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The Best Wireless Hidden Spy Cameras

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Keeping your home safe has never been easier to do on your own than with wireless hidden spy cameras. Capture footage in your home and be two places at once. Wireless hidden cameras are the future of home security.

What to Look for in Hidden Cameras

Choosing a hidden spy camera that fits your needs starts first with the form. Consider first what will draw the least attention where you plan to install the camera, so it does not look out of place. Some hidden cameras will have little to no installation but may require charging, so it is important to factor in the battery backup time.

Depending on how clear you want the footage to be, look for cameras that record in 1080p HD and come with night vision for recording in the dark. Many of these devices are motion-sensitive and only record when movement is detected. Another important decision for playback is if you want to be able to stream the footage or playback recordings. Some cameras can be used with apps on your smartphone to watch live.

Best Overall: Mini Spy Camera 1080P Hidden Camera

a small spy camera being held in a hand with the lens altered to show what it looks like close up

Affordably priced, this small camera comes with night vision, motion detection, and a built-in battery. The device can be used for housekeepers, nannies, babies, pets, personal or professional surveillance, and even body safety. The video records in 1080p HD clarity, even at night. Users can record for 60 minutes on battery time or 24/7 while the device is charging. Footage can be played on a loop when used with a 32GB micro SD card. This small and compact camera is discrete and allows you to stay a step ahead.

USB Charger Camera: Spy Camera Charger

a small surveillance camera hidden in a USB charger port

A two-in-one deal, this USB charger will charge your phone and record video simultaneously. This hidden camera does not require Wi-Fi, simply insert a micro SD card and plug the USB into an outlet to record video. It records crystal clear in 1080p and detects the smallest movements. Old files are overwritten for continuous recording. Great for a stealthy 24/7 operation, this hidden camera is high quality and provides a good option for surveillance.

Smoke Detector Camera: Hidden Camera Smoke Detector — Spy Camera

a hidden camera disguised as a smoke detector with a phone displaying the footage

Disguised as a smoke detector, this device functions solely as a hidden camera. Cleverly designed to record video footage in 1080p HD, this device senses motion and has night vision. The smoke detector camera allows for remote video viewing at any time when the app is downloaded. Simply insert an SD card to store and save video, though the app also can record footage. The battery capacity has 180 days of standby time when fully charged. No wiring is needed for this product.

Photo Frame Camera: Spy Camera Hidden WiFi Photo Frame

a photo frame that has a hidden camera at the top

Conspicuously disguised as a photo frame, this hidden spy camera is remotely controlled through WiFi and the YIEYE app. Stream footage remotely in 1080p HD and with night vision, this device can record up to 8 meters in total darkness and has a 15 degree downward viewing angle. No cords are required with this hidden camera. The photo frame camera picks up motion and will send an alert to your smartphone. Footage can be played remotely or downloaded to your phone. The battery on this device is rechargeable and can record up to 365 days. Easily placed in a home environment, the camera records only when motion is detected so the battery is not wasted.

Spy cameras allow for an easy way to conduct surveillance in your home or office, especially when they are easily concealed. With high-tech technology, wireless cameras can record in HD and store hours of footage while needing limited charging. There are hidden spy camera options available for every need out there.

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