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The Best Wi-Fi SD Cards for Your Camera

one Toshiba FlashAir and one ezShare 16 GB Wi-Fi SD card

The Wi-Fi-enabled SD card is the latest development in the memory card field. It possesses the same memory space and transfer speeds you’ve already come to appreciate, but with the added ability to broadcast its own network with other Wi-Fi powered devices. This makes sharing photos and HD videos easier than ever before, transferring them to other nearby users within seconds of being shot. If you’re in the market to connect to others, here are some Wi-Fi SD cards that we recommend.

Choosing the Right Wi-Fi SD Card

Consider these factors for your next purchase:

  • Range: Wi-Fi-driven SD cards enable wireless sharing and communication, but only if recipients are within close enough proximity. Great Wi-Fi cards can transmit images well over 50 feet away, whereas standard cards can share as far as 20 to 30 feet. This may not matter if you’re in a personal setting, but for work purposes and deadlines, you should consider a card that can deliver as far as possible.
  • Capacity: You’re going to want your Wi-Fi card to offer the right amount of storage space. These products are still relatively new and haven’t been manufactured to their full potential just yet, but enough brands are offering ample to great storage, if you’re looking for it.
  • Alternatives: If you’re interested in the perks of owning a Wi-Fi SD Card, but aren’t prepared to shift to an entirely new piece of tech, adapters are a sure-fire bet. You simply place your SD card into the adapter, which grants it slight Wi-Fi capabilities without making the full leap or costing as much as a true Wi-Fi card.

Best Overall: Toshiba FlashAir 4th Generation SD Wi-Fi

white and black SD card

From a trusted brand name in its fourth generation of Wi-Fi Card production, the Toshiba FlashAir  is a dependable SD memory card with solid wireless LAN connection. Its enhanced performance allows it to transfer photos between seven different devices at a time, not just cameras; share photos from your digital camera with tablets, smartphones, or laptops within seconds of snapping a few memories. Whether you’re taking photos professionally or casually, this card’s high performance and improved transfer speeds meet the needs of either shooting process.

Best Overall

Toshiba FlashAir 4th Generation SD Wifi SDHC / SDXC memory card - 16GB (OEM Pack)

Transfer photos from your digital camera to nearby devices in seconds with this Wi-Fi SD card.

Best Storage Space: 64GB ez Share Wi-Fi SD Memory Card

off white and white SD card

While Wi-Fi SD cards are a recent development in the memory card field, it’s reassuring to see companies already taking big leaps in the name of performance. The ez Share Wi-Fi SD Memory Card features 64 GB of storage; that’s quadruple the amount of capacity and efficiency you’d get from any other standard Wi-Fi card on the market. It’s a Class-10 performance memory card, which means it’s the fastest kind of card for storing and producing full HD video recording. Another notable feature with this card is its advanced security settings, like accessing the card’s files only through an approved Wi-Fi password, SSID, or an administrative password.

Best Storage Space

64GB ez Share Card Adater WiFi SD Memory Card WiFi SDHC Class10 SD Card Wireless Camera Memory Card for Camera

This Wi-Fi SD card offers great space for full HD video recording sessions.

Best Budget: 16 GB ez Share Wi-Fi SD Memory Card

orange and white and black SD card

A standard Wi-Fi SD card is still worth the investment, though, and you can bet that ez Share also does that well. Like its premium option, this memory card offers Class-10 performance to capture HD videos, though with decidedly smaller storage space at your expense. Nonetheless, there’s ample room and opportunity to share and download pictures instantly through five different devices at once, as well as SNS, Cloud, or email. If you’re looking to conserve some energy in between sharing photos with friends, you can easily turn the Wi-Fi off with the manual On/Off switch at the bottom of the card.

Best Budget

WiFi Sd Memory Card 16GB Class 10 New New Inc® 2nd Generation Ez Share

Delivering an assortment of Wi-Fi powered features, this 16 GB memory card sets a great standard.

Best Alternative: Canon Wi-Fi Adapter W-E1

black SD card with white writing

However, for every reasonably priced Wi-Fi card, there are a handful more that can run a bit deeper than our pockets. If you’re interested in the perks of a Wi-Fi card, but would rather keep your traditional SD card, then give an adapter a shot. Canon’s Wi-Fi Adapter takes the power of an SD card and combines it with just enough Wi-Fi compatibility for your  EOS 7D Mark II, EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R Digital SLR cameras. It fits into the SD card slot like another card would, enabling wireless communication with smartphones, tablets, and computers within the surrounding vicinity. You can easily save money while updating your resources with this inexpensive short cut.

Best Alternative

Canon Wi-Fi Adapter W-E1

This Wi-Fi adapter provides a great way to keep your current SD card while getting a taste of Wi-Fi compatibility.

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