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The Best Women’s Snow Pants

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🕚 Updated November 2022

As fun as snowy outdoor activities can be, even the most ardent snow lover doesn't enjoy cold, wet legs. That's where snow pants for women come in handy. We've listed several great pairs of snow pants for you to consider.

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  Top Choice Best Overalls Best Slim Fit Most Color Options Also Great
Women's Insulated Snow Pants
Women's Essential Insulated Bib Overalls
Women's Fleece Slim Cargo Snow Pants
Women's Winter Snow Pants
Women's Modern Mountain 2.0 Pant
Our SummaryThis pair of lightweight snow pants comes in a variety of colors and patterns so you can rock your favorite style in cold climates.Fully adjustable and made for comfort, these bib overalls keep your legs and tummy warm for all-day comfort.Great for hiking or winter sports, these slim-fit snow pants are built for movement and warmth.Designed for winter sports enthusiasts, these layered snow pants offer all the cold weather protection you need.From a trusted brand name in outdoor sports, these pretty snow pants are designed to keep you dry and comfortable all day.
Pros✓ Lightweight yet warm
✓ No extra bulk
✓ Many size options
✓ Adjustable fit
✓ Great range of motion
✓ Handwarmer pockets and cargo pockets
✓ Slim-profile fit
✓ Flexible and washable materials
✓ Zipper closure pockets
✓ Tough against weather and impact
✓ Reduce heat loss for hours of wear
✓ Easy to get on and off
✓ Comfortable and warm inner lining
✓ Keeps snow out of boots
✓ Modern color choices
Cons✗ The colors may not be true to their descriptions✗ Run small✗ Belt is uncomfortable for some✗ Less flattering than some other brands✗ Upper leg runs tight
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The Best Women’s Snow Pants

Snowboarder wearing pink snow pants on a mountain.
Sergey Furtaev/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Women’s Snow Pants

Person walking through snow wearing snow pants.

Why buy snow pants for women?

Snow pants are essential outdoor pants for participating in winter sports, enjoying a day out in the snow, or performing tasks like snow blowing or shoveling the driveway. For those who have never owned a pair of snow pants, they’re generally large, puffy pants that act as a barrier between your clothing and the snow to keep you warm and dry. Most snow pants are designed to fit as an extra layer over jeans or pants. However, some slimmer-fit models are designed as standalone pants. Snow pants will always be waterproof, the majority are insulated to some degree, and many are windproof. They should cover the tops of your boots to prevent snow or slush from sneaking around your ankle.

What should you consider in snow pants for women?

  • Type: There are two styles of snow pants: regular pants and bibs. Regular pants, of course, cover you from waist to ankle and will either zip shut or have an elastic waist. Bibs are overall-like, as they have built-in suspenders and come up to your chest. Regular snow pants allow better ventilation, but they risk getting snow down your pants and possibly into your snow boots if you have a big fall or spill. Bibs reduce this risk and provide more warmth to your core, though they’re a little harder to get on and off when you need to use the bathroom.
  • Fit: Snow pants are known for being large and puffy, essentially the bottom-half equivalent of a down jacket. However, snow pants can be baggy, slim-fitting, or between the two. The fit offered will vary by brand and the activity for which the snow pants are designed. For instance, you’ll probably want more oversized, puffier pants for activities like playing in the snow or shoveling the driveway. Whereas if you like to hike in snowy woods or downhill ski, you’ll probably steer towards slimmer fits so that they won’t risk falling while you’re moving. Consider which snowy day activities you’re buying, and pick your snow pants accordingly.
  • Other Factors: You’ll probably want insulated snow pants, so look for options lined with fleece, down, or a synthetic material that will provide extra warmth. If you do a lot of physical activity in snow pants, you may want a more breathable option to let sweat out, though keep in mind that the more breathable models tend not to be as strongly waterproofed. Some will even have vents along the thighs. The seat and knees tend to have the most contact with the snow, so a pair of snow pants reinforced in those areas offers extra protection. Reinforced cuffs or scuff guards on the inner hem can also be useful for activities like skiing. Some will have a cargo or thigh pocket for conveniently storing your belongings instead of having to rummage around in your jacket for them.

How can you find the best fit for snow pants?

Each pair of snow pants available for purchase should have a sizing chart. That being said, it’s generally a good idea to buy snow pants a little on the longer side, so they cover your snow boots. And if you like to spend a lot of time outside during the winter months, you’ll probably want to wear layers. If this is the case, it may be best to size up all around. However, if you’re looking for the best fit for your range of motion, finding a pair that’s true to size may be better.

Our Picks for the Best Snow Pants for Women

Top Choice

Arctix Women's Insulated Snow Pants

This pair of lightweight snow pants comes in a variety of colors and patterns so you can rock your favorite style in cold climates.

Pros: These lightweight snow pants are engineered with synthetic insulation to keep you warm without the extra bulkiness and weight, allowing you better mobility. They’re also made with a durable Thermalock coating that increases the pants’ resistance to water, wind, and snow and slows the effects of wear and tear from impact and abrasion. For further durability, the hem guards are reinforced against commonplace wear and tear so that you can wear these snow pants daily in colder months without wearing them down. The zipper and double-snap closure keep the snow pants securely on your body, while the waist strap is adjustable for a better and more comfortable fit. These snow pants also come in an impressive 46 different sizes, including short, tall, plus sizes, and varying seam lengths. Each pair of snow pants has belt loops and boot gaiters with grippers to better adhere them to your boots.

Cons: Some buyers found the colors were not true to their descriptions.

Bottom Line: These classic midrise snow pants have all the familiar features you need and a few extras. They’re machine washable for your convenience and come in 21 solid colors and patterns. Plus, they’re available in a wide range of sizes.

Best Overalls

Arctix Women's Essential Insulated Bib Overalls

Fully adjustable and made for comfort, these bib overalls keep your legs and tummy warm for all-day comfort.

Pros: The adjustable straps on these snow pants make them a great fit for many different sizes and shapes. They also have elasticized side gussets, creating a maximum range of motion. These snow pants have handwarmer pockets, an O-ring to hang your keys, gloves, lift tickets, and other similar items, and reinforced ankles with scuff hem guards resistant to daily wear and tear. The boot zippers make it easier for you to get your boots on and off. The seamless gaiters at the ankles also adhere to the tops of your boots to keep you warm and prevent snow and other moisture from sneaking in. The ThermaTech insulation keeps you warm at low temperatures without weighing you down or being too bulky to fit under your coat. These bib snow pants are machine washable and come in 37 different sizes.

Cons: These bibs run small, so it may be a good idea to size them up.

Bottom Line: If you want the extra security of bib/overall-style snow pants to ensure they won’t fall while you’re out and about, consider this model. The suspenders won’t dig into your shoulders and can be adjusted for comfort.


Best Slim Fit

BenBoy Women's Fleece Slim Cargo Snow Pants

Great for hiking or winter sports, these slim-fit snow pants are built for movement and warmth.

Pros: With their slim-profile fit and eight different color options, these popular snow pants will give women a more stylish look. Made from stretchable, washable synthetic materials, they’re waterproof, windproof, and resistant to abrasions and pilling. These snow pants were engineered for the perfect blend of durability and warmth that keeps you dry. The fleece lining provides a cozy layer for extra warmth, while the multiple zipper-closure pockets, including cargo pockets on the thigh, keep belongings like your phone and keys safe and secure. These snow pants also have a built-in belt, patchwork knees, and an adjustable waistband above the zipper. They’re currently available in five different sizes.

Cons: Some people found the belt uncomfortable and recommend replacing it despite loving everything else about the pants.

Bottom Line: These snow pants are perfect for any woman who wants the warmth they provide without their classic bulk and puffiness. This polyester and spandex pair covers you if you want a pair of warm but slim-fitting snow pants for cold-weather hiking, camping, and other similar snowy activities.


Most Color Options

TSLA Women's Winter Snow Pants

Designed for winter sports enthusiasts, these layered snow pants offer all the cold weather protection you need.

Pros: Designed for winter sports, these tough synthetic snow pants can handle movement and impact through their three-layer construction. They’re built to resist wind, snow, and moisture while reducing heat loss. They also have a quick zipper closure and two snap buttons with velcro. These fantastic snow pants also have elastic boot gaiters with snaps and reinforced leg guards, which allow you to keep the cold out and reinforce the ankle, scuff, and hem guards. They’re perfect for winter chores, rough and tough winter sports, riding motorcycles or snowmobiles, or simply enjoying the great outdoors in sub-zero temperatures.

Cons: Some people found these less flattering than some other snow pants.

Bottom Line: For chores, sports, and tough outdoor jobs, these are excellent, high-quality snow pants that get the job done. They have some flexibility with sizing since they are adjustable, and the colors and patterns run true to their descriptions.


Also Great

Columbia Women's Modern Mountain 2.0 Pant

From a trusted brand name in outdoor sports, these pretty snow pants are designed to keep you dry and comfortable all day.

Pros: Lined with a comfortable and warm inner fabric, these pants are made from 100% Nylon Hydra Cloth 3000 to shield you from wet and cold weather. These durable snow pants are insulated with 60 grams of Microtemp XF II insulation, made from quick-drying polyester, making them perfect for long days in the cold and snow. Multiple layers and a zippered cuff are also designed to keep the snow out of your boots and off your feet. They also have two zippered front pockets, an adjustable waist, internal leg gaiters with lower leg snap gussets, and reinforced cuff guards. They’re fully waterproof and machine washable. Plus, the color choices are modern and chic and match the jackets and accessories offered by this brand.

Cons: The upper leg runs a bit tight, so if you’d like to layer, you may want to size up.

Bottom Line: These brand-name snow pants are warm, washable, and easy to get on and off. The reinforced zippered cuffs keep snow out of your boots so your feet can stay warm and dry. They’re great for winter sports and outdoor chores as well.


Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to spend your days on the slopes, sled with your family, or get some work done outside during the cold months, you’ll need a warm and comfortable pair of snow pants. You may want to choose breathable fabrics for layering underneath if you plan to spend a lot of time outside. And if that’s the case, you may consider buying a pair of snow pants slightly larger than your regular pants.

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