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The Best Women’s Overalls

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🕚 Updated June 2022

A pair of overalls have an effortless cute style that you can wear around the house or on a fun day out on the town. Here are our top favorites if you want to add some to your wardrobe.

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  Top Choice Best Pinstriped Design Flowy Fabric Pick Best Distressed Look Best Overall Shorts
Women's Casual Stretch Adjustable Denim Overalls
Women's Denim Bib Overalls
Women's Long Casual Baggy Overalls
Women's Adjustable Strap Ripped Denim Overalls
Women's Classic Adjustable Strap Denim Bib Overall Shorts
Our SummaryA classic option with versatile washes and fits.A classic option for serious work.Channel your inner Tokyo street style with this casual pair of lightweight fabric overalls.A fun distressed look that's always on trend for denim.A denim shortall for those who can't imagine retiring overalls just because it's warm outside.
ProsWide wash selection, available in slim and flare, contains 2% spandex.Heavy-duty work overalls, multiple washes, casual fit for better range of motion.Lightweight cotton fabric, generous baggy cut, wide color range, pockets, roll up pants, adjustable straps.Vintage inspired design, casual fit for breathability.Wide wash range, 5% spandex content, adjustable straps.
ConsCrotch may be placed too low.More expensive, some may dislike generous fit.Cut may be too large for some people .Lack stretch, sizing runs small.Rolled hem may not stay after washing, runs small.
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The Best Women’s Overalls

African American woman in brown overalls and strip t-shirt in front of green background.
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Buying Guide for Women’s Overalls

Close-up of a girl in denim overalls in front of a pink background.
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Why buy women’s overalls?

If you work in a profession that requires durable clothing, you can’t go wrong with overalls. Usually made from denim, they’re designed to stand the test of time. However, overalls also serve as a fashion-forward article to add to your wardrobe. While they sometimes fall in and out of favor with the fashion police, they come in a wide range of styles from fitted or bell-bottom to shortalls (the combination of shorts and overalls) and more traditional, casual fit styles.

What should you consider when shopping for women’s overalls?

  • Style: Contrary to what many might think, there are several styles of overalls from which you can choose. There are classic bib overalls, skinny-legged overalls akin to skinny jeans, extra baggy overalls, wide-legged overalls, overalls with adjustable straps, and overalls that come preripped. Consider what type you like best or will look the most flattering with your body type.
  • Material: Classically, overalls are made of denim, which is still the primary material that most will be made of. Corduroy and chino are the next most common fabrics that overalls are made out of, and you may find overalls that are sewn out of twill, cotton denim, or canvas. Generally, you’ll want to ensure that whatever textile your overalls are made of, it’s a medium weight or heavier fabric, especially if you intend to wear them for activities like gardening.
  • Length: Most overalls will be long, around the same length as regular pants, down to the ankle or so. However, there are shorter lengths available, too. You can find capri- and shorts-style overalls, too. These options are helpful in the warm months.

Are overalls seasonal?

No, overalls are not seasonal. While heavier-weight denim overalls are better reserved for colder weather, you can wear overalls year-round. Note that variations like shortalls or linen or lightweight fabric overalls make this fashion item wearable year-round.

Our Picks for the Best Women’s Overalls

Top Choice

Luvamia Women's Casual Stretch Adjustable Denim Overalls

A classic option with versatile washes and fits.

Pros: If you’re getting into the world of overalls, it’s always best to start with a classic pair with stretch that offers a relaxed fit. With a wide range of washes, this pick from Luvamia is a solid option. Along with the impressive wash ranges available, you can also pick from skinny overalls and flared bottoms.

Cons: The crotch is set too low, which can cause the material to tug when you walk or sit.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a brand with a wide style range for overalls in terms of fit and wash, this pick from Luvamia is smart.


Best Pinstriped Design

Dickies Women's Denim Bib Overalls

A classic option for serious work.

Pros: Don’t be fooled by the stylish pinstripe, Dickies is a legit work wear brand. Whether you work with your hands or rock these to head into the garden for some serious weeding, Dickies brand is designed to stand up to whatever you toss its way. Available in six different washes, the denim is designed to withstand tearing and snagging and features a looser fit for better movement.

Cons: Because these are serious work overalls, expect to spend more. These aren’t fashion overalls, so the more generous cut might be a turnoff for some people.

Bottom Line: If you need durable overalls that can stand the test of time, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Dickies.


Flowy Fabric Pick

YesNo Women's Long Casual Baggy Overalls

Channel your inner Tokyo street style with these casual pair of lightweight fabric overalls.

Pros: If you love the idea of overalls but not those made from more traditional fabrics like denim and canvas, this lightweight alternative made from breathable cotton is a great option. They’re perfect for channeling your inner Tokyo street style thanks to the generous cut and come in a wide range of colors. You’ll love that this pick has working pockets and adjustable straps.

Cons: Not everyone will find the baggy cut to be flattering. Although these overalls are intended to be customizable thanks to the roll-up legs, this can contribute to the feeling of looking lost in your clothing.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a lightweight pair of overalls that can work in warm weather, this is a solid option with a generous cut that encourages airflow.


Best Distressed Look

AvaCostume Women's Adjustable Strap Ripped Denim Overalls

A fun distressed look that's always on trend for denim.

Pros: Let’s face it, distressed denim is here to stay. It only makes sense that it continues to be a staple for overalls. This denim pick from AvaCostume is available in two finishes but four styles, including two nondistressed options. They feature the classic hook-and-eye closure adjustable straps and a casual fit for added breathability.

Cons: Note that these overalls lack stretch, so finding the perfect size will be critical. This is even more important since a common complaint with this style was that the sizing runs small.

Bottom Line:  This is a solid choice if you’re shopping for an affordable pair of distressed denim overalls.


Best Overall Shorts

Vetinee Women's Classic Adjustable Strap Denim Bib Overall Shorts

A denim shortall for those who can't imagine retiring overalls just because it's warm outside.

Pros: Hands down, if you’re shopping for a pair of overalls that makes sense for hot weather, shortalls should be the style you consider. This cute pick from Vetinee features a wide range of washes, including bold color options and distressed styles. You’ll like that these cotton overalls offer 5% Spandex for added comfort.

Cons: Once you wash them, it may be hard to maintain the rolled look. Additionally, it would help if you sized up to compensate for international size differences.

Bottom Line: These overalls provide ultimate comfort and breathability with the short style, so if you need a pair for the warm weather, these are the ones you need.

Final Thoughts

Overalls have been a staple of American fashion since they initially debuted as a purely work-focused uniform. These days, they come in a wide range of fabrics and designs to suit various fashion tastes. Whether you prefer short overalls, true work overalls, or a fashion-focused version, you can find a pair that fits your style.

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