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The Best Wine Glasses for Unwinding

Everyone from the vineyard to the restaurant table knows that good wine is only as enjoyable as the glass its been poured into. A good wine glass allows its consumer to better understand their drink of choice, from the way a glass rests in your hand to its subtle yet expert features which allow your drink to open up and expose itself as the nuanced drink it has been for centuries. If you’re looking for wine glasses, here are a few options that we recommend.

In Search of the Perfect Pour

Consider these factors ahead of your next purchase:

  • Shape: A key factor you must consider when eyeing your next glass or set is the overall shape of the cup. Certain glass frames are responsible for delivering a more aromatic experience from wine to wine, so it’s important that you match your flavors to the right receptacle.
  • Sets and Capacity: It should also be noted that you’ll have plenty of sets or single glasses to choose from, but what kind of wine lover you’re buying for should be remembered as well. Many a set costs as much as a single top-tier wine glass, so if you’re inviting others over for wine night, it may be best to consider a bundle. Additionally, you should also consider the liquid capacity of your glassware, because the name of the game is moderation.
  • Resistance: A good wine glass should also prevent you from panicking if it gets knocked over. Look to glassware that’s reinforced with shatter-resistant material throughout its frame; or, seek out a glass that removes certain features to create well-balanced stability.

Top Choice: Paksh Novelty Italian Red Wine Glasses

Paksh Novelty’s Italian Red Wine Glasses offer classic laser cut cups that will pair well with any meal or social setting. Made in Italy and available in sets of four or eight, this 18-ounce glassware bundle is crafted from exclusive Star Glass, a lead-free chemical composition that produces wine glasses with an ultra-clear sheen. It features a large, stout bulb shape that offers its drinker a natural hold in their hands while exposing them to more aromas. This bundle is also dishwasher-friendly and resistant to common causes of stem breakage.

Top Choice

Paksh Novelty Italian Red Wine Glasses - 18 Ounce - Wine Glass Clear (Set of 4)

This set of red wine glasses provides a comfortable hold and aromatic experience.

Best Stemless: JoyJolt Spirits Stemless Wine Glasses

For those who prefer savoring their wine without fear of potential breaks while drinking or cleaning, this set of four stemless glasses from JoyJolt Spirits is sure to save you the trouble. By removing the stem from the glassware, you remove the top-heavy nature that’s often prone to easy toppling and spillage. This new broad base provides wine lovers with the necessary amount of stability needed to hold 15-ounces of red or white wine. As an added convenience, these four glasses are also shatter-resistant and dishwasher safe.

Best Stemless

JoyJolt Spirits Stemless Wine Glasses for Red or White Wine (Set of 4)-15-Ounces

This set of four stemless glasses offers wine lovers an added level of style and stability.

Best Personalized: My Personal Memories Wine Glass

There are plenty of options that you could gift to your favorite wine connoisseur, but this single glass from My Personal Memories knows how to make someone feel special. This 16-ounce glass can be sold on its own, but buyers can add a free, personalized engraving with their purchase. It’s the perfect red or white wine glass for birthdays, bridesmaids, or anniversaries depending on what you choose to etch into its glass surface.

Best Personalized

My Personal Memories, Personalized Wine Glass With Stem - Engraved with Your Custom Text

This personalized 16-ounce wine glass is the perfect choice for any kind of gifting.

Also Great: Elixir Glassware Red or White Wine Glass Set

Red wine or white, you’ll be less mesmerized with what you’re drinking than you will be with the glass itself. Crafted from 100% lead-free crystal, this Elixir Glassware Set is an elegant oddity. Its unorthodox shape, a contemporary cylindrical body, invites conversation while still offering that sparkle and flair wine lovers desire. Each glass is shaped and hand-blown by skilled artisans through traditional methods so that each feature, from its carefully cut wide rim to its slender stem, ensures this will be your new favorite wine glass.

Also Great

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