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The Best Wooden Hangers

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🕚 Updated February 2023

Switching out boring and flimsy plastic hangers for quality wooden hangers is a great way to up the aesthetic appeal and durability of your closet. Here are the best wooden hangers to keep your clothes organized and looking good.

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  Top Choice Great for Heavy Clothes Most Color Options Most Adjustable Space-Saving Option
High-Grade Wooden Clothes Hangers
High-Grade Wide-Shoulder Wooden Hangers
Wooden Hangers with Black Finish
Nature Smile
Solid Lotus Wood Hangers
Pant Hangers
Our SummaryGood-looking and practical, these wooden hangers keep your clothes organized and wrinkle-free.These heavy-duty lotus wood hangers have an inward-curved design to give your clothing great support.These strongly-built wooden hangers work great for suits and coats. Choose from various finishes.This set of pant and skirt hangers can easily and securely hang your favorite bottoms in your closet.These convenient space-saving hangers are built with high-quality wood and design in mind.
Pros✓ Stunning lotus wood
✓ Splinter-free
✓ Clear lacquer finish
✓ Heavy-duty
✓ Wide shoulder
✓ Stylish
✓ Durable
✓ Anti-slip covering
✓ Maximizes space
✓ Ten in each pack
✓ Smooth finish
✓ Very durable
✓ Five tiers
✓ High-quality beech wood
✓ Fully collapsible
Cons✗ May have a slightly unpleasant odor✗ Too wide for some✗ Lightweight
✗ Might not fit every piece of clothing
✗ Metal parts may squeak
✗ Hangs higher than traditional pants hangers
✗ Items may slip off
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The Best Wooden Hangers

Several wooden hangers hang on a metal clothes rack.
Vitaliy Karimov/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Wooden Hangers

Several shirts on wooden hangers lined up and hanging in a closet.
Michael Dechev/Shutterstock.com

Why buy wooden hangers?

Wooden hangers look nice and offer reliable support for your clothing. And it’s not a myth that they perform better than most plastic hangers or wire hangers. Wooden hangers last for many years; they retain their natural good looks and strength while helping to keep your closet organized. Some are designed for pants and skirts, others for suits and coats, but all offer quality function and superior decorative flair.

What should you look for in wooden hangers?

  • Premium Wood: Not everyone is concerned about whether a hanger is made of 100% hardwood. Some wood blends are equally as sturdy as solid wood. Many wooden hangers are made of lotus or eucalyptus wood, both lightweight and strong. Some wood types naturally have an odor. Though it’s usually quite pleasant, if you have a sensitive nose, you may want to do a little research regarding the type of wood used in the hangers you might want to buy.
  • Design: If you own dress suits, you may want to look for wooden hangers that feature inward curving shoulders. This design supports the professional-looking shape of dress suits and coats and some dresses, too. Do you have several pairs of pants or skirts hanging in your closet from on sagging plastic hangers? Check out the wooden hanger alternative; they’re designed just for those garments.
  • Quality Hardware: Look for wooden hangers with either a crossbar padded with nonslip material or a metal clamp and lining to prevent crease marks. Another detail you may find helpful is a 360-degree swivel hook, which gives easy access to outfits hanging in the far reaches of your closet. A high-quality metal swivel hook will function better and last longer than cheaper versions.

Are there any downsides to using wooden hangers?

One downside of using only wooden hangers in your closet is that they’re thicker and take up more space than metal or plastic ones. This means that you might not be able to fit as many items of clothing in your closet as you could with thinner hangers. Wooden hangers are also often more expensive since they’re such high-quality, good-looking, sturdy options. Alternatively, you could use wooden hangers for the heavier cold-weather wear and the fancier clothing items in your closet, and other hangers for the rest of your clothes.

Our Picks for the Best Wooden Hangers

Top Choice

ZOBER High-Grade Wooden Clothes Hangers

Good-looking and practical, these wooden hangers keep your clothes organized and wrinkle-free.

Pros: Want some stunning wooden hangers that will help organize your clothes? These handcrafted lotus tree wood hangers may be just the ticket. Each hanger is sanded smooth and splinter-free, so you don’t need to worry about snags. A  clear lacquer finish highlights the handsome natural wood grain. They come with a 360-degree chrome hook that allows you to hang and remove your suits from every angle and a grooved vinyl pant bar for hanging pants, skirts, and more. The pant bar is not only vinyl-covered but also features strategically cut notches to hang camisoles and other slippery articles of clothing.

Cons: Much to our surprise, several users say that the hangers have a kind of unpleasant odor. You may want to consider this if you have a sensitive nose.

Bottom Line: These hangers offer some fantastic features to make your closet a more organized and convenient place for your clothing.


Great for Heavy Clothes

ZOBER High-Grade Wide-Shoulder Wooden Hangers

These heavy-duty lotus wood hangers have an inward-curved design to give your clothing great support.

Pros: Both heavy-duty and stylish, these wide-shoulder lotus wood hangers feature an inward-curving design that distributes the weight of clothing evenly. This design feature preserves the shape of custom-made coats, suits, and dresses. When you own nice clothes, you need hangers that have a nonslip pants bar with a grooved rubber covering so your slacks and jeans remain wrinkle-free and on the hanger. These hangers also have a reinforced crossbar for strength and a quality 360-degree swivel hook for easy accessibility.

Cons: If you have narrow shoulders, these hangers may not suit your clothing. Some users report that the hangers are too wide. It’s something to keep in mind.

Bottom Line: These lovely wooden hangers are fantastic for heavier formal wear. They work great for casual attire, too. Throw your jeans over the pants crossbar and toss a scarf around the zinc-plated hook. These wooden hangers are useful and sturdy.


Most Color Options

Casafield Wooden Hangers with Black Finish

These strongly-built wooden hangers work great for suits and coats. Choose from various finishes.

Pros: These attractive lotus wood hangers are durable and lightweight, a great combination to ensure your favorite clothing won’t fall into a heap on the ground. Hanging also won’t be a laborious effort. The strongly constructed hangers work great for heavy suits, sweaters, jackets, or coats. An anti-slip reinforced pant bar allows you to hang a whole outfit on one hanger. The strategically cut shoulder notches make it easy to hang camisoles and other delicate or slick clothing items.

Cons: Lotus wood is lightweight and possibly unsuitable for hanging especially heavy clothes or ones that are too big or small for the 17.25-inch shoulder to fit.

Bottom Line: These high-performance lotus wood hangers also offer fun decorative appeal. Choose white, cherry, walnut, and natural finishes to hold your heavy clothes.


Most Adjustable

Nature Smile Solid Lotus Wood Hangers

This set of pant and skirt hangers can easily and securely hang your favorite bottoms in your closet.

Pros: With ten per pack, you’ll find enough pants hangers to suit your needs. These are made with quality lotus wood with a smooth finish to prevent snags or abrading, and the nonslip grips are made with cushioned clamps to prevent crimping in your clothes while keeping them securely hung. The chrome hangers are on a 360-degree swivel, so you can hang your items any way you’d like. The best part is that these hangers are sturdy and worth every penny.

Cons: The metal may squeak when you turn the hanger. These also sit higher than traditional pants hangers, so they may not appear uniform in your closet.

Bottom Line: If you want pant hangers that will last for years and hold a lot of weight, these may be the right hangers for you. These wooden hangers are made from high-quality materials, and they’re fully adjustable.


Space-Saving Option

MORALVE Pant Hangers

These convenient space-saving hangers are built with high-quality wood and design in mind.

Pros: These five-tier hangers can do the job if you need to hang light, delicate scarves or heavy wool pants. The adjustable hangers come in a one-pack or a two-pack to suit your individual needs. They’re made from high-quality beech wood, giving you a durable and sturdy clothes hanger organizer built to last. Loading or unloading your items from this multifunctional hanger is easy, thanks to its 360-degree swivel hook. It’s fully collapsible and has a low-profile design and nonslip coating. Best of all, this multi-tiered hanger can save you a ton of space hanging pants, ties, scarves, skirts, or even other hangers.

Cons: Pants may slip off of these hangers.

Bottom Line: For people with limited closet space, these multi-tiered pants hangers may be a great solution. They’re made from quality wood that will last forever, and they come at a great price.

Final Thoughts

The method in which you organize and hang your clothes can really make a difference, and wooden hangers can take that up to the next level. They have that traditional, classy look and offer high functionality for your closet.

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