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The Best Wooden Picture Frames

🕚 Updated November 2022

If your walls feel a little bare, consider hanging more pictures or art in these warm, wooden photo frames we've reviewed below.

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  Top Choice Best Rustic Design Most Size Options Best Set Best Collage Frame
4x6 Picture Frame
Rustic Wooden Picture Frame
Farmhouse Picture Frame
5x7 Frame Rustic Picture Frames
Collage Picture Frame
Our SummaryThis versatile and durable wooden frame can be placed on a tabletop or hung horizontally or vertically on the wall.Beautifully handcrafted and unique, this birch wood picture frame provides a charming, rustic aesthetic to your home.Mix and match colors and sizes to create a unique gallery wall with these gorgeous rustic wooden frames.With seven frames in one set, you can save money while redecorating plain, boring walls.Display all your favorite family photos in one place with this sleek collage-style photo frame.
Pros✓ Versatile
✓ Fast installation
✓ Variety of size options
✓ Handcrafted
✓ Natural birch
✓ Tabletop or wall display
✓ Environmentally friendly
✓ Several finish options
✓ Rustic
✓ Real glass for clear view
✓ Seven matching frames
✓ Neutral finish
✓ Cool puzzle layout
✓ 4x6 standard size
✓ Easy to change photos
Cons✗ Easel stand shows when hung✗ Shallow frame
✗ Backing isn't flush
✗ Smaller viewing area than indicated
✗ May cause splinters
✗ Weak easels
✗ May require mounting tape
✗ Requires assembly
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The Best Wooden Picture Frames

A wooden frame rests on a wooden table next to a lamp and vase.

Buying Guide for Wooden Picture Frames

A wooden frame around a sign that says "Good Morning" next to a coffee maker.

Why should you buy a wooden picture frame?

While technology means you can carry your photos in your pocket, the massive amounts of images and memories can be overwhelming. If you want to cherish those special moments, a wooden picture frame can help remind you every day. A wooden frame has a rustic but timeless look that fits into most decors and aesthetics. With the right wooden frames, you can fill your walls and shelves with memories and loved ones.

What should you consider when purchasing wooden picture frames?

  • Size: You’re going to want to ensure that whatever wooden picture frame you buy will fit your photos. The good news is that most frames will be available in at least a couple of different sizes, some in 10 sizes or more. With common photo sizes like 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, and 11×14, you should have plenty of choices available. Smaller- or larger-than-average photos might present more of a challenge for finding a frame that fits, but there should still be some options out there for you.
  • Design: There are several design features to consider when you’re picking a wooden photo frame. Do you have a specific type of wood in mind, like pine, birch, or oak? How dark or light do you want the frame to be? Do you want it to be a natural wooden brown or painted? Should it be smooth and modern-looking, vintage, or roughly textured and rustic? Do you want a rectangular, square, or circular frame? Is it going to hold one photo or several smaller ones? Are you going to display your photo vertically or horizontally? These are all factors to think about when you’re looking for a wooden picture frame.
  • Wall vs. Tabletop: Traditionally, photo frames are displayed on top of a table or mounted and hung on the wall. If you know ahead of time which of these options you want, it can help narrow down your search for a frame. If you’re uncertain about where you plan to display your frame, there are some options that can work on a tabletop or the wall.

Are there wooden frames for different decor styles?

Wooden frames might seem too rustic for more contemporary designs, but there are so many options available to those that don’t decorate in a farmhouse style. If you have a modern home that relies on neutral colors and sleek furnishings, look for a frame with a dark tint, rounded corners, or a unique shape. Colorful or beach-inspired homes can opt for a whitewash or light-colored wood. Do you love the rustic look? A wooden frame with different stains will bring out the wood grain and give the frame’s appearance a more worn look. No matter what your style is, there is a wooden frame for you.

Our Picks for the Best Wooden Picture Frames

Top Choice

RPJC 4x6 Picture Frame

This versatile and durable wooden frame can be placed on a tabletop or hung horizontally or vertically on the wall.

Pros: This is the quintessential wooden picture frame that will suit almost any photo or piece of artwork and won’t look out of place in your home. The natural wood is decorated with environmentally friendly paint and a wood-grain finish, while the polished glass in the front both enhances and protects your picture. The wood is nice and solid to provide you with as durable a frame as possible. It also has hooks along the back and an easel stand, so you can place this frame on a tabletop or hang it on the wall. The wall hooks are placed so that you can hang the frame in either portrait or landscape mode for some bonus versatility. The tab at the back opens and closes for quick and convenient access. This frame is available in seven different colors and six different sizes.

Cons: This frame can be hung or placed on a desk, but the stand reaches slightly below the frame, causing it to peek out of the bottom. This might disrupt the look of your wall if the black slat is seen.

Bottom Line: Whether it’s for your desk or your gallery wall, this photo frame offers a balance of simplicity and versatility that will help you create the ideal display. The mid-tone stain and lightweight build make it great for almost any room in your home.


Best Rustic Design

Eosglac Rustic Wooden Picture Frame

Beautifully handcrafted and unique, this birch wood picture frame provides a charming, rustic aesthetic to your home.

Pros: Rustic decor is a style that has become very popular nowadays. If you want to capture a rustic aesthetic inside your home, this handcrafted and hand-painted wooden picture frame is a great choice. The natural birch bark is hand glued on for a more rugged look, and since the bark comes from different birch trees, no two frames are exactly alike. The backing board is high-density, and the easel hinge is solid metal for enhanced support, while the premium glass front cover keeps your photos and artwork safe. The easel stand is designed so you can display this frame horizontally or vertically on top of a desk, counter, or table. It also has several frame hooks on the back, so you can hang it on the wall if you want.

Cons: The backing of this frame tends to be tricky to fit back inside, with many people experiencing cracks trying to fit it back into the frame. The backing is also fairly thin, so it won’t fit a photo and matting if you plan to add more layers inside this frame.

Bottom Line: Embrace the farmhouse look with the unique frame material and color pattern. It won’t be able to handle added mattes, so this frame is best for those that want a simplistic look.


Most Size Options

BarnwoodUSA Farmhouse Picture Frame

Mix and match colors and sizes to create a unique gallery wall with these gorgeous rustic wooden frames.

Pros: Not only are these frames beautiful, but you can feel good about purchasing them since they’re environmentally friendly, 100% recycled reclaimed wood. They come in several fresh finishes, including robin’s egg blue, whitewash, dusty gray, and espresso. The weathered wood contains rough knots and nail holes from previous use, preserving natural charm. These frames are designed to add a rustic touch to any room in your home or your office. And they’re made with sturdy plexiglass covers to display and protect your treasured family photos for years to come.

Cons: The viewing area is slightly smaller than the frame size indicates. And these frames come with a rough edge that can splinter, causing minor injuries.

Bottom Line: If you dig the rustic look, these may be the frames for you. The sky’s (nearly) the limit when it comes to available sizes.


Best Set

PETAFLOP 5x7 Frame Rustic Picture Frames

With seven frames in one set, you can save money while redecorating plain, boring walls.

Pros: This collection of gallery frames is made of composite wood and real glass. And with seven frames in the collection, you may not need to add additional frames to achieve your ideal gallery wall design. These frames are slightly distressed, giving them a classy yet slightly rustic look to meet today’s most popular design aesthetic. Plus, they come with pre-mounted hanging hardware and easel backs, so you can display them freestanding or mount them on the wall either horizontally or vertically. And since the finish is neutral, it will blend in nicely with nearly any decor.

Cons: The easel legs aren’t particularly strong. And it’s suggested to use mounting tape to keep your photos from slipping inside the frames.

Bottom Line: With real glass and a sturdy front, these frames are both durable and giftable. They come well-packaged and protected from breakage. And they are a nice money-saver if you want to create a gallery wall.


Best Collage Frame

SONGMICS Collage Picture Frames

Display all your favorite family photos in one place with this sleek collage-style photo frame.

Pros: Get ready to enjoy all your favorite memories in this classic collage frame. It features 12 attractive interlocking frames in a “puzzle” layout for an interesting and eye-catching look. Each frame is 4×6, the standard size for most ready-print photos. And this frame comes with detailed and illustrated instructions. The frame is made from wood and real glass for a crystal-clear view of your photos. Plus, it’s super easy to change out your pictures whenever the mood strikes you.

Cons: Some people don’t like that this frame requires assembly.

Bottom Line: If you love the look of an interesting collage frame, this one may entice your senses. It’s interesting once put together and offers an overlapping puzzle design. However, you do have to put it together yourself.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen the wide variety of wooden frames, it’s clear that they aren’t limited to the vintage look that usually plagues the designs. Wooden frames can add a rustic look or create a modern design that’s great for displaying art or family memories. With the right frame, you can finally take those photos off your phone and enjoy them around you daily.

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