The Best Women’s Shower Caps for You

three women wearing shower caps in bathrooms; one is wrapped in a towel, one is in a shower, and one is in a tub
Kitsch/Auban/Balm Skin + Beauty

You don’t always want to wash or wet your hair when you hop in the shower. Extending the time between washes can keep your scalp healthier, help your hair grow, and save you time getting ready. Use a shower cap between washes to avoid the hassle of having to blow-dry and restyle your hair.

Purchasing Shower Caps

Are all shower caps the same? Not even close! While they will boast the same benefits, different shower caps are great for different hair and people. Consider these few key points:

  • Size & Hair Type: Look for a shower cap with an adjustable band to get a more customized fit. This will help keep the water out and keep the shower cap comfortably on your head. Different shower caps fit better over shorter vs. longer hair, curly vs. straight, thick vs. thin, etc. Make sure the shower cap you choose will accommodate your hair type.
  • Material: Obviously, the shower cap you purchase should be waterproof! Although, if you want to use the shower cap to sleep in to protect your curls, then it doesn’t have to be as waterproof.
  • Reusable vs. Disposable: For home, a reusable cap is great. Disposable shower caps can be extra useful or hygienic for traveling since you won’t have to dry out and pack a wet cap.

Best Overall: Betty Dain Reusable Shower Cap

dual views side and elastic bottom colorful polka dot shower cap
Betty Dain

This shower cap will work great for the shower, bath, or even in bed to protect your hairstyle while you sleep. It features cute accent ribbons with contrasting trim, snag-proof printed fabric, and a comfortable elastic hem or a unique turban design, so the cap is always in place. The fabric is also waterproof, machine washable, and quick-drying to stay fresh. Designed to fit most head sizes, it has a larger bouffant that is suitable for long or thick hair.

Best Overall

Betty Dain Reusable Shower Cap

It has multiple cute styles and prints and is great for both showering and sleeping.

Best Adjustable: AIPAO Shower Caps

dual vies elastic bottom and side three unicorn printed shower caps. blue, pink, gray

These shower caps come in a variety of prints and colors and can fit on kids as well as adults. The fabric is comfortable and double-layered. Since they’re waterproof and adjustable, they are great for showering, bathing, washing your face, or even keeping your hair out of the way and intact while cooking and cleaning. These durable and dirt-resistant caps come in a convenient three-pack and in multiple prints.

Best Adjustable

AIPAO Shower Caps

A set of three thick waterproof caps with cute printed designs.

Best Luxury: Kitsch Shower Cap

pink polka dot shower cap with accent bow

Coming in four cute styles and patterns, this shower cap is waterproof and comfortable to wear. It’s made of high-quality polyester, elastic, and silicone, and it can comfortably accommodate most head sizes. This cap is great for keeping your hair dry during showers and safe from high humidity. Plus, it has a cute bow on the front.

Best Luxury

Kitsch Shower Cap

A stylish cap that keeps hair dry and safe from high humidity.

Best Disposable: Auban Shower Caps

woman with dark hair wearing transparent disposable shower cap

Available in packs of 100 and 50, these shower caps are great for anything from spray tans to hotel hair salons to cooking and even protecting your hair while painting. They are waterproof, oilproof, and dustproof. The transparent fabric and adjustable elastic make them great for almost everyone, and they work with both long and short hair.

Best Disposable

Auban Shower Caps

A cap that's great for traveling and more with adjustable elastic.

Best Eco-Friendly: Balm Skin + Beauty Luxury Shower Cap

woman wearing blue and pink floral shower cap with tie
Balm Skin + Beauty

Made of 100% recycled material, this shower cap is a purchase you can feel good about and feel good in! It’s designed to keep your hair dry and frizz-free with 100% waterproof material that is quick-drying and lightweight. There’s room for plenty of long hair and an adjustable tie at the back of the cap.

Best Eco-Friendly

Balm + Skin Beauty Luxury Shower Cap

It's lightweight, waterproof, and effective.

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