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The Best Wireless Charging Mouse Pads for Your Desk

black, rainbow lit charging pad beside a keyboard and supporting a computer mouse

Wireless charging is a great way to tidy up your workstation. No wires add to the organizational look of your desk, and they won’t get in the way. However, some chargers can be bulky and take away from the overall neatness. If you use a mouse at your desk, kill two birds with one stone by getting a wireless charging mouse pad. These mouse pads double as wireless chargers for all your supported devices.

What to Look for in a Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

In any wireless charger, it’s important that it can be compatible with as many supported devices as possible. It’s also important that the wireless charger is safe to use. If the wireless charger is Qi-Certified, it will ensure a universal compatibility and will prevent against many hazards. As these wireless chargers double as mouse pads, you should consider the size of the mouse pad as well to find a good fit for your desk.

Best Overall: JCREN Fast Wireless Charger Mouse Pad

textured black charging pad

This mouse pad from JCREN is a solid wireless charging mouse pad that works great. It’s a Qi-Certified, 10-watt charger that supports a fast charging mode. The charging coil is fairly large, so it will charge your device, no matter the angle. It has approximately the same dimensions as a letter-size paper, and has a non-slip, waterproof base that will stay firm on your desk.

Best Budget Option: Cell Bro Flat Clicker Mouse Pad

foldable dark gray charging mouse pad with a cell phone slot

This wireless charging mouse pad from Cell Bro is a great low-cost option for you. It has a Qi-Certified 10-watt charger that sits at an angle on the mouse pad. You’ll be able to use your mouse freely without potentially bumping into your charging device. This mouse pad is made of rubber and gives you an 11.7-inch x 8.7-inch area for your mouse.

Best Budget Option

Best for Gaming: PHILIPS RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

wired black charging pad outlined with rainbow lighting

This mouse pad from Philips is a great choice for gamers. It gives ample room for your mouse, so you won’t feel limited in your range of mouse motion. Additionally, it comes with an RGB backlight with ten different modes. Its surface is smooth for your mouse, and the bottom will grip the surface of your desk to stay in place. This wireless charger supports fast charging as well.

Best For Gaming

Premium Choice: Corsair mm1000 Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

wired black charging pad

This wireless charging mouse pad from Corsair is a high-end pick for those looking for high performance. It has a Qi-Certified charger, which also includes USB, USB-C, and Lightning adapters for universal compatibility. Its surface is made of a low-friction material, and it comes with a rubber base to keep itself in place. Plus, this mouse pad has a large surface area and a charge status indicator.

Premium Choice

Corsair MM1000 Qi Wireless Charging Mouse Pad - Adapters Included for Most Smartphones including IPhone and Android, Black, Large

This mouse pad is a high-end mouse pad with a sleek design that's a perfect addition to your desk.

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