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The Best Wire Cutters for Electronics and Jewelry

three different wire cutters in a row

If you’re doing any electronics work or starting to make your own jewelry, a good set of wire cutters is going to be an important tool in your kit. You can get by with just using regular scissors for a while, but upgrading to proper wire cutters will improve your crafting experience.

Why Do You Need Wire Cutters?

Wire cutters make it easier to make precise cuts and strip all kinds of wires. For most electronics work, having the ability to easily strip many sizes of wires is going to be the most important thing that sets wire cutters apart from regular scissors. If you’re making jewelry this likely isn’t a concern, as you will be more focused on making clean cuts on wires of varying thickness and not stripping off the insulation of electrical wires.

The Best Overall: Irwin Vice-Grip Wire Strippers

pointed wire cutters with blue and yellow grips

If you are doing a lot of electronics work, the Irwin Vice-Grip Strippers are going to make your life a lot easier. It can quickly cut and strip any wires between 10-22 AWG (American Wire Gauge) and can even cut through multiple sizes of small bolts. The wire strippers can also crimp insulated and non-insulated terminals and have pliers in the nose for convenience.

The Best Overall

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Wire Stripper, 8 inch, Cuts 10-22 AWG, Plier Style Nose, ProTouch Grip for Maximum Comfort (2078309)

The Irwin Vice-Grip Strippers are a great option for anyone working with electronics; they can strip, crimp, and cut many different types and sizes of wires.

The Budget Choice: Dowell Wire Strippers

wire cutters with a rounded tip and yellow and black handles

If you need an affordable pair of wire cutters that are also capable of cleanly stripping them, then the Dowell Wire Strippers might be your best option. It can cut and strip any wires from 10-22 AWG and it even has a lock to keep it in place.

The Budget Choice

DOWELL 10-22 AWG Wire Stripper Cutter Wire Stripping Tool And Multi-Function Hand Tool?Professional Handle Design And Refined Craftsmanship.

The Dowell Wire Strippers are an incredibly affordable way to meet your wire cutting needs. They can cut and strip any wire from 10 to 22 AWG.

The Best for Making Jewelry: Micro Cutter

small pointed wire cutters with bright red and dark gray handles

If you’re not working on electronics projects and just need something simple for crafts, the Micro Cutter will give you the precise cut you’re looking for. It is made of heat-treated carbon steel that will keep its edge for a while and it can cut wires up to 16 AWG. If you’re just making jewelry and don’t need to strip anything or you just need to make cleaner wire cuts, this tool is a perfect fit.

The Best for Jewelry

Hakko-CHP-170 Micro Cutter - Red

The Micro Cutter is a great tool for cutting wires for jewelry and crafts. It is made of high-quality carbon steel and can cut wires up to 16 AWG.

The Heavy-Duty Option: Klein Tools Cable Cutters

wide rounded wire cutters with red handles
Klein Tools

If you’re trying to cut through some thicker wires, then a regular pair of wire strippers might not be big enough to get the job done. Klein Tools Cable Cutters can provide you with enough leverage to cut through wires up to an inch in diameter. These aren’t amazing at stripping wires, but they will cut through just about anything you can fit in the jaw.

The Heavy-Duty Option

Klein Tools 63050 Cable Cutter, Heavy Duty Cutter for Aluminum, Copper, and Communications Cable,Red

The Klein Tools Cable Cutters allow you to cut through thick cables and wires with ease.

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