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The Best Window Cleaning Tools

🕚 Updated March 2023

Reaching the top corners of the windows can be challenging when you're cleaning them. Try these nifty window cleaning tools to get that complete, streak-free shine in your windows and let more light in.

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  Best Wiping Cloths Best for Cars Most Versatile Best All-In-One Best Squeegee
Window Cleaning Kit
Microfiber Car Window Cleaning Tool
Squeegee Window Cleaner
Extendable Squeegee Window Cleaner
All-Purpose Squeegee
Our SummaryA cute and high-quality microfiber window cleaning cloth and polisher cloth.An extendable car window cleaner with a microfiber-covered triangular head for thorough cleaning.Efficiently clean windows of all sizes and heights with this two-in-one rotatable window cleaning kit.An all-inclusive window cleaner kit for cleaning windows high and low.This versatile all-purpose squeegee creates a streak-free shine, indoors and out
Pros✓ Easy and simple to use
✓ One side to scrub and one to polish
✓ Both last up to 300 window cleanings
✓ Extendable handle,
✓ Pivoting head, triangular head
✓ Microfiber pads remove fingerprints and smudges
✓ Great for bathroom and kitchen surfaces
✓ Efficiently clean high and low windows
✓ Extendable pole, reaches up to 62 inches
✓ Safety buckle allows for easy linking without rotation
✓ Great shine
✓ Swivel design for multi-angle
✓ Full-coverage cleaning
✓ Extendable stainless-steel pole for cleaning high and low
✓ Useful in the house and car
✓ Great for indoor and outdoor use
✓ No streaks
✓ Rotates for easy cleaning
✓ Great for multiple surfaces
Cons✗ Can still leave streaks✗ The handle might not extend long enough for your needs✗ The pole can be frustrating to work with
✗ Squeegee may not work well on edges on center of window
✗ Scrubber and squeegee heads must be switched out✗ Rubber blade may bend easily
✗ May be heavy to use
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The Best Window Cleaning Tools

Window cleaner for washing a windows. Hand in yellow glove hold cleaning squeegee.

Buying Guide for Window Cleaning Tools

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Why buy window cleaning tools?

Having window cleaning tools on hand makes sense if you want quick but thorough cleaning. Microfiber cloths, cushioned scrubber heads, and squeegees can help achieve a streak-free polish. Plus, a window cleaning tool saves you money because you often won’t have to use as much cleaning solution. Finally, the fewer plastic bottled products you buy, the less waste you make.

What should you look for in window cleaning tools?

  • Design: A window cleaning tool could be anything from a simple microfiber towel to a telescopic pole with several cleaner head attachments. There are designs galore to choose from. You probably want a cleaner with an extendable pole to adjust for different window heights for indoor and outdoor windows. Then there’s the head type to consider. Squeegees make window cleaning super fast, as the rubber blade doesn’t absorb water. Then again, a simple microfiber towel does wonders on glass, requires little water, and fits in a purse or glove compartment.
  • Extras: Nearly all the products we review come with accessories of one type or another. The question is a simple matter of what you want and need. There are kits complete with an extendable pole and switchable heads. Even a simple microfiber towel may come with a microfiber polisher. Just keep an eye out as you browse.
  • Usability: If all you need is a compact window cleaning tool for your car, you can pass on professional-grade window cleaners designed for high outdoor and indoor windows. Similarly, a single microfiber towel may not be the best choice if you need to reach higher windows in your home. The urge to buy the gadget with the most features is not uncommon, window cleaners included. Consider what type of window cleaning tool would be most useful for you.

Should you also use a window-cleaning liquid solution with the tool?

It depends. The window cleaning products we review here are designed to remove light debris and dust and to achieve a crystal-clear, streak-free shine. They’re great for regular cleanings. However, if you’re dealing with substantial dirt or bird droppings, you may need to use a liquid cleaning solution and sponge first to target those problem areas. Then, rinse the area with water and use a squeegee or microfiber pad to get that clean shine.

Our Picks for the Best Window Cleaning Tools

Best Wiping Cloths

E-Cloth Window Cleaning Kit

A cute and high-quality microfiber window cleaning cloth and polisher cloth.

Pros: This window cleaning kit includes a waffle-weave microfiber window cloth and a dry glass and polishing cloth. It’s easy to get sparkly, streak-free windows with this kit. Simply put the waffle-weave window cloth in hot water, wring it out, and wipe. The window cloth is larger for big windows and can be spread out to reach high, low, and across the surface. Hold pressure to really get out the grime and dust. Follow up with the smaller polishing cloth. They should last for at least 3 years or 300 washes.

Cons: These cloths can still leave some streaks behind.

Bottom Line: This quality window cloth cleaner kit works wonders. If you need a quick and easy way to clean reachable windows and mirrors, try this option.


Best for Cars

X XINDELL Microfiber Car Window Cleaning Tool

An extendable car window cleaner with a microfiber-covered triangular head for thorough cleaning.

Pros: If you like to keep your car clean and shiny, this product is worth consideration. The car window cleaning tool has an extendable handle and a 180-degree swiveling triangular head. It’s great for cleaning hard-to-reach windows. Its design makes complete contact with windshield glass for meticulous cleaning. The three microfiber washable and reusable pads are especially effective in removing fingerprints and other smudges, dirt, and dust. Use the window cleaning tool on glassy surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen. Simply apply water to the pad and wipe clean.

Cons: You may find that the handle doesn’t extend long enough to get to certain angles of your vehicle. In addition, the handle can be flimsy to use.

Bottom Line: If you’re a car owner, you know how quickly the windshield and windows gather dust and grime from the road. This product offers a fast solution to cleaning every angle of glass surfaces.


Most Versatile

eazer Squeegee Window Cleaner

Efficiently clean windows of all sizes and heights with this two-in-one rotatable window cleaning kit.

Pros: This kit is durable and easy to use, and extremely effective at cleaning windows and other surfaces. The pole is sturdy and well-made, with the ability to extend to reach high places and tilt in multiple directions to access hard-to-reach corners. The squeegee and microfiber cloths are also of excellent quality, with the squeegee providing an impressive cleaning job on all surfaces and the microfiber cloths designed to fit different jobs. Additionally, the set comes with multiple attachments and accessories, making it a great value.

Cons: Some find that the pole is not long enough to reach their windows, and it can be flimsy while at full length. Additionally, the squeegee may not work well on the edges on the center part of a window.

Bottom Line: Overall, this window cleaning tool set is sturdy, well-made, and versatile. It is able to reach high places that are difficult to clean and comes with multiple attachments and accessories to clean additional areas.


Best All-In-One

ITTAHO Extendable Squeegee Window Cleaner

An all-inclusive window cleaning kit for cleaning windows high and low.

Pros: This all-purpose squeegee window washer tool features an ingenious swivel design that rotates seven different ways. This design allows you to reach all edges of the glass just by pressing a button to change the position of the cleaner head. Use the two 11-inch microfiber scrubbers to clean the window, then rinse and use the 12-inch squeegee to dry it. The 53-inch stainless-steel pole has three different extendable sections to reach high or low, making it an all-purpose tool you can use on the car windshield or high windows of your house.

Cons: A few users pointed out that the scrubber and squeegee heads must be switched out, which is inconvenient.

Bottom Line: This generous window cleaning kit offers all the tools needed to clean windows of all kinds. Plus, it keeps you from needing a ladder. Safety first!


Best Squeegee

HIWARE All-Purpose Squeegee

This versatile all-purpose squeegee creates a streak-free shine, indoors and out.

Pros: The HIWARE All-Purpose Squeegee offers a versatile cleaning option for multiple surfaces. Its wide blade and ergonomic design ensure efficient cleaning and quick-drying action, while the rubber blade provides streak-free and squeak-free water control. Plus, the set of waterproof adhesive hooks makes it easy to store almost anywhere for quick access and easy use.

Cons: The rubber blade may bend too easily, and you may find it ineffective at cleaning surfaces. Additionally, some have found the product to be heavy and difficult to use.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re looking to clean indoor windows, outdoor windows, or car windows, you can’t go wrong with this product. It does it all.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to change up the old routine of cleaning your windows. Make the eco-friendly, money-saving move and enjoy even cleaner, shinier windows and glassy surfaces with these tools.

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