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The Best Women’s Cycling Jerseys for Your Next Bike Trip

While not an absolutely necessity for cyclists, a cycling jersey is a worthwhile investment for anyone who takes their bike out for a ride more often than not. Regular clothing may function just fine while cycling, but a cycling jersey offers specific advantages that conventional clothes can’t. For instance, cycling jerseys take into account that shirts and coats tend to ride up in the bent-over position that cyclists assume while biking, especially those who pursue it as a serious sport over long distances. Jerseys are thus cut long in the back to prevent skin exposure. The shoulders and sleeves are cut wider than conventional clothing to allow for better upper body movement and comfort. Most cycling jerseys are made with moisture-wicking fabric that allows for a more comfortable riding experience; while the fabric can’t prevent you from sweating, it will ensure that you aren’t sitting in your own sweat and moisture for too long—a handy feature for any cyclist—especially those who ride for hours at a time. This fabric also tends to be breathable so that you stay cool and dry in even the hottest conditions. Most will have a zipper closure and a short collar to allow for better airflow. Besides your comfort, cycling jerseys reduce wind resistance for greater speed and often are equipped with pockets to hold items like your cell phone and keys. In other words, there are many, many benefits of a cycling jersey for any and all cyclists.

Shopping for a Cycling Jersey

These are a few things you’ll want to consider:

  • Sleeve Length: You buy cycling jerseys with long sleeves, short sleeves, or no sleeves. Consider the climate and temperature that you tend to ride your bicycle in and choose your sleeve length accordingly. No sleeves or short sleeves are great for hot or warm weather, long sleeves for cold temperatures. You may also want a long-sleeved jersey to protect your skin from the sun if you’re prone to sunburns.
  • Fabric: You’ll want to make sure whatever cycling jersey you pick has moisture-wicking capabilities. If you see any made of cotton or a cotton-poly blend, avoid these; they aren’t moisture-wicking. Specialty polyester and nylon are better choices in this regard, though keep in mind that polyester will hold its color better than nylon. If you bike primarily in cold weather and don’t want to layer your clothes, consider a merino wool cycling jersey. They have moisture-wicking properties and are less itchy than other types of wool, though they can be pricey.
  • Race Fit vs. Club Fit: Do you prefer a tighter or looser fit to your clothes when cycling? If you prefer something more form-fitting, look for a race-fit cycling jersey. These are designed to be ergonomic and conforming, without limiting your movement, and are thus the more aerodynamic type. If you prefer a relaxed fit, go for a club-fit cycling jersey. These offer a bit more give and tend to have a longer hemline for better coverage.

Best Long-Sleeved: Weimoster Store Women’s Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

For anyone who does most of their biking in cold temperatures or wants the protection of long sleeves, this is the cycling jersey for you. In addition to the security provided by the wrist-length sleeves, this jersey has a silicone band along the hem that prevents allergies or irritation from flaring up as you bike. It also has a reflective strip at the back for safety during night rides. The zipper closure runs the full length of the jersey and is invisible to the eye for a clean, streamlined look, and it self-locks so it won’t accidentally come unzipped while riding. The three back pockets give you space to store personal belongings like your wallet, phone, and key. The 100% polyester material is breathable and dries lightning quick, so even if you get caught in a sudden rainstorm or get otherwise soaked through, this jersey won’t cling uncomfortably to your body. You have the choice of sizes small to XXL and 43 unique, eye-catching patterns, each in its own bold, vivid colors.

Best Long-Sleeved

Women's Cycling Jersey Long Sleeve Bike Jacket Biking Shirt Bicycle Clothing Breathable Flowers Black Size L

A breathable long sleeved cycling jersey with a full length zipper and fast drying fabric.

Best Value Pack: Neleus Women’s 3 Pack Compression Cycling Jersey

If you’re an avid cycler, it may be wise for you to buy more than one cycling jersey so you can rotate them in and out for washing as needed. This pack of cycling jerseys gives you three cycling jerseys for one reasonable price. Each of the three jerseys comes in three different solid colors, with 16 different color combinations to choose from. Sizes run from small to XXL. Each jersey is made of polyester and spandex for a lightweight feel, moisture-wicking properties, and breathability, as well as a close fit that will feel like a second skin. Even with its compression fit, however, these jerseys are ergonomic with flat lock seams that will prevent chafing and allow you a free range of motion. In other words, you won’t have to worry about feeling restricted or uncomfortable in one of these jerseys, no matter how rigorously you ride or pedal. Each jersey pulls on over your head and has an elastic closure. They can be worn for all manner of indoor and outdoor sports, from yoga to jogging and more, not just for cycling.

Best Value Pack

NELEUS Women's 3 Pack Dry Fit Athletic Compression Long Sleeve T Shirt,Black,Blue,White,X-Large

With this value pack, you get three race fit cycling jerseys for the price of one.

Best Short-Sleeved: Beory Women’s Cycling Jersey with Short Sleeves

If you don’t care for the full coverage of long sleeves on a cycling jersey but want a bit more than what’s provided by a tank top, this short-sleeved model gives you a nice balance between the two. The 100% polyester grid mesh fabric is comfortable and quick to dry, so you won’t be laden down in your own sweat at any given time. The fit is slightly relaxed with non-slip belted cuffs and a longer back hem to give you extra coverage when bent over and pedaling hard. Three back pockets provide you with space to stash important items like keys and your phone while you’re cycling. It’s also adorned with reflective tape for safety purposes for anyone who prefers to take their bike rides after dark. Sizes run between small and 3XL with a true-to-size fit and 15 different color options.

Best Short-Sleeved

Women Cycling Jerseys with a Zipper Pocket,LadiesTank Top with Short Sleeves (Black, Small)

A short-sleeved cycling jersey with a relaxed fit and elongated back hem.

Best Tank Top: Aogda Cycling Vests Biking Jerseys

If you live in and tend to cycle in hotter temperatures, you may prefer to buy a tank top cycling jersey in order to best stay cool. You have the purchasing option of a sleeveless cycling jersey alone or with a pair of matching cycling shorts. The jersey is made entirely of 3D honeycomb polyester, the shorts of polyester and lycra. There are 21 different colors and patterns to choose from if you buy the tank top alone and 16 options for the tank top and shorts combination. No matter which option you pick, the sizes run from small to 3XL. Both sets’ fabrics are breathable and moisture-wicking, digitally printed to ensure the eye-popping bright colors won’t fade over time, washes, and use. Reflecting warming strips decorate the tank top jersey to make it safer for you to ride after dark, while the QA Gel Breathable Pad helps to exhaust heat, sweat, and odor to keep you dry and more comfortable throughout your cycling trips. The independent back pocket gives you a safe place to store important items like your keys so you won’t worry about losing as you’re biking.

Best Tank Top

Aogda Cycling Vests Jerseys Women Bike Shirts Sleeveless Clothing Ladies Biking Shorts Bicycle Tights (0032A, Small)

A bright, colorful, professionally fit tank top-style cycling jersey that can be purchased with a pair of matching bike shorts.

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