The Best Wine Decanters for Ideal Aeration

A man in a blue suit pours red wine into a decanter.
Le Chateau

When you are sitting down to enjoy a nice glass of wine with your dinner, the flavor can make or break your meal. To get that perfect balance of flavors, add a wine decanter to your drink toolkit. A decanter is meant to aerate wine as thoroughly as possible to enhance flavor and release gases that build up as wine sits in a bottle. It’s especially important to decant red wine, as it contains more sediment than white wine. Here are some great wine decanters that we recommend.

Purchasing a Wine Decanter

Here are a few things to think about when selecting a decanter:

  • Intention: What do you want from a decanter? Do you want an attractive wine server shaped to maximize aeration? A veritable decanter is a glass piece designed specifically to fully aerate your favorite bottle of wine, making it great for those looking to taste every flavor note of the drink.
  • Look: Style varies considerably among decanters, both for aesthetic and functional purposes. You will find quality swan-shaped decanters, others with long necks and large bottoms. Arguably, they each work well but look quite different, so opt for the design that fits your aesthetic and will be easy to store.
  • Price: It’s easy to put more money down on a decanter than you’d like, so pay attention to prices. Characteristics that increase cost may include glass quality, design ingenuity, and accessories.

Best Overall: Le Chateau Wine Decanter

Decanter being filled with wine with the packaging in the background.
Le Chateau

Le Chateau’s hand-blown 100% crystal decanter adds elegance to your meals, just as it enhances the flavor of your favorite red wines. The long-necked decanter’s most compelling feature is its 8.5-inch wide bottom. The design gives the wine a large surface area and greater exposure to oxygen to provide maximum aeration that translates to better tasting wine. The decanter holds a standard 750-milliliter bottle.

Best Overall

Le Chateau Wine Decanter - Hand Blown Lead Free Crystal Carafe (750ml) - Red Wine Aerator, Gifts

The extra-wide design of this decanter allows for optimal exposure to oxygen for ideal aeration.

Classic Carafe: Godinger Wine Decanter Carafe

Carafe with a wide bottom and slanted spout holding white wine.

Typically, you use a carafe to serve wine and a decanter to aerate and enhance its aroma and flavor. But the Godinger decanter can do both! Made of lead-free crystal, this decanter has a slanted stem top, which prevents spills, and holds up to 750 milliliters of wine. This product works for both red and white wines, so you can enjoy flavors of all kinds.

Classic Carafe

Godinger Wine Decanter Carafe, Hand Blown Wine Decanter Aerator - Wine Gift

This is a hand-blown crystal decanter that features a slanted top to prevent spills.

A Showstopper: Bormioli Rocco Loto Wine Decanter

Tear-drop shaped decanter with a round stopper filled with red wine and chocolate candy on the left.

This decanter is a showstopper for its appearance and the classy stopper. The glass ball-handled stopper can be easily put in place to prevent spills. The wine decanter is from the Bormioli Loto collection and created to have a sleek design that fits into any decor. It’s small, standing at 12.25 inches tall but is able to hold a bottle of wine.

A Showstopper

Bormioli Rocco Loto Wine Decanter 1.5L, 42oz

This is a lovely carafe with a classy stopper, so you don't have to worry about spills.

Doubles as a Filter: NEW PACIFIC YOUYAH Iceberg Wine Decanter Set

Top view of red wine being poured into decanter.

Yes, this wine decanter is gorgeous, but its key selling point is the bottle stopper’s design and function. It incorporates a stainless-steel aerator and filter that work in tandem with the ribbed pattern of the glass bottleneck. When you pour wine into the decanter’s opening, it runs through the filter, then spreads 360-degrees out as it moves through the ribbed pattern, creating a waterfall effect. The process maximizes oxygen exposure and produces a sediment-free, fully aerated wine!

Fascinating Design: HiCoup Kitchenware Decanter

Swan-shape wine decanter with red wine is being poured in and the packaging in the background.

With its long neck, this swanlike decanter aerates the wine as you fill it. Simply pour a standard 750-milliliter bottle through the large opening and serve the wine through the slimmer opening, a design that prevents spills. The unique shape is meant to enhance aromas and soften tannins for a clean flavor. The decanter is 100% lead-free and created from hand-blown crystal glass.

Fascinating Design

HiCoup Red Wine Decanter - 100% Lead Free, Hand Blown Modern U Shape Crystal Glass Carafe & Aerator

The long neck and tail provide ample exposure to air, aerating the wine for perfect flavor.

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