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The Best Wireless TV Headphones

🕚 Updated November 2022

Immersive audio can really enhance your favorite TV show, but this is not always possible when others around you want peace and quiet. Check out these top-rated wireless TV headphones for amazing audio that'll bring you right into the action.

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  Top Pick Best for Budget Best TV Earbuds Best Noise Cancelling Best Set of Two
RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System
Wireless Over-Ear Headset
Wireless TV Earbuds
Life Q20 Headphones
HT41899 Dual Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones
Our SummaryThese wireless headphones use Kleer technology instead of Bluetooth to deliver amazing audio, a flawless connection, and 18 hours of battery life.These fast-charging, budget-friendly Bluetooth headphones offer impressive audio quality and comfort that make their low price point even more appealing.These earbuds come with a Bluetooth receiver that automatically connects to the earbuds when it is plugged into the TV or soundbar.These noise cancelling headphones stand out due to their exceptional battery life and deep, rich bass.This easy-to-use set of headphones can adjust volume levels independently so that both people using them can listen to the TV at an ideal volume.
Pros✓ Outstanding sound quality
✓ Comfortable to wear
✓ Reduce ambient noise
✓ Easy to use
✓ Impressive bass
✓ Affordable price
✓ Bluetooth connection
✓ Immersive audio
✓ Comfortable to wear
✓ Foldable design
✓ Easy to use
✓ Wide compatibility
✓ Above-average audio quality
✓ Great for seniors
✓ Connect up to two pairs of headphones
✓ Active noise cancellation
✓ Exceptional battery life
✓ Bluetooth 5 connection
✓ Awesome bass
✓ Comfortable for extended sessions
✓ Universal compatibility
✓ Individualized volume control
✓ Great battery life
✓ Lag-free audio
Cons✗ Expensive✗ Subpar mic✗ Lacks bass✗ Slightly bass-heavy✗ Subpar charging setup
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The Best Wireless TV Headphones

Man watching TV while using black Sennheiser wireless headphones

Do thin walls or resting family members keep you from enjoying your favorite TV show or movies at a comfortable volume? If so, a great pair of wireless TV headphones are the perfect way to enjoy your television programs without disturbing those around you.

Buying Guide for Wireless TV Headphones

An excited young woman with eyeglasses and wireless headphones watching TV.

Why buy wireless TV headphones?

If you love late-night movies and TV but don’t want to wake up your family or roommates, or if you have trouble hearing the TV’s speakers and need a more direct route for your TV’s audio, a high-quality set of wireless TV headphones can vastly improve the time you spend watching television. Wireless TV headphones also afford you added privacy when watching TV alone in your room. Additionally, with so many great Bluetooth smart TVs and wireless Bluetooth adapters on the market, wireless TV headphones are now more affordable than ever.

What should you look for in wireless TV headphones?

  • Sound: There’s a lot of variety out there in terms of sound quality when it comes to wireless TV headphones. There are some amazing options for audiophiles with incredible bass and immersive surround sound that can bring you right into the action. Or, for the hearing impaired, some models can add clarity to dialogue or help block out ambient sound so that you can hear the TV more clearly.
  • Ease of Use: You don’t want to spend more than a few seconds getting your wireless TV headphones connected to your TV. Thankfully, Bluetooth-enabled televisions make this process incredibly simple, although there are even easier options available for elderly TV lovers who might struggle with new technology.
  • Comfort: If you plan on watching a lot of television while wearing your new headphones, you will want to find a pair that is so comfortable that you may even forget you’re wearing them. There are several factors to consider when it comes to comfort, including the softness and quality of a headphone’s materials, its flexibility, and its overall fit.

Can you use wireless TV headphones if your TV doesn’t have Bluetooth?

Even if your TV isn’t Bluetooth-compatible, you can still benefit from wireless TV headphones. Most wireless TV headphones accomplish this by connecting a wireless receiver directly to your TV via its optical, RCA, or AUX audio output. They are then able to use Bluetooth (or another wireless technology) to transmit your TV’s audio directly to your headphones in real-time. If your smart TV only allows for a single Bluetooth device to be connected at a time, connecting a dual-link Bluetooth receiver is an effective method for using a set of wireless TV headphones with your TV.

Our Picks for the Best Wireless TV Headphones

Top Pick

Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System

These wireless headphones use Kleer technology instead of Bluetooth to deliver amazing audio, a flawless connection, and 18 hours of battery life.

Pros: In terms of sound quality, comfort, and convenience, it would be hard to find wireless TV headphones that outperform the Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System. Featuring bass boost and surround sound listening modes and an ambient noise-reducing design, these headphones are also easy to set up so that even the elderly and non-tech-savvy can enjoy them. The receiver also doubles as a handy charging dock, allowing you to easily charge your headphones when you’re done using them.

Cons: When it comes to headphones, an expensive price tag usually accompanies premium sound quality, and these wireless TV headphones offer no exception. Casual TV watchers who don’t require next-level audio quality to enjoy their favorite shows can likely save a lot of money by investing in a budget-friendly pair of Bluetooth wireless TV headphones.

Bottom Line: While these wireless TV headphones will be seen as a luxury purchase by some, they are still an excellent option for those who want the best audio experience possible while watching TV. Given their impressive battery life and comfortable design, they are sure to impress a lot of people, aside from budget-savvy shoppers looking to save some cash.


Best for Budget

Zihnic Wireless Over-Ear Headset

These fast-charging, budget-friendly Bluetooth headphones offer impressive audio quality and comfort that make their low price point even more appealing.

Pros: If you’re seeking wireless TV headphones on a tight budget, this headset from Zihnic should be right up your alley. Although you will need a Bluetooth-enabled television to use this headset with your TV, you’ll likely love the surprisingly crisp stereo sound quality this product has to offer. Additionally, these wireless headphones feature a very comfortable artificial leather covering and overall design that can be worn for hours without causing discomfort.

Cons: Many reviewers have noted that this product’s microphone is pretty subpar, especially for taking calls. Luckily, if you are purchasing these headphones for watching TV or movies, the less-than-stellar microphone will be a moot point.

Bottom Line: While these budget-friendly Bluetooth headphones won’t offer the stellar audio quality of premium wireless TV headphones, they definitely outperform similar products at their price range. Factor in the variety of unique color options and sleek, foldable design, and you have a product that is worth every penny of its affordable price tag.


Best TV Earbuds

Avantree Wireless TV Earbuds

These earbuds come with a Bluetooth receiver that automatically connects to the earbuds when it is plugged into the TV or soundbar.

Pros: If you have an elderly relative or friend who loves watching TV but struggles to hear it, the Avantree HT5006 Wireless Earbuds for TV is a product that can instantly improve their everyday life. Featuring above-average sound and a steady Bluetooth connection with no audio delays, this product automatically pairs with its Bluetooth receiver when it’s plugged into the TV so that even non-techies can effortlessly use them. It also enables you to connect a second pair of Bluetooth headphones to the transmitter so that you can enjoy your favorite program with a friend.

Cons: Like most earbuds, this product lacks the deep bass tones that can be provided by most quality over-ear headphones. However, its highs and mids work quite well for making dialogue easy to understand, even with lots of background noise.

Bottom Line: Due to their easy-to-use design and clear sound that lacks overwhelming bass, these earbuds will primarily appeal to older users who are looking for something simple and reliable. That being said, the underwhelming bass might limit the immersion you feel when watching your favorite action flick.


Best Noise Cancelling

Soundcore Life Q20 Headphones

These noise-canceling headphones stand out due to their exceptional battery life and deep, rich bass sounds.

Pros: Watching TV can be irritating with the hum of your home surrounding you, but the Soundcore Life Q20 Headphones do well to limit ambient noise via their active noise cancellation technology. These Bluetooth 5 headphones also impress both in terms of battery life and comfort, so you can marathon your favorite Netflix show without needing to recharge or take a break due to discomfort. To sweeten the deal, these headphones have really impressive bass, given their relatively inexpensive price tag.

Cons: While these headphones will make action-packed movies and bass-heavy soundtracks tantalizing to listen to, their bass-heavy audio can sometimes leave higher sounds as somewhat of an afterthought. Also, some reviewers with smaller heads noted that the overall fit of these headphones leaves something to be desired.

Bottom Line: Quality headphones that feature active noise cancellation tend to cost a pretty penny, so this offering from Soundcore will really appeal to those who like to watch TV in noisy environments. Thankfully, these are also one of the most comfortable over-ear headphone options at any price range, and their Bluetooth 5 connection is tailor-made for lag-free TV audio.


Best Set of Two

Avantree HT41899 Dual Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones

This easy-to-use set of headphones can adjust volume levels independently so that both people using them can listen to the TV at an ideal volume.

Pros: Most Bluetooth-enabled TVs only allow you to connect one set of Bluetooth headphones at a time, but this product from Avantree solves this problem using a nifty Bluetooth transmitter that is compatible with just about any TV you can throw at it. In addition to receiving lag-free audio, these headphones can adjust the volume individually so that both parties can listen at a comfortable volume. It’s also worth noting that this headphone set is easier to use than comparable products, making it a great choice for those who struggle with using new tech.

Cons: While this set comes with two Micro USB  cables for charging the headphones, it doesn’t include power adapters to plug into your AC outlet. Thus, some people might need to invest in a USB wall plug or a USB power adapter in order to charge their headphones.

Bottom Line: While this probably isn’t an ideal set of headphones for audiophiles that love deep bass tones, it’s a very convenient choice for couples who prefer to watch TV using headphones out of convenience or necessity. The headphone stand that comes with this product doesn’t double as a wireless charger, so be sure you have the tools to charge your headphones after use.

Final Thoughts

There’s certainly no shortage of quality wireless TV headphones on the market, so finding the perfect set for you can be tricky. Be sure to closely consider your needs before you begin shopping and invest in headphones that are a great match for your lifestyle as well as your TV.

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