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The Best High-Waisted Jeans

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🕚 Updated May 2023

High-waisted jeans are extremely popular. These pants can conceal your tummy, keep your shirt tucked in, and elongate your legs, all while being comfortable and stylish go-tos. If you need (or just want) another pair, here are some of the best.

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  Best Overall Best Tapered Best Wide Leg Best Boyfriend Cut Best Ripped
Women's 720 High Rise Super Skinny Jeans
Gloria Vanderbilt
Women's Amanda Classic High Rise Tapered Jean
Women's Denim High-Waisted Wide Leg Jeans
Women's Boyfriend Jeans Distressed Denim Jeans
Women's High-Waisted Stretch Ripped Skinny Jeans
Our SummaryThese jeans have a signature blend that gives you optimal comfort and stretch while flattering your figure.These tapered jeans are great for everyday wear or casual days at the office.These trendy jeans can be dressed up or down and have a comfortable fit.These edgy jeans feature a comfy blend and distressed detailing.With a form-hugging fit and distressed style, these jeans will make you look great.
Pros✓ Plus and standard sizes
✓ Environmentally friendly
✓ Various washes
✓ Machine washable
✓ Zipper
✓ High stretch
✓ Multiple lengths
✓ Affordable
✓ Variety of washes, styles, lengths, and patterns
✓ Diverse size range
✓ Machine washable
✓ Comes in a variety of washes, colors, and patterns
✓ Soft and durable material
✓ Zipper closure
✓ Functional pockets and belt loops
✓ Trendy boyfriend cut
✓ Variety of washes
✓ Button closure
✓ Tapered hem is great for cuffing
✓ Multiple washes
✓ Button closure
✓ Trendy distressed detailing
✓ Stretchy, breathable, and comfortable
✓ Flattering fit
Cons✗ Not as durable as jeans made of more rigid denim✗ Slight sizing differences between washes and styles✗ Not stretchy
✗ Not everyone will love the fit
✗ Limited size range
✗ Runs small
✗ Fabric has no stretch
✗ Limited size range
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The Best High-Waisted Jeans

Hipster girl wearing blank gray t-shirt, high-waisted jeans, and backpack posing against rough street wall
Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock.com

Almost anyone can pull off a pair of high-waisted jeans, making them a staple in modern clothing. They’re great for everyday wear and can easily be dressed up or down.

Buying Guide for High-Waisted Jeans

Stylish women of different ages and races laughing while wearing high-waisted jeans and tank tops
Artem Varnitsin/Shutterstock.com

Why buy high-waisted jeans?

High-waisted jeans are a classic wardrobe piece in most women’s closets. You can easily transition them from day to night, and they’re great for all seasons. If you’re looking for something cozy and casual, you can pair them with a comfy cardigan and a knit beanie. If you’re looking for something a little edgier, you can team them up with a shacket and a stylish pair of platform boots!

What should you look for in a pair of high-waisted jeans?

  • Style: From ripped to stretchy to skinny to wide-legged, high-waisted jeans come in various styles and shapes. Find which one makes you feel the best, and own it!
  • Fit: If you love showing off your curves, opt for a skinny style. If you’re more into a relaxed, casual fit, there are wide-legged, high-waisted jeans that you’re sure to love.
  • Stretch: Most of us love a little extra stretch in our jeans to allow for more comfortable movement. Look for stretchier blends with spandex or elastic if that’s important to you.

What can you expect to spend on high-waisted jeans?

If you’re looking for a pair of high-quality denim jeans to last you for years to come, you can expect to spend around $70 for a great pair of classic high-waisted jeans. There are also plenty of more affordable jeans that are breathable, comfortable, and cost as low as $20 or less; just don’t expect them to last a lifetime.

Our Picks for the Best High-Waisted Jeans

Best Overall

Levi's Women's 720 High Rise Skinny Jeans

These jeans have a signature blend that gives you optimal comfort and stretch while flattering your figure.

Pros: These classic skinny jeans are available in both plus and standard sizes. They also have a sustainable option that uses less water to make them, so you can look cute while being environmentally friendly! They come in various washes and distressing options for an edgier look. They’re machine washable, feature a zipper closure for easy wear, and are stretchy for comfort. You can even choose between regular, short, and long lengths for the ideal fit!

Cons: These jeans are high stretch, so they’re not as durable as those made of stiffer denim.

Bottom Line: These jeans offer signature extreme stretch and comfort while hugging and celebrating your figure. They’re sure to flatter your frame, thanks to their ultra-sleek silhouette, and they’re incredibly versatile!


Best Tapered

Gloria Vanderbilt Women's Amanda Classic High Rise Tapered Jean

These tapered jeans are great for everyday wear or casual days at the office.

Pros: These tapered jeans are affordable and come in a variety of washes, styles, and patterns. They have a diverse size range; you can even choose between short, petite, and long lengths. They feature a tapered hem, so they’re great for cuffing and showing off your shoes, and they’re machine washable.

Cons: These jeans have slight sizing differences between the various washes and styles, so make sure to double-check the size chart before purchasing.

Bottom Line: These affordable jeans are great for daily wear or casual days at the office. They’re tummy-flattening, and the timeless tapered hem makes them ideal for showing off your heels or boots.


Best Wide Leg

SOLY HUX Women's High-Waisted Wide Leg Jeans

These trendy jeans have a stylish and comfortable fit without stretch.

Pros: These trendy jeans come in multiple washes, colors, and patterns. The wide leg is great for those who prefer a cool, relaxed fit, and they’re made of soft and durable material. They also feature a convenient zipper closure and have functional pockets and belt loops.

Cons: These jeans are made of non-stretchy fabric, which could be less comfortable. Some won’t love the loose fit.

Bottom Line: These high-waisted jeans have wide legs in a soft denim fabric, making them great casual pants to pair with a cropped t-shirt for stylish daily wear. This style will keep you feeling breezy, comfy, and on-trend.


Best Boyfriend Cut

SweatyRocks Women's Boyfriend Jeans Distressed Denim Jeans

These edgy jeans feature a comfy blend and distressed detailing.

Pros: These distressed jeans come in a trendy boyfriend cut that’s great for adding an edgy touch to an outfit. They come in a variety of washes, feature a convenient button closure for easy wear, and have a tapered ankle that’s great for cuffing. This pair of jeans also complements your curves without being ultra-tight.

Cons: These jeans have a limited size range, they tend to run small, and the fabric has no stretch.

Bottom Line: These boyfriend jeans are ideal for creating cool streetwear looks, and they come in a variety of colors, so you’re sure to find a pair that suits your style. They have a relaxed fit, so they’re a great alternative for those who aren’t into skinny jeans!


Best Ripped

SweatyRocks Women's High-Waisted Ripped Skinny Jeans

With a form-hugging fit and distressed style, these jeans will make you look great.

Pros: These edgy, slim-fitting jeans come in a variety of washes, have an easy button closure, and feature trendy distressed detailing. They’re stretchy, breathable, and comfortable, and they have a flattering fit that’s both tummy-flattening and celebratory of your curves!

Cons: These jeans have a limited size range.

Bottom Line: These jeans are a comfortable blend of polyester and spandex. They offer a slim, stretchy fit and are distressed across the knees and thighs for added style. Choose from multiple blue and black denim washes.

Final Thoughts

High-waisted jeans are a must-have for most women. They’re tummy-flattening, versatile, and can be styled in various ways. If you want a new pair, our top picks should serve you well.

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