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The Best Wooden Bar Carts

Haotian/Nathan James/FirsTime & Co.
🕚 Updated January 2022

Hosting get-togethers can be somewhat demanding, especially if you have a lot of friends and family members. These wooden bar carts will make it much easier to accommodate your guests and will look fantastic while doing it.

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  Top Choice Pretty and Petite Most Elegant Most Modern Most Traditional
Home Bar Serving Cart
Nathan James
Mid-Century Serving Cart
Design Toscano
16th-Century Globe Bar Cart
FirsTime & Co.
Gold and Brown Odessa Bar Cart
Coaster Home Furnishings
Serving Cart with Accents
Our SummaryThis classic bar cart features three levels of shelving for ideal storage.This bar cart has an old-fashioned yet practical design.This wooden bar cart modeled after a 16th-century Italian globe is unique and sophisticated.A golden bar cart that looks fantastic in a modern home.With a classic style and multifunctional design, this bar cart is a nice option.
ProsStylish industrial design, removable food tray, can hold four wine bottles at once, three tiers, organized.Simple but pretty, caster wheels that lock into place, doesn't take up too much space.Elegant and sophisticated design, optimal craftsmanship, durable construction.Stylish and decorative, sturdy shelves, gold finish, visually appealing, ideal storage capacity.Budget-friendly price, storage rack for wine bottles, traditional look, hardwood.
ConsRequires assembly.Top tray is not removable, requires assembly.A tad expensive, not as much space.Metal wheel bearings will require occasional maintenance.Won't last if not handled carefully.
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The Best Wooden Bar Carts

Three different wooden and metal bar carts in different homes.
Haotian/Nathan James/FirsTime & Co.

Wooden bar carts allow you to transport, serve, and store food, beverages, dishware, and more. They are stylish, multifunctional fixtures you can use in various areas of your home, such as the living room, dining room, patio, kitchen, basement, den, or more.

Buying Guide for Wooden Bar Carts

a wooden bar cart with three tiers and various dishes and beverages and such on it.

Why buy a wooden bar cart? 

If you like to have friends and family over, you’ll likely want a bar cart to keep drinks, food, and dishes readily available yet still in a pretty and dedicated place. And since bar carts often have wheels, you can move them wherever they’re needed. Beyond their versatile functionality, they can also add a unique decorative element to your living room, dining room, and other areas you have designated for entertainment.

What should you look for in a wooden bar cart?

  • Storage Capacity: Bar carts provide you with extra storage options. You can use them to organize glassware, bottles of wine and liquor, and other supplies used for making mixed drinks. You can even find bar carts with built-in wine bottle racks or glass holders!
  • Mobility: Most bar carts should be able to glide effortlessly across multiple types of surfaces. If optimal mobility is something you prefer, find a cart with quality wheels equipped for it.
  • Design: Find a bar cart that vibes well with the interior decor of your home. Otherwise, it will feel out of place. Also, consider your personal preferences in terms of the style and appearance of the cart itself.

What are some items you should store in a bar cart? 

Bar carts create ideal drink stations to keep liquor, winedecanterscocktail shakers, ice buckets, drinkware (tumblers, whiskey glasses, and martini glasses, etc.) on, but they aren’t limited to that. They’re also convenient for serving appetizers at a dinner party or storing extra dishware when you’re not using it. They can even be a home for your coffee makers and mugs.

Our Picks for the Best Wooden Bar Carts

Top Choice

Haotian Home Serving Cart

This classic bar cart features three levels of shelving for ideal storage.

Pros: This wooden cart has a vintage design that will provide more decorative appeal to your home. The top shelf is removable, which allows you to use it as a tray for serving food and drinks. It also features a wine rack, hanging glass storage, and a bottom shelf with raised sides to offer plenty of safe space for extra dishware, food, or beverages. If you have a lot of things you’d like to store or serve, this cart is organized and spacious enough to handle it.

Cons: You will need to assemble the cart on your own, but it does come with detailed instructions that help simplify the process.

Bottom Line: This particular model is our top pick because it will fit most homes and budgets. With an innovative and forward-thinking design, the cart is super accommodating and versatile for almost any night of entertaining.


Pretty and Petite

Nathan James Mid-Century Bar Cart

This bar cart has an old-fashioned yet practical design.

Pros: Equipped with high-quality caster wheels and a minimalist appearance, this bar cart is a reliable option. It has a beautiful woodgrain finish that will help elevate your home’s decor. The wheels also lock into place, ensuring that the cart doesn’t roll away and potentially spill any beverages.

Cons: Unfortunately, the trays are not removable, which can be inconvenient when serving food and drinks for your guests. It’s on the small side.

Bottom Line: This sweet wooden bar cart is not only incredibly stylish, but it’s also multifunctional. You can use it for serving food and drinks, but you can also keep it inside your kitchen, living room, or outside on the patio easily since it doesn’t take up much space and looks good almost anywhere. If it’s versatility you want, this cart is a solid choice.


Most Elegant

Design Toscano Globe Bar Cart

This wooden bar cart modeled after a 16th-century Italian globe is unique and sophisticated.

Pros: This unique bar cart is made of hand-crafted hardwood and features a built-in globe that opens up to reveal an interior compartment where you can store dishes, drinks, or food. The bottom tier can also hold bottles of your favorite beverages. You can keep the globe closed when you’re not entertaining, and it will fit in well in a classy office, den, or library. When it comes to quality craftsmanship, this bar cart won’t disappoint.

Cons: This is another bar cart that you will need to assemble on your own. Also, this particular unit is certainly among the pricier options, especially for its size, and if you’re shopping on a budget, you can get more bang for your buck elsewhere.

Bottom Line: In terms of elegance, this bar cart has you covered. Visually, it’s eye-popping, attractive, and sophisticated, but it’s also functional for discreetly storing alcohol and glassware.


Most Modern

FirsTime & Co. Gold/Brown Bar Cart

A golden bar cart that looks fantastic in a modern home.

Pros: This modern-looking bar cart features a sturdy metal frame with a gold finish and two spacious wooden shelves. It comes equipped with a set of wheels to offer you optimal maneuverability. It’s great for entertaining guests or just your family members. The cart itself doesn’t take up a lot of space, providing you with the ideal size to keep around while also providing good storage.

Cons: The metal bearings in the metal wheels will eventually become corroded and less effective over time, which will require you to apply WD-40 or replace them altogether.

Bottom Line: Ultimately, you can do a lot and store a lot with this bar cart. It would make a great coffee cart, storage piece for dishware and utensils, or spot to mix up your favorite cocktails. With a design that’s ultramodern and glamorous, you can add more panache to your home, too.


Most Traditional

Coaster Co. Serving Cart

With a classic style and multifunctional design, this bar cart is a nice option.

Pros: The solid hardwood frame of this bar cart is finished in a dark color and is sturdy and pristine-looking. It has two tiers of shelving for optimal storage space, along with guard rails to prevent items from falling onto the floor. You can store three bottles of wine in the built-in holders, and the cart has a maximum weight capacity of 25 pounds.

Cons: With careful handling, this cart can stand the test of time. However, if you aren’t cautious when using and maneuvering the cart, it can succumb to damage.

Bottom Line: In terms of a traditional-looking design and old-school sensibilities, this bar cart is one of the best. You likely won’t find a better value, either. This bar cart could quickly become one of your favorite furnishings!

Final Thoughts

Consider investing in a wooden bar cart for future get-togethers in your home. Select something that appeals to you in terms of style and overall functionality. With such a variety of designs available, we’re confident you’ll find one you love in our top picks.

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