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The Best Wooden Bar Stools

🕚 Updated February 2022

If you find yourself gathering around the kitchen counter more often than the dining room table, you'll want a good set of wooden bar stools to sit on. Check out our top picks.

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  Top Choice Most Basic Design Best Swivel Stool Best Low Back Stool Also Great
  Amazon Basics
Solid Wood Saddle-Seat Bar Stools
Natural Bar Stool with Round Seat
Vintage Industrial Bar Stools
Low Back Metal Bar Stools
Rustic Bar Stools
Our SummaryA pair of saddle seated wooden bar stools that offer great weight distribution and support.You can't get more classic than this rounded, pale wooden bar stool.If you have a rustic or industrial-style kitchen or prefer the dismounting ease of swivel bar stools, this pair of stool will be perfect for your home.These wooden bar stools are reinforced with metal for extra durability, while providing lower back support.A pair of spacious, comfortable bar stools that will look great in just about any kitchen or living space.
ProsThree colors, contoured seat, good price, even weight distribution.Solid wood, durable and stable, easy to assemble, glossy finish, two height options.Swivels, height adjustable, durable, double footrests, foot caps to protect floors.Good value, lots of color and height options, lower back support, stackable.Sturdy legs, three colors, easy assembly.
ConsNo back support, may require glue.No color options, no back support.Expensive, no lumbar support, won't match all decor styles.Only sold in sets of four, not the most comfortable, not weatherproof.No back support, one height only, particleboard.
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The Best Wooden Bar Stools

Front view of stylish kitchen with white walls, wooden floor, wooden and white cupboards and bar with stools

Buying Guide for Wooden Bar Stools

Wooden and metal stools at an outdoor bar.

Why buy wooden bar stools?

If you have a home bar or kitchen countertop you like to sit at, stools are the superior seating choice. Bars and kitchen countertops are taller than most tables, so stools are better suited for these areas since they’re taller than standard chairs. And they’re narrower, so you can fit more of them side-by-side than you can chairs. Many people purchase bar stools specifically, as they’re taller and have higher seats on average than standard or countertop stools.

Many people consider wooden bar stools to be comfier than metal or plastic models, even when unpadded. Wood is also quite durable and long-lasting overall, especially if it’s reinforced with metal. Unlike metal stools, you won’t have to worry about rust, which is handy if you ever spill drinks by mistake. And while wood doesn’t offer quite as many potential different color or design options as metal, you can still buy wooden bar stools in a variety of different colors or paint them yourself.

What should you look for in wooden bar stools?

  • Height: Perhaps the most important factor in picking a wooden bar stool is how tall it is, both the overall stool and its seat height. Most measure between 20 and 30 inches high. To be safe, measure your kitchen countertop or bar ahead of time to know which height will be right for your living space. Also be sure you don’t get the stools’ seat height mixed up with their total height. Height-adjustable bar stools are a handy option, but most wooden bar stools won’t be equipped with this particular feature.
  • Quantity: Figure out ahead of time how many wooden bar stools you want for your living space. Buying in bulk tends to be more cost-effective in the long run, and wooden bar stools are no exception; unless you’re buying a replacement for an old or broken one or want to mix and match different styles, the odds are good you’re going to be purchasing multiple stools anyway. Pairs and sets of four will be the easiest to find.
  • Comfort: There are several features you can look for that ensure a comfier wooden bar stool. Some have quite thick cushions or dense foam padding to ensure a softer seat. Many have footrests or armrests that give you a convenient and more comfortable place to rest your feet or arms. And there are also quite a few wooden bar stools with back support.

Are round or square wooden stools better?

It depends on which look you prefer, which you find more comfortable, and the amount of available space you have at your bar or counter. Round stools tend to take up less space overall, so they may be better suited if the space under your home bar is a tight fit. And some round models are swivel bar stools, which are easier to get in and out of. On the flip side, square-shaped stools will generally provide more space to sit, and they’re more likely to have a back than round ones.

Our Picks for the Best Wooden Bar Stools

Top Choice

Amazon Basics Solid Wood Saddle-Seat Barstools

A pair of saddle seated wooden bar stools that offer great weight distribution and support.

Pros: Wooden stools aren’t always the most colorful type of bar stool, but this pair of saddle-seated stools are available in three different colors, so you do have better options for matching your new bar stools to your kitchen. They’re also quite comfy even without padding, thanks to the contoured seat that provides a more even weight distribution. And you get these benefits for a lower, more reasonable price than many sets of stools.

Cons: While they’re quite comfy overall, these bar stools don’t have a back, so they won’t offer much support in that area. And while assembly should be a quick and easy process, you might want to use glue to hold them together more securely.

Bottom Line: You’ll love these saddle-seated wooden bar stools. They’re attractive, comfy, and easy to slide under your counter when not in use. This sturdy pair should suit just about any kitchen or home bar, regardless of your home decor.


Most Basic Design

Linon Natural Barstool with Round Seat

You can't get more classic than this rounded wooden bar stool.

Pros: Some “wooden” bar stools you see on the market are actually made of composite or imitation wood, but not this stool. It’s made entirely out of real, solid, natural wood and has the long-lasting durability to prove it. Once you’ve put this stool together, it’ll be nice and stable with minimal to no wobbling. And assembly should be an easy task, nothing more than twisting in a few screws with the included Allen wrench. The stool’s finish is glossy for a nice sleek look, and it comes in two different heights options to better suit your home bar or kitchen countertops.

Cons: As nice as the natural wood color is, there aren’t any alternative color options available for purchase. This stool doesn’t come with a back or any sort of lumbar support.

Bottom Line: If you’re in the market for a single bar stool, whether to replace a broken one or because you have limited space in your home, you can’t go wrong with this classic rounded wooden stool. The natural wood color and glossy finish will look great in just about any living space and match just about any decor style.


Best Swivel Stool

LOKKHAN Vintage Industrial Bar Stools

If you have a rustic or industrial-style kitchen or prefer the dismounting ease of swivel bar stools, this pair of stools will be perfect for your home.

Pros: Swivel bar stools are a great option since they allow the sitter to turn and face different directions and dismount easier. This pair of round wood and metal stools can swivel the full 360 degrees. Even better, they’re height-adjustable, so you and your guests can change the stools’ height to whatever is most comfortable for them. There are double footrests on each stool and foot caps to protect your floors from scratches and other damage. And since these wooden stools are reinforced with metal bases, you know they’ll be plenty durable, especially since the metal is powder-coated for rust resistance.

Cons: As lovely and aesthetically pleasing as this pair of wooden and metal bar stools are, they won’t match every home decor style. If you have a very modern or minimalist home, for instance, these stools will look out of place. They also don’t have a back and thus don’t offer anything in the way of lumbar support. And while they’re sturdy and of good quality, they’re more expensive than most.

Bottom Line: If you have an industrial or vintage-style kitchen or home bar, these wooden and metal bar stools will look right at home. They’re comfortable, easy to get on and off of, and give you a convenient place to rest your feet while sitting. As long as you don’t mind the higher price tag or lack of backrests, you’ll love this pair of attractive yet durable bar stools.


Best Low Back Stool

HAOBO Low Back Bar Stools

These wooden bar stools are reinforced with metal for extra durability while providing lower back support.

Pros: If you need to buy multiple bar stools, you get a great bang for your buck with this set of four. They’re reinforced with metal and available in three possible heights and seven possible colors; you shouldn’t have a problem finding a set that perfectly matches your home. The low back provides some lower back support, and the stools are nice and compact. They can also be stacked on top of each other when not in use, which makes storing them that much easier.

Cons: These stools are sold only in sets of four. You may not find them comfy enough for daily use. Also keep in mind that while they’re treated to resist rusting, they’re not 100% rustproof or weatherproof, so you’ll need to be careful if you plan to keep these stools at an outdoor bar.

Bottom Line: This is an excellent set of bar stools for those who want to buy in bulk. They’re nice and compact, so they won’t take up much room, and they’re sturdy without being too heavy or bulky. Just remember to bring them inside or cover them up after use if you plan to keep them outdoors.


Also Great

VASAGLE Rustic Bar Stools

A pair of spacious, comfortable bar stools that will look great in just about any kitchen or living space.

Pros: These two bar stools offer a great balance of sturdiness and aesthetics. The legs are made of steel, so you know they’re plenty strong and durable, yet the rectangular shape and charmingly rustic wooden seats with a satin-like finish are still pleasing to the eye. And thanks to their simple yet attractive design, they’re quite simple to put together. It shouldn’t take you more than half an hour to assemble both stools.

Cons: Keep in mind that the seats of these stools aren’t made of real wood but rather of particleboard. These stools are still nice and sturdy because of their metal base, but the seat won’t be as durable as real wood. They also don’t offer any sort of lumbar support due to having no back, and they only come in one possible height.

Bottom Line: This pair of bar stools offer a nice versatile look that will suit many decor styles. The rustic wood seat will look great with vintage or farmhouse interior designs, while the rectangular shape and metal legs will also suit more modern kitchens or bars.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for new stools for your personal home bar or for eating or relaxing at your kitchen countertop, a nice set of wooden bar stools is a great option. These picks are a good balance of durable, practical, and comfortable and will look great in your home.

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