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The Best White Vinegar Products for Cleaning

🕚 Updated February 2022

Vinegar cleaning products are different from the vinegar you cook with. They're 20% stronger than the stuff in your kitchen cabinet and contain acetic acid, a powerful disinfectant. If you want an eco-friendly and impressive cleaning product, try these vinegar-based ones.

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  Bulk Buy Best for Glass Best Multipurpose Best for Floors Best Gel Claner
Pure Super-Concentrated Vinegar
Vinegar Multi-Surface Spray
9 Elements
Multi-Surface Vinegar Cleaning Spray
Aunt Fannie's
Vinegar Floor Cleaner Concentrate
Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day
Vinegar Gel Cleaner
Our SummaryThis super-concentrated and unscented white cleaning vinegar unclogs drains, and kills weeds.A well-known glass cleaner brand has upped its game with this white vinegar cleaning spray.An all-purpose white vinegar cleaner that destroys grease, dirt, and stains.This white vinegar concentrate works on floors, smells great, and is safe for kids and the environment.A refreshing citrus-scented gel cleaner powered with white vinegar that requires no rinsing.
ProsNine times stronger than regular white vinegar, can be diluted to make 9 gallons of cleaning solution, made in the U.S.Works like tried-and-true Windex, disinfects bathroom and kitchen, safe on many surfaces, gentle, ammonia-free scent.Contains only nine ingredients, hard on grease, dirt, grime, limescale, and stains, EPA Safer Choice product.Available in several fragrances, works on many surface, easy to dilute and spray, safe for pets, humans, and environment.Pleasant lemon verbena-scent, disinfectant, tough on hard-water stains, no-rinse gel solution.
ConsMore expensive.Some dislike the scent.Could leave streaks.Essential oils don't get rid of vinegar smell.A little pricey.
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The Best White Vinegar Products for Cleaning

White vinegar in a glass bottle with a brush, sponge, and cloth behind it.

Buying Guide for White Vinegar Products for Cleaning

Distilled white vinegar in a bottle next to a spray bottle and a sponge.

Why buy white vinegar for cleaning?

Vinegar has a reputation for its relatively low cost, impressive cleansing efficacy, and nominal toxin level. What a wonder! It’s a strong cleaning product that’s eco-friendly. Its powerful ingredient is acetic acid (about a pH of 2.4), the secret solution that makes it such a great disinfectant that can inhibit and kill some bacteria, including food-borne pathogenic bacteria and some viruses. White vinegar dissolves soap scum and scaling in the kitchen and bathroom. Use it on windows and mirrors for a brilliant shine, sticky stuff like decals and red wine stains. Put some in your washing machine to get rid of the mildew smell. If you haven’t tried using vinegar to clean around your home, you must.

What should you look for in white vinegar products for cleaning?

  • Potency: It’s like making the decision between laundry detergent concentrate or pre-diluted detergent. Buying concentrated white vinegar cleaning products saves trips to the store and plastic waste but requires more effort on your part. You’ll need to dilute it and pour it into empty spray bottles or other containers of your choice. The general recommendation is to use a 1:1 ratio of vinegar and water.
  • Container: White vinegar cleaning products often come in either spray bottles or bottles with pour spouts. Either option has its purpose. You can more accurately target spots with a spray bottle, which makes sense for stain removal, bathtub limescale, and window polishing. Spray bottles are also appropriate when you want to mist a larger surface area like the bathtub. Some brands make smaller-volume squeeze bottles for white vinegar gel cleaning solutions.
  • Ingredients: Some vinegar users prefer it to be mixed with water only, though some white vinegar products contain aromatic oils like lemon and orange oil, peppermint, and so forth. Other common ingredients are fillers like xanthan gum, synthetic fragrances, surfactants, emulsifiers, and numerous organic compounds. Check product ingredients if you’re sensitive to aromatics.

When should you not use white vinegar products for cleaning?

Acetic acid is a chemical, and chemicals react to materials in different ways. While white vinegar works wonders on a clogged sink drain, it dulls marble and limestone countertops with and without sealants. The same is true for granite. While it works on windows, white vinegar damages the anti-glare quality of electronic screens. White vinegar may also damage hardwoods, metals, and rubber. It’s a good idea to do some research before using vinegar cleaning products on a new surface. Also remember that cleaning vinegar is not safe to ingest because of the acetic acid.

Our Picks for the Best White Vinegar Products for Cleaning

Bulk Buy

Calyptus Pure Super-Concentrated Vinegar

This super-concentrated and unscented white cleaning vinegar unclogs drains and kills weeds.

Pros: Watch out! This stuff is nine times stronger than normal vinegar, and vinegar is inherently strong to begin with! This gallon jug of 45% vinegar cleaning solution can be diluted with 8 gallons of water. You can also try it at full strength, which can be a good choice for super-tough stains. While it’s potent, Calyptus white vinegar for cleaning is made with pure ingredients and cultivated in the U.S.

Cons: Some consumers find that this product is too expensive considering its performance.

Bottom Line: This Calyptus white vinegar for cleaning is powerful; its industrial size means you don’t have to buy it often, which can cut down on the number of trips to the store.


Best for Glass

Windex Vinegar Multi-Surface Spray

A well-known glass cleaner brand has upped its game with this white vinegar cleaning spray.

Pros: Chances are, you’re familiar with Windex cleaners. More than likely, you know Windex is an awesome glass and window cleaner. Well, just imagine what Windex with white vinegar can do! It doesn’t just polish, but it also disinfects and can be effective as a bathroom and kitchen cleaner. It’s safe on stainless steel, Formica, plastic, vinyl, and more. If you’re sensitive to odors, know that this product has a light, ammonia-free scent; in other words, it’s easy on the nose.

Cons: Some people don’t like the scent.

Bottom Line: This quality white vinegar cleaning product is a winning performer from a trusted cleaning product brand. Plus, the bottle is made with 100% ocean plastic to minimize waste that ends up in the sea.


Best Multi-Purpose Cleaner

9 Elements Multi-Surface Vinegar Cleaning Spray

An all-purpose white vinegar cleaner that destroys grease, dirt, and stains.

Pros: The brand name of this all-purpose white vinegar cleaner is 9 Elements because it contains no more than nine ingredients. That might be comforting to know with all the chemical-filled household cleaners that fill the shelves at the store. This cleaner is powered by the no-nonsense acetic acid known only in white vinegar. It’s hard on grease, dirt, and grime. It destroys limescale, stains, and other residues. You can even find success with this cleaner to disinfect sweaty clothes and hard-water stains. To top it off, the 9 Elements white vinegar cleaner has an EPA Safer Choice label.

Cons: You may not want to use this product on mirrors, as some users say it leaves streaks.

Bottom Line: This nine-ingredient cleaner effectively removes so many annoying variations on grime that the chances are good you’ll be pretty pleased with this product. It’s also impressively eco-friendly.


Best for Floors

Aunt Fannie's Vinegar Floor Cleaner Concentrate

This white vinegar concentrate works on floors, smells great, and is safe for your kids and the environment.

Pros: If you’re a person who digs essential oils and is ready to try out a quality product charged with white vinegar’s acetic acid magic, Aunt Fannie’s concentrate cleaner may be just the ticket. The recommended guidelines for dilution is 1/2 a cup of solution per 2 gallons of water. Mix it up and pour it into spray bottles, a single mop bucket, or a floor cleaning machine and apply it to sealed floors, like tile, linoleum, vinyl, or bamboo. Aunt Fannie’s concentrate is safe for pets, humans, and the environment.

Cons: Some users report that they can smell the vinegar, despite the added essential oils.

Bottom Line: Aunt Fannie’s plant-based white vinegar floor cleaner works at home, on the deck, in the office—wherever there’s a floor. It also comes in several scents to soften the vinegar smell.


Best Gel Cleaner

Mrs Meyers Clean Day Vinegar Gel Cleaner

A refreshing citrus-scented gel cleaner powered with white vinegar that requires no rinsing.

Pros: This pleasant lemon verbena-scented white vinegar cleaning agent is tough on hard-water stains, kitchen appliances, bathroom faucets, and other surfaces that get grimy. Use it to disinfect knobs, handles, and stubborn stains. Now, what makes Mrs. Meyer’s white vinegar cleaning product exceptional is its form: it’s a gel! And that makes the whole cleaning process much easier.

Cons: A few users were turned off by the price.

Bottom Line: Mrs. Meyer’s vinegar gel is already a brilliant cleaner. It’s made with high-quality ingredients, scented only with essential oils, and is never tested on animals.

Final Thoughts

If you want to try white vinegar for cleaning, the products we reviewed here are low-risk ways to get started. Test one out and discover what white vinegar can do for your household.

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