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The Best Wireless Charging Pads

🕚 Updated February 2022

If you're tired of buying new charging cables for your smartphone, a wireless charging pad might be the answer. These allow you to effortlessly charge your devices with no cables or hassle. Here are some top-notch products we recommend.

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  Best Budget Best for Cars Best for Desks Best Multi-Device Also Great
Wireless Charger
Wireless Charger
Wireless Charger
Wireless Charging Station
W1 Wireless Charger
Our SummaryThis wireless charging pad is a fast, affordable way to charge your smartphone or wireless earbuds.This charging pad sports an appropriate size and design for in-car use and is grippy enough to stay still while you drive.Featuring a unique design with ample storage space, this wireless charger keeps your phone tilted so that you can read notifications.This charging station can quickly charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at the same time.This wireless charging pad stands out due to its gorgeous, slim design and attractive LED indicator lights.
ProsAffordable price, Qi-certified, fast charging compatible, sleep-friendly, several color options.Easy to position phone, convenient size for most vehicles, grippy rubber surface, has long power cord.Keeps your space organized, durable build quality, stands phone up, easy to find the “sweet spot.”Compatible with AirPods and Apple Watch, comes with fast charging AC adapter, travel-friendly design, great for Apple users.Beautiful design, reliable option, fast variable-wattage charging, includes LED charging indicators.
ConsShort USB cable.Not ideal for large phones.Longevity concerns.Elusive sweet spot.Lights stay on.
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The Best Wireless Charging Pads

Wireless charging pad charging iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods next to sleeping woman

Although wireless charging technology has been out for a while, expensive price points and unfounded myths about the technology kept wireless charging out of the mainstream for some time. However, those days are done. Today, wireless charging pads can be purchased for an affordable price and are compatible with a wide range of top smartphones and wireless earbuds.

Buying Guide for Wireless Charging Pads

Person sliding white circular wireless charging pad into a tote bag

Why buy a wireless charging pad?

Wireless charging pads are a convenient option for many since they can be used to quickly and safely charge a wide variety of smartphones. Additionally, using a charging pad may save your phone’s charging port a lot of wear and tear over time when compared to wired charging. Many people also find wireless charging more convenient since they can simply drop their phone on their charging pad instead of hunting their space for the right charging cable.

What should you look for in a wireless charging pad?

  • Qi Charging Standard: You’ll want to look for wireless charging pads that are Qi-enabled. Qi is the current standard for wireless charging and is universally compatible with any device that supports wireless charging. Thankfully, Qi charging pads have become very affordable over the years, even as the chargers have become more powerful and efficient over time.
  • Design: Be sure to select a design that is right for you. A wireless charging pad should be easy to use so that you can drop your phone on it for a quick charge without the need for any awkward guesswork or having to find the perfect position. Some charging pads can even charge multiple devices at once or are designed to charge your phone as well as a smartwatch.
  • Wattage: A wireless charging pad’s wattage should also be considered in order to make an educated purchase. Newer smartphones tend to be designed to handle more wattage from wireless chargers, allowing for a faster charge. Thus, buying a 10-watt wireless charger is a better idea than a 5-watt charger since these will give your phone a much speedier charge, assuming your phone can utilize the extra wattage.

Will wireless charging pads work when my phone is in its case?

While many phone cases are built fully compatible with wireless charging pads, some will need to be taken off for your phone to charge. In general, most thin cases don’t cause problems with wireless chargers. However, thick wallet-style cases and similarly thick cases can potentially slow down your phone’s charge time or refuse a connection with the wireless charger altogether. That being said, most brands of phone cases will let you know whether their product is compatible with Qi wireless chargers.

Our Picks for the Best Wireless Charging Pads

Best Budget

Yootech Wireless Charger

This wireless charging pad is a fast, affordable way to charge your smartphone or wireless earbuds.

Pros: This Qi-certified wireless charging pad from Yootech is an excellent choice for those seeking something budget-friendly and dependable. This charger provides up to 10 watts of charging power to compatible phones and conveniently shuts off its LED light when charging your device so that you can get some sleep. To sweeten the deal, it also offers several style options so that you can find the perfect design for your space.

Cons: Like most wireless charging pads, this one comes with a USB cable instead of an AC power adapter. With this in mind, you will need a powerful USB wall plug in order to take advantage of quick charging. That being said, the USB cable that comes with this product is a little short, so it can potentially have issues reaching your desk or nightstand if it’s not located near an outlet.

Bottom Line: In terms of charging speed and dependability, it doesn’t get much better than this, especially at this product’s price point. That being said, if you don’t already own a decent USB wall plug, this will increase the cost of your investment. Luckily, the plug that comes with most modern smartphones from brands like Samsung and Apple should be perfect for achieving a maximum charge speed.


Best for Cars

POLMXS Wireless Charger

This charging pad sports an appropriate size and design for in-car use and is grippy enough to stay still while you drive.

Pros: If you’re looking for a wireless charging pad for your vehicle, the POLMXS Wireless Charger is your best bet. This charger is constructed with a grippy rubber material that helps your phone stay put even when you’re driving on winding mountain roads. It’s also perfectly sized to accommodate a wide variety of vehicles, whether you choose to place it in the cubby area or center console. Factoring in its powerful 10-watt charging and long power cord, this is a wireless charging pad that will exceed the needs of most.

Cons: While this charging pad’s rectangular design will make it simple for most to find the “sweet spot” in order to charge their phone, those with very large phones may have some trouble. This is especially true if your smartphone is even larger than the charger itself.

Bottom Line: A great wireless charging pad can make an amazing addition to your vehicle, and this one checks off all the necessary boxes for convenient in-car use. That being said, due to this product’s design, it may be worthwhile to measure your device before you buy so that you can make sure it will be a good fit.


Best for Desks

EasyAcc Wireless Charger

Featuring a unique design with ample storage space, this wireless charger keeps your phone tilted so that you can read notifications.

Pros: The EasyAcc Wireless Charger is an excellent product for your desk or nightstand, thanks to its unique design and ample storage space for your essentials. It’s also surprisingly durable for its price and situates your phone at a convenient angle so that you can check messages and notifications while you work. This charging pad also allows for 10-watt fast charging for compatible smartphones, making it every bit as efficient as it is functional.

Cons: Some reviewers have noted that this charger tends to degrade over time, making it more necessary to find its “sweet spot” in order for your phone to receive a reliable charge. Thankfully, its design makes this relatively easy, but it’s safe to say this might not be the most long-lasting wireless charging pad out there.

Bottom Line: This wireless charging pad sports a design that will make it a welcome addition to your desk at work. While it might not be the most long-lasting product on the market at its price range, its ability to keep your desk organized and phone charged simultaneously is well worth the price.


Best Multi-Device

ETEPEHI Wireless Charging Station

This charging station can quickly charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at the same time.

Pros: Featuring a travel-friendly design that includes a pop-up Apple Watch charger, the ETEPEHI Wireless Charging Station is a great option for Apple users who want to charge their watch, smartphone, and AirPods using a single device. Considering this wireless charging pad comes with a fast-charging AC adapter and more than enough wattage output to quickly charge your devices, it’s an underrated deal for its price.

Cons: The biggest drawback to this wireless charging pad is the elusive sweet spot on its smartphone charger, so don’t be surprised if it takes a little bit of patience to connect with the charger. However, this is a fairly common quirk with Qi charging technology, regardless of the product you end up purchasing.

Bottom Line: There are quite a few similar products to this one out there that are up to three times more expensive but don’t add much in terms of functionality. Considering this, it’s hard to argue that this charging pad isn’t an amazing value for Apple users. Android users will also find a lot to love here but will likely need to invest in an adapter to take advantage of the earbud charger.


Also Great

TOZO W1 Wireless Charger

This wireless charging pad stands out due to its gorgeous, slim design and attractive LED indicator lights.

Pros: Very few wireless charging pads can be described as “beautiful,” but the TOZO W1 Wireless Charger’s design is a sight to behold. This slim and sleek wireless charger features gorgeous LED indicator lights to tell you when your phone is charging and when it’s fully charged. This charging pad also can quick charge certain phones at 10 watts, but you will need to provide a compatible phone and quick charge wall adapter to unlock its true charging speed.

Cons: This might not be an ideal charging pad for light sleepers to use when charging their phone at night since its LED lights stay on while it is powered up. That being said, its lights aren’t particularly bright, so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue for those who don’t require a pitch-black room to sleep.

Bottom Line: Thankfully, the TOZO W1 is more than just eye-candy and actually competes with the heavy hitters in terms of performance and reliability. However, its LEDs (as sleek as they look) represent an unfortunate design decision, making this a more suitable product for one’s living room than their bedroom.

Final Thoughts

When wireless charging pads first hit the market, their lack of charging speed and expensive price tags kept them out of the hands of many prospective users. However, as the technology behind wireless charging has become more efficient, reliable wireless charging pads have gotten much more affordable. If this technology appeals to you, it’s a fantastic time to go wireless!

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