be able to hear the subtle stop and start on certain tracks.

Bottom Line: You don’t have to sacrifice style for function with this sophisticated Douni sound machine. It features more tracks than a lot of models, and its memory function allows you to replay your favorites each night based on your mood and sleep needs.


Control with Your Phone

SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine

This white noise machine features nursery calibration and an auto-scheduling timer.

Pros: The name says it all. Get your snooze on with this sleek, progressive, touch screen sound machine and sleep app by SNOOZ. If you’re concerned about looping disrupting your sleep, this could be the machine for you, as it features continuous, nursery-calibrated fan sounds powered by an actual fan (opposed to a recorded sound) that won’t blow cool air on you or your kids. You can choose your ideal volume level from 10 settings and adjust fan tones by simply rotating the machine’s outer shell. Once you receive your SNOOZ, download the matching app, and use your phone to control it.

Cons: This technologically advanced device includes a touch screen display, which can be trickier to navigate than simply feeling around for a button.

Bottom Line: It’s a progressive product at a fair price, considering you’ll receive non-looping sounds from an actual fan, which is powerful enough to hide sounds of traffic inside and outside your house. Plus,  a handy phone app!


Best Value

Magicteam White Noise Sound Machine

Get tons of soothing sounds at an unbeatable price.

Pros: You don’t have to break the bank for a quality white noise machine, especially with options like this Magicteam one. It features 20 non-looping sounds inspired by nature and white noise (or brown, pink, or blue noise), perfect for keeping children and adults fast asleep. Choose from 32 volume levels and five timer settings up to 300 minutes (5 hours), which is a steal at this cost. And like pricier models, this sound machine’s memory function allows you to program your favorite tracks at your ideal volume and replay them anytime.

Cons: The timer function on this device is easy to accidentally tap and activate. So, if you want to run sounds continuously, make sure there are no “red dots” lit up on your machine.

Bottom Line: Don’t let the small size fool you—this Magicteam sound machine is loud enough to block out the noises keeping you awake, adding to its already impressive value. For the price, you receive functions similar to more expensive models, just without all the bells and whistles, for a simple, soothing experience.


Premium Choice

Hatch Restore Sound Machine and Light

Rise and shine with this sunrise alarm clock and white noise machine.

Pros: Gain more solid sleep and wake gently with this Restore sound machine and alarm clock by Hatch. Your Restore machine’s touch control lets you pick from a library of sounds, including white noise, with the push of a soft-touch button or by screen tap within the Hatch Sleep app. Your sleep library also lets you adjust sounds and light hues (including a reading light) to accompany your favorite nighttime sounds. Just set your wake time on its digital clock, then pick your alarm sound and favorite sunrise color, which mimics a natural sunrise, to help you get out of bed easier.

Cons: The included sleep app will cost you extra, but you receive a free trial to test it out. It could very well be worth the cost if you’re looking for more sleep support.

Bottom Line: This beauty is truly an all-in-one sleep solution. You can ditch your alarm clock, reading light, and nightlight and get all of these features in one smaller, sleek machine.

Final Thought

No matter your age, sleep is one of the most important factors of a healthy, happy life, so don’t miss out. These top-rated white noise machines can help mask overwhelming ambient sounds (or loud silence) that keep you from falling asleep faster and for longer. Set one up and sleep tight!

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