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The Best Wood Floating Shelves

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🕚 Updated February 2023

Wood floating shelves are stylish and practical pieces of home decor that can clear up your table space and surfaces. Here are some options that can add beautiful personality to your basic walls and corners.

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  Top Choice Best Farmhouse Look Best Two-Tiered Best Modern Design Best for the Corner
Floating Shelves
Boho Wall Hanging Shelves
Peter's Goods
Modern Rustic Floating Wall Shelves
Wall-Mounted Floating Shelves
Corner Wall Shelves
Our SummaryThis set of floating shelves for essentials is complete with a towel bar.These shelves can be assembled in four different ways for ultimate versatility.These provide a simple solution for people who don't want the hassle of hanging multiple individual shelves.The simple and sturdy design adds functional style to your home or office.This set of shelves lets you make the most of your space.
Pros✓ 40 pounds per shelf
✓ Set of two
✓ Available in seven finishes
✓ Removable towel bar
✓ Mounting hardware included
✓ Set of two
✓ Pine wood
✓ 15-pound capacity per shelf
✓ Easy to assemble
✓ Three stain colors
✓ Easy installation
✓ Two tiers
✓ Available in five finishes
✓ Comes with mounting hardware
✓ Set of three
✓ Iron brackets
✓ 40-pound capacity
✓ Eight stain colors
✓ Easy to assemble
✓ Set of two
✓ Unique design for corners
✓ Three stain colors
✓ 40-pound capacity
Cons✗ Shelves can be wobbly once installed✗ Must be arranged properly to avoid tipping✗ Combined 50-pound capacity is low✗ Shallow depth
✗ Not heavy-duty
✗ Difficult to install
✗ Has a gap in corner if walls are not at 90-degree angle
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The Best Wood Floating Shelves

Three wooden floating shelves on a wall.
Brett Taylor Photography/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Wood Floating Shelves

Two wooden floating shelves with sign.

Why should you buy wood floating shelves?

Floating shelves can be used in your kitchen, office, bathroom, or almost any other room in the house. They’re perfect for holding decorations or pictures without taking up table space or bookshelf storage.

What should you consider when buying wood floating shelves?

  • Location: Before you purchase your floating shelves, consider first where you want to use them. You can even use painter’s tape to plan the layout of the shelves to know if they will be the right size for the wall on which you want to hang them.
  • Items to Hold: Floating shelves are obviously smaller than a bookshelf, so you must be mindful of the weight capacity. Maximum loads range from 10 to 40 pounds. Some of the most common things you would display on floating shelves range from picture frames to vases, small decorations, or a few books. In the bathroom, they’re nice for toiletries, and in the kitchen, they can keep some of your most-used spices or jars.

What is typically needed for installation?

The shelving options in this post come with assembly instructions and the necessary hardware to properly affix the shelves to your wall. In addition to the hardware included, some products will require (or be easier to assemble) the following tools: a screwdriver, a  power drill, a leveler, and measuring tape.

Our Picks for the Best Wood Floating Shelves

Top Choice


This set of floating shelves for essentials is complete with a towel bar.

Pros: Especially if your bathroom doesn’t have a lot of built-in storage, having a good set of floating shelves is a smart idea. This set of two floating shelves with a rustic and industrial finish is a great way to expand storage without leaving your bathroom looking cluttered. Choose from seven different finishes. Each shelf can support up to 40 pounds and has an item-dropping guard. You’ll also like that the mounting hardware is included.

Cons: Once installed, the shelves can be a bit wobbly—making them unsuitable for truly heavy items.

Bottom Line: Expand the storage in your bathroom or beyond with this set of shelves that can support a combined 80 pounds. The rustic mix between metal and wood makes these shelves a modern, sturdy choice.


Best Farmhouse Look

OMYSA Boho Wall Hanging Shelves

These shelves can be assembled in four different ways for ultimate versatility.

Pros: These pinewood shelves come in three colors. Each shelf has a 15-pound weight limit but can be arranged in four different ways to accommodate your home. The minimalist design will look nice in most homes. With an easy three-step assembly, you can get them on the wall quickly.

Cons: Placing decorations with uneven weights on these shelves can cause them to tip to one side. The weight limit is very light, making it more reasonable for decoration rather than utility.

Bottom Line: These minimalist wood shelves add rustic style to your home. While they won’t support heavy items, they’re perfect for displaying your favorite small decor pieces.


Best Two-Tiered

Peter's Goods Modern Rustic Floating Wall Shelves

These provide a simple solution for people that don't want the hassle of hanging multiple individual shelves.

Pros: Floating shelves are cool until you have many of them, and they become a pain to install around your home. If you like the idea of this type of decor scheme but want something a bit simpler to manage, this fixed two-tier floating shelf is a great upgrade. Choose from five finishes and appreciate that this pick comes with all the hardware you need to install it, along with easy-to-follow instructions.

Cons: Some people may feel that the 50-pound weight capacity is a bit low compared to other shelving units that can accommodate more weight per shelf.

Bottom Line: Make installing floating shelves easier with this two-for-one solution. It’s a great way to maximize space without the hassle of putting up two separate shelves.


Best Modern Design

Love-KANKEI Wall-Mounted Floating Shelves

The simple and sturdy design adds functional style to your home or office.

Pros: This set includes three shelves with a simple, modern look. The industrial metal brackets allow each shelf to hold up to 40 pounds, making them functional and decorative. The set comes in eight different stain options to fit your style. Three different-sized shelves in each set add a playful look to your display. Setup and installation are quick and easy, making for a quick decorating project.

Cons: These shelves are quite narrow and lightweight, so they’re more suited to hold smaller items.

Bottom Line: These shelves have a high weight capacity, but they’re best suited for smaller items like office supplies or toiletries since they’re on the shallow side. While the shelves are made from composite, the brackets provide extra stability. The modern look and variety of colors are versatile for several settings and styles.


Best for the Corner

Olakee Corner Wall Shelves

This set of shelves lets you make the most of your space.

Pros: These solid wood shelves are supported by metal brackets, and each shelf can hold 40 pounds of decor or store useful items like spices or dishes in the kitchen. Their unique design fits in corners to help you maximize your space and create an original style. They come in three stains to fit your existing decor.

Cons: This set of shelves is not as easy to install as other floating shelves, especially since they’re made for corners. If your walls are not at a perfect 90-degree angle, these shelves will highlight that flaw.

Bottom Line: The look of these corner shelves is unique and adds personality and practicality to your decor. Once they’re up, they add a lot of functionality to corner storage solutions.

Final Thoughts

Floating shelves are a great way to add storage and decoration to your living space without using a boring bookshelf. With several different styles of shelves to choose from and a list like this, you can find a set that perfectly fits your style and storage needs.

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