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The Best Wooden Plant Stands

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🕚 Updated December 2021

Wooden plant stands are a stylish yet neutral way to show off your favorite plants. If you want a sturdy spot to keep your plants, take a look at these wooden plant stands.

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  Best Modern Design Best Three-Tier Best Black Set Best Multi-Tier Best Succulent Stand
Adjustable Plant Stand
Bamboo Plant Stand
Two-Tier Tall Plant Stand
Bamboo Plant Stand
Bamboo Saucers Stand
Our SummaryA bamboo plant stand that gives you the ability to adjust the sizing and choose the color.A plant stand that offers you three tiers of support to show off your favorites.A two-tiered set of stands that you can stack or use individually.This plant stand gives you the space for up to seven plants and features an attractive bamboo design.A cute stand designed for succulents that comes with pots.
ProsMade from bamboo, easy to assemble, adjustable.Sturdy, holds plenty of plants, slender design.Stackable pots, mid-century design, adjustable.Six tiers, slim bamboo design, good combo of form and function.Three tiers, comes with pots, made from strong bamboo.
ConsDoesn't support super heavy plants.Relatively small, not easy to assemble.Somewhat pricey, low quality, wobbly.Flimsy, difficult to assemble, could develop mold outside.Very small.
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The Best Wooden Plant Stands

Six small potted plants on a wooden plant stand.
Alice Rodnova/Shutterstock.com

Finding the right wooden plant stand depends on the plants you have, where you want to put the stand, and the aesthetic you’re going for. Luckily, there’s a wooden plant stand for almost every plant owner there. This guide will help you find the ones that are best for you and your plants.

Buying Guide for Wooden Plant Stands

A potted plant in a wooden plant stand in a modern home.

Why buy a wooden plant stand?

Wooden plant stands turn your plants into stylish pieces that you can show off around your home. They’re a great way to position your plants around living spaces, patios, and hallways in a way that not only looks good but also makes it easier to care for them.

What should you consider in a wooden plant stand?

  • Style: You’ll want a wooden plant stand that works for your home. While most are made from bamboo and are relatively simple, some feature unique designs that won’t work for every room. Before you make your decision, it helps to know where you’ll be putting your new stand.
  • Number of Tiers: How many plants do you want your new stand to hold? It’s an important question to consider! Some stands are made for just one plant, while others come with multiple tiers that give you the freedom to stack your plants high. Make sure you have the space for the stand you’re eyeing.
  • Assembly: If you’re not that handy, you’ll want to check to see how easy your new stand will be to assemble. Some stands require minimal assembly, while others might require more attention.

Are all wooden plant stands rain-resistant?

This is an essential question if you’re considering putting the stand outdoors. Not all wooden plant stands are made to be out in the elements. If you’re going to be putting it somewhere where it might get wet, make sure your choice has a water-resistant coating so that it won’t develop mold or deteriorate quickly.

Our Picks for the Best Wooden Plant Stands

Best Modern Design

MUDEELA Adjustable Plant Stand

A bamboo plant stand that gives you the ability to adjust the sizing.

Pros: The MUDEELA Adjustable Plant Stand is an attractive bamboo stand that’s adjustable, so you can make sure your pots fit nicely. This stand also has a beautiful color which adds a natural touch to wherever you decide to put it. Since it’s made from 100% bamboo, you can be assured that it will be plenty sturdy. As a bonus, it’s pretty easy to assemble.

Cons: It has difficulty holding heavier pots and plants, so be careful with the weight you put on top.

Bottom Line: This stand is a nice decorative piece that should support most house plants. The bamboo design makes it a great addition to most areas of your home.


Best Three-Tier

LontaiWisuce Bamboo Plant Stand

A plant stand that offers you three tiers to show off your favorites.

Pros: The LontaiWisuce Bamboo Plant Stand is designed to not only be sturdy and durable but to multiple plants. You can fit a plant on each of the three tiers. The actual supports are made from carbon steel to ensure there aren’t issues with holding up the weight of your pots. Finally, the slender design means that it can fit in most spaces around your home.

Cons: With the three tiers, you might expect that it would be pretty sizable. However, it’s definitely on the smaller end. You won’t be able to put large plants on the tiers, especially the lower ones. Also, it’s not very easy to assemble.

Bottom Line: If you’re okay with a smaller plant stand, this is a nice option. It looks fantastic, holds multiple plants, and won’t break the bank. While it might take a bit to set up, you’ll be happy with it once you do.


Best Black Set

MUDEELA Two-Tier Tall Plant Stand

A two-tiered set of stands that you can stack or use individually.

Pros: The MUDEELA Two-Tier Tall Plant Stand gives you the freedom to choose between having two stands or stacking them on top of one another. It’s a great feature that lets you switch things up! The mid-century design makes for a stylish addition to a space, while the bamboo and wood construction gives you the freedom to keep it inside or outside. You can even adjust these stands to fit the pots you want to place on them.

Cons: For some people, these stands are a little pricey for what you get. Stacking them can be tricky and wobbly.

Bottom Line: Overall, these matching modern-looking plant stands should serve you well. You get two in the pack, which you can use independently or stack on top of one another to create your own look.


Best Multi-Tier

Gar-Life Bamboo Plant Stand

This plant stand gives you the space for up to seven plants and features an attractive bamboo design.

Pros: The Gar-Life Bamboo Plant Stand is an excellent combination of form and function. It has six tiers of shelves that can hold seven plants in total. Plus, the slim bamboo design means that you have plenty of freedom for where you can put it. With all that space for your plants, you can show off your plant babies and make it easy to care for them.

Cons: While some people love how thin this stand is, it’s way too flimsy for others. You’ll have to be careful putting heavier pots up top. All those tiers take a while to assemble. You might want to keep it inside to make it last longer.

Bottom Line: The bamboo design of this multi-tiered plant stand is great, and the fact that it can hold seven plants is a huge boon. While you may need to be a little careful with weight distribution, you should be more than happy with this option once you have your plants adorning it.


Best Succulent Stand

BESTTOYHOME Bamboo Saucers Stand

A cute stand designed for succulents that comes with pots.

Pros: The BESTTOYHOME Bamboo Saucers Stand is designed to show off your succulents. With three tiers, you can pick the best combination of succulent colors and varieties to place on this stand. Plus, it comes with the pots included: you get three owl-themed pots suitable for succulents. You won’t have issues with sturdiness since this stand is made from extra-strong bamboo.

Cons: This stand is very small and made specifically for succulents, so don’t expect your larger plants to fit on this stand.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a compact plant stand, this is a great option to consider! It’s stylish and sturdy, while the pots it comes with are durable and decorative.

Final Thoughts

Wooden plant stands are a fun way to add style and decor to your home. There are so many different options and styles that you should be able to find a quality one for your home from these selections.

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