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The Best Wine Racks

🕚 Updated January 2023

Storing your wine in a wine rack is a fantastic way to keep your favorite vintages organized, aesthetically appealing, secure, and ready to drink. If you like to enjoy wine at home, we've gathered some reliable wine racks for you.

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  Top Choice Best Wall-Mounted Rack Best for Budget Best Countertop Rack Multifunctional Design
  Trivetrunner-Anna Stay
Wall-Mounted Wine Rack
Wall Mount Wine Rack
Wine Rack
12-Bottle Bamboo Wine Rack
Kings Brand Furniture
Metal with Marble Wine Storage Organizer
Our SummaryA wall-mounted wine rack that makes good use of space and adds a nice touch to a home.A wine rack that keeps nine bottles of wine fresh in taste and appearance.This freestanding wine rack is both stackable and foldable for ease of use.Efficiently maximize your storage space with this stylish and tall 12-bottle wine holder.Make the most of your space with this luxury wine rack and end table combo.
Pros✓ Space for corks
✓ Metal frame
✓ Decorative
✓ Includes wine charms
✓ Store up to nine bottles
✓ Modern and sleek
✓ Horizontal storage
✓ Store up to 10 bottles
✓ No assembly required
✓ Fold flat for storage
✓ Vertical design to maximize storage
✓ Sleek and modern
✓ Minimal assembly required
✓ Great for home decorating
✓ Beautiful marble tabletop
✓ Holds up to 11 bottles
Cons✗ Vertical storage
✗ Limited capacity
✗ Provided screws aren't long enough✗ Larger bottles will not fit✗ Assembly instructions may be confusing to some
✗ Lightweight
✗ Light bottom
✗ Additional tools required for assembly
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The Best Wine Racks

Three different wine racks; two are on countertops, one is freestanding with a tabletop on it.

Buying Guide for Wine Racks

Wine rack holding a variety of red and white wines in a rod iron group of circles.

Why buy a wine rack?

Most people don’t have a wine cellar in their home or basement space to dedicate just to wine. You don’t want to leave your wine bottles sitting on the floor or your countertops, and full-sized wine bottles can take up a lot of space in the refrigerator. Wine racks offer a handy, space-efficient, and stylish alternative to both of these problems.

What should you consider in a wine rack?

  • Size: The amount of wine bottles you own is going to be the most important factor in picking a home wine rack. There are many options in terms of size, ranging from racks that hold half a dozen wine bottles to models that can support 100 or more at once. The ones we’re highlighting here are for smaller home collections of around 10 bottles. Also consider where you plan to keep your wine rack and the amount of space available. Wine racks can be small and compact enough to sit on countertops or as large as bookcases or dressers. Even if you opt for a space-saving wall-mounted option, make sure you have enough room on your walls to fit your new wine rack.
  • Type: There are quite a few different types of wine racks available on the market, each available in a range of sizes and styles. Freestanding, tabletop, wall-mounted, and cabinet wine racks are all common options. Freestanding models are common, sturdy, and easy to move around if you ever redecorate, and many hold a large number of bottles. They can come in the form of shelves, carts, cabinets, stands, frames, or racks. Tabletop wine racks will hold fewer bottles, but they’re extremely convenient, compact, easy to place, and great for display purposes. Wall-mounted options save you floor and counter space, come in a wide range of different styles, and are great for displaying your collection. Some models, regardless of type, are stackable or modular so that you can add to, adjust, or expand your wine rack as your wine collection grows or changes.
  • Material: Since wine bottles can be heavy when full, and you’ll have more than one on your rack at a time, sturdiness and strength are key components in your wine rack’s material. Woods and metals are most common as they’re durable, stable, and offer a range of design options. If you opt for wood, look for solid hardwoods like oak, fir, pine, cherry, and mahogany. Bamboo is also a good option. If you decide to go for the extra strength of metal, try to find one that is both strong and anti-rust and anti-corrosion, like stainless steel or wrought iron.

What are some other tips for storing wine?

Wine racks that hold the bottles sideways will keep corked wine fresher for longer. You’ll also want to keep your wine rack out of direct sunlight and away from appliances that can produce heat and vibration that can make the wine spoil. Alternatively, you could invest in a wine fridge that will control the temperature of your wine the most reliably.

Our Picks for the Best Wine Racks

Top Choice

Trivetrunner-Anna Stay Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

A wall-mounted wine rack that makes good use of space and adds a nice touch to a home.

Pros: The Trivetrunner-Anna Stay Wall-Mounted Wine Rack is a great way to utilize your wall space for storage. This model comes with bonus wine glass storage and wine charms for entertaining. You can even store your wine corks in the base tray if you collect them. The rack allows you to line up a maximum of five standard-sized bottles of wine and has four slots to store wine glasses upside down underneath the cork tray. The heavy-duty metal frame is sturdy and has a black finish for a sleeker look. You’ll also receive six wine charms that attach to the stem, each with a different word inscribed upon it so that your guests won’t get their wine glasses mixed up during parties.

Cons: It doesn’t store the bottles sideways, so it’s not the best for long-term storage. It also only holds up to five bottles at a time.

Bottom Line: This wall-mounted wine rack is a compact yet classy option that will look great in a kitchen, dining room, or living room.


Best Wall-Mounted Rack

Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack

A wine rack that keeps nine bottles of wine fresh in taste and appearance.

Pros: The Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack gives you space for nine regular wine or champagne bottles. There’s even the option to add multiple racks on top or below. Plus, there are individual spots for every bottle on this wine rack. As a bonus, this wine rack stores the bottles horizontally to keep the corks moist. This rack is great for beginners or wine enthusiasts and can fit perfectly on any wall. It’s great for wine cellars, rec rooms, dining rooms, and even restaurants.

Cons: The screws that come with this wine rack are a bit short, which can make it a little difficult to install properly it on the wall.

Bottom Line: This wine rack is a fabulous way to make your wine collection a focal point. Its minimalist and modern appearance will let your wine bottles shine.


Best for Budget

Ferfil Wine Rack

This freestanding wine rack is both stackable and foldable for ease of use.

Pros: For people who are just starting out with their wine collection, this is a fantastic option. You can store 10 bottles on each rack (purchased separately), and they’re stackable, so you can build a collection over time. When not in use, these racks fold nearly flat, so they won’t take up too much space. These can be stored on a tabletop, a countertop, a bar top, or in a wine cellar. These racks are made from solid, eco-friendly wood. And they require no assembly: simply unfold them and store your wine!

Cons: Not all bottles can fit inside the slots of this rack. Wine that comes in wider bottles, like Burgundy or sparkling wine, may not fit in the inner slots.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a simple countertop wine rack, this may be a great solution for you. It’s an affordable option that’s great for smaller collections.


Best Countertop Rack

Oceanstar 12-Bottle Bamboo Wine Rack

Efficiently maximize your storage space with this stylish and tall 12-bottle wine holder.

Pros: Sleek, modern, and sturdy, this unique vertical wine rack is great for storing wine, and it’s a great solution for beginners or wine connoisseurs. It fits neatly in the corner of a countertop or bar top, or you can display it front and center to show off its artistic look. It measures 15.75 x 5.75 x 11.75 inches and only weighs about 2 pounds, so you can maximize your storage space. It’s made from bamboo with a dark espresso finish, and it requires very little assembly.

Cons: The assembly instructions may be confusing to some. Also, because this is a lightweight wine rack made from bamboo, it doesn’t have the beefy, sturdy quality of some other wine racks.

Bottom Line: For vertical storage at a low price, this wine rack fits the bill. For the price, it’s fantastic because of its artful quality. It’s perfect for holding up to 12 standard-sized bottles of wine.


Multifunctional Design

Kings Brand Furniture Metal with Marble Wine Storage Organizer

Make the most of your space with this luxury wine rack and end table combo.

Pros: Home decorating enthusiasts, this may be the best wine rack for you. It’s functional and elegant, keeping your bottles secure underneath a solid tabletop. It’s handy for cocktail parties and other functions where you may want to enjoy a bottle of wine. The finish of the tabletop is a black marble with metal wine racks underneath supported by a wooden frame. It measures 15 x 12 x 33 inches, and the tabletop is 15 x 12 inches. Altogether, this wine rack holds 11 standard-sized bottles of wine. It looks killer in a living room, bar area, rec room, dining room, foyer, or indoor patio. 

Cons: This table would feel more sturdy if the bottom was a bit heavier. Also, you need to have a screwdriver handy to put this together.

Bottom Line: This wine rack is an excellent value. It’s easy to install in under an hour with just one person and one or two simple tools. And it’s pretty, fitting well with just about any decor.

Final Thoughts

Wine racks are an affordable and effective way to keep your collection in order. The right one will look great in your home and will save you plenty of space. Each of our top picks could help you keep your wine secure and looking nice.

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