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The Best Wind Chimes

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🕚 Updated December 2021

Wind chimes are widely enjoyed items that offer beauty to your eyes and ears on a windy day. Let the breeze sing through a set of wind chimes on your patio.

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  Top Choice Best Musically Tuned Best Spiral Most Intricate Best Bamboo
Outdoors Wind Chimes
Musically Tuned Amazing Grace Chimes
Outdoor Wind Chimes
Bird Nest Wind Chime
Wooden Outdoor Wind Chimes
Our SummaryA beautiful set of chimes that livens up windy days.A set of silver chimes that plays the opening to a beloved song.These gorgeous chimes are made to produce relaxing notes.A set of chimes with a unique bird design that will wow your neighbors.These bamboo chimes add a natural touch to your favorite outdoor space.
ProsMade from bamboo, make a lovely sound, high-quality materials.Produce a recognizable tune, expertly crafted and tuned, rain-resistant.Unique design, produce lovely sound, made to last.Very unique, easy installation, lots of detail, looks great even when not producing sound.Made from bamboo, produce a natural tone, rain-resistant.
ConsRequire strong breeze, smaller than expected.Require strong breeze, potential quality issues.Tangle easily.Require strong breeze, may rust.Small and plain, require strong breeze.
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The Best Wind Chimes

A wind chime hangs from a patio near some flower planters.
Alex Andrei/Shutterstock.com

Wind chimes come in all shapes and sizes, so finding the right one for your home is all about what you want. Beyond creating sweet sounds, wind chimes also look beautiful just sitting there in the sun. Whether you live in a windy spot or not, chimes can add a lot to your home.

Buying Guide for Wind Chimes

A set of wind chimes hangs in a garden

Why buy wind chimes?

Wind chimes are stylish and calming. They look great and create relaxing sounds that can set you at ease. It’s calming to sit out on your porch listening to chimes blowing in the wind. Plus, they’re relatively affordable, and all the different options mean you can find the perfect set for your space.

What should you consider in wind chimes?

  • Design: Wind chimes come in all shapes and sizes. Some have impressively unique designs, while others are simple and made to blend in. Make sure you know what you want in terms of style before deciding.
  • Sound-Producing Ability: Different chimes are designed to produce different sounds. Some play recognizable music, while others simply ring with the breeze. Also, depending on the make and materials, different chimes require varying strengths of wind to produce noise. If you don’t live in a particularly breezy place, check to see how easily your preferred option creates sound.
  • Materials: It’s more than likely you’ll have your chimes outside for at least part of the year. You’ll want a set that is built to withstand the elements. Find chimes that won’t rust easily and that can be moved when you want to bring them inside. 

Do all wind chimes tangle easily?

The basic design of most wind chimes is the same: a set of tubes hanging from a supportive piece. They’re made to move in the wind. However, it’s very frustrating when a breeze comes along and tangles the chimes up instead of making them ring out. Some chimes will have specific designs or spacings meant to prevent the tubes and strings from getting tangled up. Buying an appropriately weighted wind chime for the strength of wind you typically get will help prevent tangles as well.

Our Picks for the Best Wind Chimes

Top Choice

UpBlend Outdoors Wind Chimes

A beautiful set of wind chimes that livens up windy days.

Pros: TheUpBlend Outdoors Wind Chimes are made from bamboo and aluminum to create a stylish design and warm sound. These chimes come with six tubes that dangle in the breeze, producing a deep chime that makes a windy afternoon more pleasant. The chimes are high-quality and built to last.

Cons: The major issue with these wind chimes is that they require strong winds to make noise. While you can push them with your hand to get a sound, it may take a while for a strong enough breeze to come along to make them chime. They might be smaller than expected.

Bottom Line: These chimes are beautiful and produce a lovely sound in strong enough winds. If you’re willing to be patient and wait for the breeze, you’ll get a lovely sound that makes the wait worth it.


Best Musically Tuned

Woodstock Musically Tuned Amazing Grace Chimes

A set of metal chimes that plays the opening to a beloved song.

Pros: These Woodstock Musically Tuned Chimes are designed to produce the lovely tones from the opening of the well-known song “Amazing Grace.” These chimes are expertly crafted and made to sparkle in the sun as they dangle. They’re made from ash wood and feature a weather-resistant cherry finish. Plus, the aluminum tubes won’t rust even when left out in the rain.

Cons: These chimes won’t always blow in the wind: it requires a wind of some force to get them to produce notes. Some people found them to be less sturdy than expected.

Bottom Line: When the right wind blows, these chimes produce notes from a beautiful and beloved song. Even when they’re silent, they’re still lovely to look at. While they may not be as easy to get ringing as you might like, they’re a beautiful option for most people.


Best Spiral

Epartswide Outdoor Wind Chimes

These gorgeous chimes are made to produce relaxing notes.

Pros: The Epartswide Outdoor Wind Chimes are expertly tuned to produce a lovely sound that will perk your ears up. One of the best features of these chimes is their design: the chimes cascade from the top in a spiral that looks great even when no breeze is blowing. They’re also made to last, so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Cons: While the design looks beautiful, these chimes have a bad habit of getting tangled up. All those separate tubes can easily get caught up in one another, so you may have to spend some time untangling them.

Bottom Line: These chimes look beautiful and sound beautiful. If you’re willing to occasionally spend some time untangling them, these gorgeous chimes are worth considering.


Most Intricate

Gardenvy Bird Nest Wind Chime

A set of chimes with a unique bird design that will wow your neighbors.

Pros: The Gardenvy Bird Nest Wind Chime has a unique design that features a mother bird feeding her babies in a bronze-colored bird’s nest. It’s an eye-catching set of details that makes for a great addition to your porch or patio. Even when these chimes aren’t producing any sound, they still look lovely. They’re also designed for easy installation.

Cons: Even in strong winds, these chimes won’t always make a sound. They aren’t actually made from bronze; they just feature bronze coloring. Also, there is a possibility that the chimes could rust.

Bottom Line: The intricate design of these chimes makes them a statement piece in your garden or patio. If you’re okay with chimes that won’t ring in every single breeze, this set is a great choice.


Best Bamboo

Afirst Wooden Outdoor Wind Chimes

These bamboo chimes add a natural touch to your favorite outdoor space.

Pros: The Afirst Wooden Outdoor Wind Chimes are a gorgeous set of bamboo chimes that have a very natural feel to them. There are six bamboo tubes that hang from your preferred spot. They also look pleasing even when no breeze is blowing. As a bonus, these chimes are rain-resistant, making them ideal for the outdoors.

Cons: These chimes will be too plain and small for some people. Plus, not every breeze will get them to make noise.

Bottom Line: If you want a natural and simple set of wind chimes, these bamboo ones are an excellent option. When they ring, they produce a lovely sound, and even when they’re still, they add a nice touch to an outdoor space.

Final Thoughts

Wind chimes are an affordable way to add some character to your home. The noise they make really can put you at ease and help you enjoy your outdoor space more. If you want to add some wind chimes to your home, check out our recommendations.

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