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The Best Wii U Controllers

🕚 Updated December 2022

Are old, broken Wii U controllers ruining the gameplay experience of your favorite titles? Check out these next-level controllers to keep the fun going and breathe new life into your favorite Nintendo console.

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  Best Standard Controller Best Pro Controller Set Best for Racing Games Best Features Most Colorful
Wii Remote and Nunchuck Controller
Wireless Wii U Controller
Steering Wheel Controller for Wii U (2 Pack)
2-Pack Wii U Controller
Wii U Controller
Our SummaryThis standard nunchuck controller is easy to use and reliable right out of the box.This controller stands out for its ergonomic design and intuitive button layout.Play your favorite racing and driving games on the Wii U!Durable and ergonomic Wii U controllers that are perfect for avid gamers.These colorful, fun Wii U controllers are as reliable and responsive as can be.
Pros✓ Lots of colors to choose between
✓ Easy to sync
✓ First-party build quality
 ✓ Classic design
 ✓ Traditional button layout
 ✓  Comfortable to grip
 ✓ Three-axis motion sensor
 ✓ Innovative yet simple
 ✓ Budget friendly two-pack
 ✓ Integrated MotionPlus 
 ✓ Nice color options
 ✓ Includes nunchucks/covers
 ✓ Fun color combinations
 ✓ Highly rated
 ✓ Impressive battery life
Cons✗ Slightly smaller than first-party controller✗ Subpar battery life✗ Makes navigating menus tricky✗ Struggles with fast movements✗ Subpar wrist strap
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The Best Wii U Controllers

A Person using a black Wii U control remote.

The Wii U is a Nintendo video game console that provides fun and entertainment for the entire family. To make the experience more immersive, consider investing in some brand-new Wii U controllers. The newer models now offer better precision and accuracy, which will make your family game nights a lot more exciting and competitive!

Buying Guide for Wii U Controllers

A wii controller and nunchuk on a wooden table.
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Why buy Wii U controllers?

The Wii U comes with a nifty gamepad, so many ask why one would need additional controllers. Of course, the answer is simple: Wii U controllers provide a more convenient and fun way to play most games and allow you to play multiplayer games with your friends. Some specialized controllers, such as steering wheel models, can even change the way you play. As such, buying Wii U controllers is an affordable way to increase the fun and enjoyment you feel while gaming on your Wii U.

What should you look for in Wii U Controllers?

  • Simple Setup: Wii U controllers are incredibly easy to sync up with your gaming console. It only takes mere minutes to set everything up before you are ready to begin using them to play your favorite video games. However, some third-party controllers make it trickier than others, so read some reviews in order to be aware of any syncing issues that others may have had.
  • Compatibility: Most Wii controllers and accessories are compatible with the Wii U, although the specific game you are playing must be playable with the specific controller you are using. For instance, Wii Sports Resort and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword both require controllers with MotionPlus technology. That being said, a vast majority of games can be played with any style of controller.
  • MotionPlus Technology: This unique type of technology allows you to execute complex commands with greater ease and precision. It increases your sensitivity so that your Wii gaming console can accurately interpret every motion you make with your controllers. Most third-party Wii U controllers do not come with this great feature, so do your research before choosing your new controller.

Will you still need a Wii U gamepad if you buy new controllers?

The Wii U gamepad (which looks like a large mobile gaming console complete with face buttons, joysticks, and a large screen) is necessary for quite a few things you will need to do as a Wii U owner, such as navigating menus and playing many games. As such, it can’t be said that Wii controllers or the Wii U controllers featured below can completely replace the functionality of a Wii U gamepad.

Our Picks for the Best Wii U Controllers

Best Standard Controller

Yudeg Wii Remote and Nunchuck Controller

This standard nunchuck controller is easy to use and reliable right out of the box.

Pros: If you’re looking for a quality alternative to Nintendo’s classic nunchuck controller, this controller’s responsive buttons and surprisingly solid build quality are well worth the price. It also comes in a nice variety of colors and is incredibly simple to sync to your console. To sweeten the deal, it’s competitively priced compared to other deals on single Wii U controllers.

Cons: Some reviewers noted that this controller might be slightly smaller than Nintendo’s nunchuck offering. Also, the plastic portions feel a little bit cheaper than its first-party doppelganger.

Bottom Line: It’ll be hard to find a third-party nunchuck controller for your Wii U that is as reliable or well-made as this one. It’s also worth noting that the Yudeg controller comes in five colors, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a pop of color to stand out from their monochromatic Wii U gear.


Best Pro Controller Set

QUMOX Wireless Wii U Controller

This controller stands out for its ergonomic design and intuitive button layout.

Pros: This wireless Wii U controller features a classic design with a more traditional button layout. It’s the perfect option for gamers who favor a more straightforward experience. The controller feels incredibly comfortable in your hands, allowing you to have plenty of fun during those marathon gaming sessions.

Cons: Unfortunately, this Wii U controller doesn’t have the most impressive battery life of the bunch. As such, you’ll probably want to charge it up after every few gaming sessions or use rechargeable AA batteries to save some cash.

Bottom Line: Let’s face it, some Wii U games are nearly impossible to play without an ergonomic controller that sports a fairly conventional button layout. This controller comes in handy for such occasions—however, don’t expect its battery to outlast an all-night Smash Bros tournament.


Best for Racing Games

GH Steering Wheel Controller for Wii U (2 Pack)

Play your favorite racing and driving games on the Wii U!

Pros: This is the perfect controller for racing games on Wii U because it creates a realistic driving simulation. It features a three-axis motion sensor to promote better precision and accuracy and reduce fatigue in your hands and wrists. The design and technology are incredibly innovative in terms of how you maneuver the controls, yet this two-pack’s price can’t be beat.

Cons: The only bad thing about this product is it makes it hard to use to navigate menus before you actually start the race. Games that allow you to use the arrow buttons work fine, but point-and-click mechanics are difficult when using this controller.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for an affordable way to take Mario Kart sessions on your Wii U to the next level, these budget-friendly steering wheel controllers are worth every penny and then some. They also come in a variety of bright colors.


Best Features

TechKen 2-Pack Wii U Controller

Durable and ergonomic Wii U controllers that are perfect for avid gamers.

Pros: In terms of multi-functional and wireless capabilities, this controller has it all. It comes with MotionPlus Technology and nunchucks, allowing you to play a wide range of Wii U games, including Wii Sports, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Smash Bros, and many more. They also feature several color options to choose from and a simplified syncing process that only requires the press of a button.

Cons: The MotionPlus employed by these controllers probably isn’t up to OEM standards. Some reviewers noted slow and deliberate movements registering fine, while faster and more chaotic movements were unable to be detected.

Bottom Line: Unfortunately, without a MotionPlus-enabled Wii U controller, you simply won’t be able to enjoy the console’s complete catalog. These controllers help you bridge the gap for a fair price, even if they’re not the best for registering extremely quick movements.


Most Colorful

Lactivx Wii U Controller

These colorful, fun Wii U controllers are as reliable and responsive as can be.

Pros: These Wii U nunchuck controllers offer some fun color combinations, including black and sky blue, sky blue and pink, and red and royal blue. In terms of gameplay, they outperform most other third-party controllers, as evidenced by their high user ratings. They also offer pretty good battery life, even if rechargeable batteries are usually the way to go for most gamers.

Cons: Although the buttons on this controller feel sturdy, its wrist strap isn’t exactly ideal. A couple of reviewers mentioned it snapping, so exercise some caution during frenetic gaming sessions on your Wii U.

Bottom Line: While these aren’t the cheapest nunchuck controllers for the console, they don’t disappoint in terms of color offerings or button response. They may not be ideal for children, however, due to the flimsy wrist straps.

Final Thoughts

Finding quality controllers at this stage in the Wii U’s lifecycle can be difficult, as many products on the market seek nothing more than to bring in a quick buck. For this reason, be sure to do your research in order to end up with controllers that suit your gaming style.

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